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Davison-Designed Pampering Products Stay Ahead in Trends!

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Two of the hottest Davison-designed beauty products are continuing to pick up steam in the fashion world. Already popular with online trendsetters, the TheraPED  and the Manicure Multitool are featured in the Fall 2013 edition of Trends Magazine!

The TheraPED, a spa-therapy product that provides hot and cold relief for sore, aching feet, was invented by our client, Lennell.

The Manicure Multitool, invented by our late client, Cathalene, makes at-home manicures and pedicures a breeze with six essential nail tools.

After Davison helped complete the design for the two products, it didn’t take long for Health Enterprises, Inc. President Brendan Leonard to take notice and license the items.

Now, the pampering must-haves will be sharing the spotlight on page 56 of the Fall 2013 issue of Trends Magazine!

Deemed “the magazine” for Canadian fashion retailers, Trends provides Canadian fashion buyers with “the most comprehensive, searchable and up-to-date directory of suppliers and contact information available to the Canadian fashion industry.”

Pick up a copy of Trends or view the awesome spread here!

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The Better Tether Featured on Lifetime’s ‘The Balancing Act’ Friday Morning (8/17/12)

Dare to Invent, Inventor Stories, The Balancing Act

George Davison (Founder & CEO of Davison) and the inventor of the Better Tether Ed Yoder (as part of his Dare to Invent episode) will be featured on the next episode of Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act,” America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today’s woman.

Mr. D and host Kristy Villa (Friday, August 17, 2012 at 7:00 a.m.) will talk about the Davison Inventing method and the Better Tether before and after the airing of george davison ed yoder inventor of better tetherEd’s episode of “Dare to Invent” – the webisode series that explores what can happen when everyday people work with Davison to make their invention ideas a reality.

Ed desired a more convenient and humane way to tether his dog outdoors! He got tired of his precious pup’s chain knocking over the food and water bowl while the pet was tethered in the yard… not to mention, the dish and the chain were often in the way of the lawnmower! Ed brought his idea for a “better” tethering device to Davison.

Unlike traditional tethers that wrap around trees or unwieldy stakes, Ed’s tether is secured to the ground, eliminating an obstacle to pets, humans and machines. The divided food and water bowl can never be tipped over and the entire unit sits lower than the blades of a lawnmower and never has to be moved. hugs pet products better tetherA leash can be attached directly to the strong steel post, and the vivid orange color makes the bowl highly visible.

Congratulations to Mr. Davison, Ed and the Davison Creationeers for getting the chance to showcase the Dare to Invent – Better Tether episode to a national audience!

More Dare to Invent episodes and Mr. Davison will be featured on “The Balancing Act” throughout 2012. We will keep you updated on dates and times as they become available.

Lifetime Network’s “The Balancing Act” treats viewers to the most current and hot topics, while featuring some of the hottest celebs from the sports and entertainment industry.


PLUS – You Could Win a Better Tether for your pooch on the Davison Facebook page!*

We will be giving away one Better Tether — a better and more humane method of tethering a dog outdoors — to celebrate the airing of the “Balancing Act” episode, featuring George Davison talking about the development of this versatile product.

The giveaway will be held from Friday, Aug. 17 to Friday, Aug. 24. Contestants will be entered to win a Better Tether when they “Like” the Davison Facebook page and complete the information on the entry form/giveaway page.


*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Davison’s research, development and presentation services are provided for an upfront fee paid by the client and a contingent fee (which is a percentage of royalties obtained by the client, if any). New product development is an uncertain endeavor and the use of Davison’s services typically does not result in a license agreement, sales on any market or profit to the inventor. Davison does not perform analysis of the feasibility, marketability, patentability or profitability of ideas submitted to it.

Sponsor: Davison

Term: The Davison BETTER TETHER Giveaway begins on August 17, 2012 at 12:00 noon EST and ends on August  24, 2012 at 12:00 noon EST.

To Enter: No purchase necessary to enter or win the Sweepstakes. A purchase will not improve your chance of winning. Register to win by liking the Davison Facebook Page and completing the information on the giveaway page. The employees of Davison and members of their respective immediate families are not eligible to enter this giveaway. By entering this giveaway, you are also opting-in to receive informational and promotional emails from Davison.

Prizes: Sponsor will giveaway one(1) better tether, valued at $25. No more than one prize will be awarded.

Winner Selection: Potential winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received by August  24, 2012 noon EST. Odds of winning are dependent upon the number of eligible entries received.

lifetime balancing act logo

Davison Dads: EMS Marine, Inventor and Father Demands a Hard Edge

Davison News, Inventor Stories, Product News

Marines are tough and their brownies should be as well, at least according to Davison inventor Joe Springer. Joe preferred the crispy edges of his baked goods so much that he would pilfer the crusty corners of his family’s freshly baked brownies.

“I would cut around the edges and my wife and mother in-law would yell. Of course, it was me,” exclaims Springer. Joe created the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan to relieve himself of his brownie-bandit ways and to provide others with a neater and easier way to bake brownies and other desserts. Unlike metal bakeware, this silicone pan is flexible and remains cool to the touch. The 12 candy-bar shaped molds can be filled with brownie batter, Rice Krispie treats or cookie dough; and, each piece comes out perfect.

Not only is Joe’s Silicone Dessert Bar Pan a hit with QVC hosts, who proclaim “You’ve got a corner in every bite!” but he and his family get a lot of enjoyment and pride from his creation.

“The Silicone Dessert Bar Pan has benefited my family in a couple of ways. We have the pan and my wife does enjoy baking with it. We have given some to friends and it is neat to give someone a product that you have invented,” Joe says about his creation.

Joe, who will spend this year’s Father’s Day with his dad, son and the rest of his family, has passed the creative juice to his son, Joey, 14. “My son is always telling me of ideas of things that he wants to invent. He is pretty creative and the fact that Dad created something gives him proof that it can be done.”

Joe exemplifies how hard work and dedication can overcome the obstacles of a demanding market.

Happy Father’s Day to Joe and dads all across the land!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

“Dare to Invent” Refreshes Your Pet!

Davison News, Inventor Stories, Product News

Springtime sunshine has just begun to prepare us for the dehydration dangers that hot, summer sun can pose to our pets.  However, have no fear, a new “Dare to Invent” webisode is here with a refreshing solution!

Tonight’s webisode is the tenth in our 13-episode series and features Diane DiRaimo, inventor of the Hydro Bone, her adorable Japanese Chin puppy, Alexander James, and our lovable cast of Creationeers!  You can absorb the latest “Dare to Invent” webisode NOW on YouTube and

Diane loved taking Alexander James for rides in the car, but she had a hard time keeping him hydrated and happy on long trips.  She knew putting a water bowl in the car or feeding him out of a water bottle was out of the question… but, she thought, surely there must be a better way to provide Alexander with on-the-spot refreshment!

Diane brought her idea for a hydrating, new pet product to Davison, where fellow animal lover, Curtis, and his creative team, got to work on helping Diane’s idea soak up success, creating an absorbent chew toy with a foam core.

This week’s webisode also brings back Clay and his eccentric product-testing ways, but it all pays off in the end!  Diane’s Hydro Bone was licensed by Hugs Pet Products, has sold in Sam’s Club, Bed Bath & Beyond and many other retailers, was featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” was a 2010 Dog Fancy Editors’ Choice Winner and has now spawned an entire line of hydrating chew toys!

Tune in NOW for all the thirst-quenching fun as Diane “Dares to Invent!”

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

Catch Brownie Bowl Fever by Winning Your Own Set!

Davison News, Inventor Stories, Product News

Brownie BowlNot long ago, we introduced readers to dessert diva Christine Walker and her innovative brownie bakeware. Now, the Brownie Bowl is getting serious attention far beyond our write-ups! Christine’s bowl is getting very high praise from users on Pinterest, DIY baking website Bakerella and many other baking-savvy social sites.

To celebrate, Davison is sponsoring a Brownie Bowl giveaway that gives you the chance to be master of your dessert domain by winning a set of two Brownie Bowls from Chicago Metallic!

Not long ago, Chicago Metallic sponsored a Brownie Bowl giveaway on the Love From The Oven blog, offering the bowls as a prize for the reader with the best dessert idea. Judging by audience response, the contest and the bowls were a huge success.

Love From The Oven blogger Christi reviewed the Brownie Bowls and wrote:

“A few weeks ago, I was catching up on my favorite blogs and reading about Bakerella’s trip to the Home and Housewares Show when I spotted a new product from Chicago Metallic – an amazing mold to make Brownie Bowls. Shut the front door.  BROWNIE BOWLS. I couldn’t hurry myself over to the Chicago Metallic website fast enough.  And there they were.  An amazing set of Brownie Bowls for $10.99.  Shopping cart, checkout, start stalking UPS trucks…  And they arrived.  The UPS left them by the door and ran back to his truck (I think he’s afraid of me – sometimes I get really excited when I know that he’s bringing me stuff like, well, Brownie Bowls).

Baking Inventions

Readers and contest entrants could hardly contain themselves, commenting:

“I would make chocolate brownie bowls, filled with a chunky peanut butter frosting, topped with a chocolate drizzle. Sounds like heaven!”

“I would use a chocolate mousse filling with the brownie bowls. You are right, there are so many possibilities for the bowls.”

“How perfect! I would make SO many ice cream sundaes with these Brownie Bowls!”

“Little Rice Krispie treat cups with peanut butter mousse and chocolate. I need one of these pans!”

Bakerella readers also exclaimed:

“Looks like a fantastic time… what a fun adventure to be able to see all the new products coming out! I’m thinking that Brownie Bowl is on my wish list …”

Kitchen Inventions“Brownie Bowls?!? Holy wow!!”

“Oh Em Gee! I NEED a Brownie Bowl mold! How have I lived this long without one?!?!”

QVC customers raved:

“These Brownie Bowls are so cute and do just as they are supposed too. 5 Stars to them. The things you can do with them are endless. I encourage all to try these.”

“Fun and satisfies that different something we all search for.”

“ … it was a bit much on the chocolate (can’t believe I said that!!) but definitely delicious!! Can’t wait to try out other recipes. I think I might have to buy another set. 4 doesn’t cut it in my house!!”

If these reader comments have whetted your appetite, ‘Like’ our Facebook page through Rafflecopter for a chance to win your own Brownie Bowls, so you can create decadent desserts, savory snacks and captivating confections.

To Enter: Contest opens June 4, 2012 at noon EST and ends June 11, 2012 at noon EST. No purchase necessary to enter or win the sweepstakes. A purchase will not improve your chance of winning. Register to win by liking the Facebook page through Rafflecopter.

Prizes: Sponsor will give away one(1) package of two(2) Brownie Bowls, valued at $20. No more than one prize will be awarded.

Winner Selection: Potential winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received by June 11, 2012, noon EST. Odds of winning are dependent upon the number of eligible entries received.

The employees of Davison and members of their respective immediate families are not eligible to enter this giveaway.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Davison’s research, development and presentation services are provided for an upfront fee paid by the client and a contingent fee, or a percentage of royalties obtained by the client, if any. New product development is an uncertain endeavor and the use of Davison’s services typically does not result in a license agreement, sales on any market or profit to the inventor. Davison does not perform analysis of the feasibility, marketability, patentability or profitability of ideas submitted to it.

The client has not made a net profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tonight’s “Dare to Invent” Brings the Heat to Your Feet!

Davison News, Inventor Stories, Product News

Davison Inventors

Tonight’s “Dare to Invent” webisode is the ninth in our 13-episode series and features Lennell Parks, inventor of the TheraPED, along with our own Creationeers! Tune in at YouTube and NOW for a “Dare to Invent” that’s both refreshing and revitalizing!

Lennell’s TheraPED is an innovative spa-therapy product that she came up with to provide comfort from the “hot feet” she experienced as a result from multiple sclerosis. The TheraPED offers cooling therapy and is designed with multi-functional gel pads that also provide moist heat for the top, sides and bottom of feet.

The story behind the TheraPED not only is a triumphant solution for Lennell’s discomfort, but also a celebration of an inventor’s ingenuity that now helps countless consumers who suffer from foot pain.

George DavisonThat ingenuity and collaborative spirit earned Lennell a surprise visit from Mr. Davison and our production team in her hometown of St. Louis! The purpose of the trip was to surprise Lennell with the very first royalty check for the TheraPED. Lennell almost arrived before any of the guests for her surprise, but her quick-thinking daughter, Jasmin, pretended to get lost on the way to the party site (a ten-minute drive from their house) and maintained the ruse!

Licensed by Health Enterprises, the TheraPED is marketed to people everywhere, who would like to provide hot or cold therapy to sore feet and toes. The product has been a big hit among yoga and Zumba bloggers and was included in gift bags at the 45th Annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards!

Blogs covering the contents of the CMA gift bags said that the TheraPED “will pamper your feet… help stretch your feet and toes.” Z-LIFE Magazine, the official publication of Zumba Fitness, featured the TheraPED as an answer for sore, “danced-out” feet that have had a little too much merengue march.

Mr. Davison summed up the amazing collaborative effort for the TheraPED.

Dare to Invent“Everyone did a great job.  To think that this whole project started as an idea years ago and it has brought together such wonderful people all along the way… what it is really all about, isn’t it… people helping people to make the world a little better for our friends and neighbors.  Congrats to everyone at Davison, the Health Enterprises team, Lennell’s family, Lennell and all those who will benefit from this great new invention,” said Mr. Davison.

Join Lennell, Mr. Davison and the Davison team as we follow the TheraPED’s journey from concept to CMA gift bag and unveil all the exciting highlights from the surprise St. Louis trip in tonight’s ”Dare to Invent!” webisode!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

From Creationeer Extraordinaire, Lucky… The Future of Interactive Computing is Now?

Davison News, Inventing Advice

The movie, “Minority Report” gave the world its first glimpse at interactive gesture-based computing, as imagined 54 years in the future. Based on “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by legendary science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, the movie creates a future where crimes are predicted before they happen, using an incredibly-advanced computer system. The interactivity of the computer is controlled by a special set of gloves and allows the user to manipulate, organize and visualize data in three dimensions. In the year 2000, it seemed like that type of technology was well beyond our reach. Cell phones were only just getting color screens and cameras were still add-ons. There was no iPhone, no iPad and operating systems were still somewhat primitive, visually speaking. Only twelve years later, technology has surpassed “Minority Report.”

Leap, a startup that formed in 2010, has introduced the world the to Motion and it’s clear that the future is now. The Motion is a small USB device that is not much larger than a thumb drive that will allow a user to interact over various computing platforms in three dimensions. The motions that we’re used to, with the iPhone and other touchscreen devices, can be used in three dimensions. Pinch to zoom… use an index finger to scroll… rotate. It’s everything from the “Minority Report” and more. The fine level of control is more akin to that seen in 2010′s “Iron Man 2.”

At first, the device will only be compatible with Windows and OSX, but the developers plan to make it accessible to other platforms in the future. They’re making the programming open, so that anyone can develop and write applications for the device, although it’s shown in the video using existing programs and games. Unlike the Microsoft Kinect, which was outdated the moment it was released, the Motion can track motion at 100 times greater accuracy, 0.01mm to be exact. In the world of industrial design, the device could be used to draw, modify, and visualize 3D models. In the world of medicine, it could help to advance the use of 3D imaging and with the right integration, computer controlled surgery. A surgeon, assisted by robotic tools, could operate in spaces never fathomed before, as if his hands were actually inside the body of a patient. Architecturally speaking, building and information-wise, it will be possible to visualize and view date sets that, before, would be mind boggling on paper. The possibilities are endless.

[Source:, WIRED, Leap, PC World.]

“Dare to Invent” Takes it to the [Dog] House!

Davison News, Inventor Stories, Product News

Davison InventorIt’s time again for another innovative “Dare to Invent” webisode premiere and this week, we’re really in the dog house!

Tonight’s webisode is the eighth in our 13-episode series and features Sharon Jones, inventor of the Cool Cot House, along with our talented, and often hilarious, team of Creationeers!  Join the “Dare to Invent” house party on YouTube and at now!

Sharon, a small-town homemaker and self-published poet, got tired of seeing pets in stuffy, dirty doghouses or, worse yet, out in the rain and sweltering sun, where there was no comfortable spot to stretch out on.  

The animal lover, who often took her pet cats on walks and even camping trips, devised her own way to protect Fido, Lassie and Fluffy Kitty from bad weather and stinky shelters.

She brought her innovative idea for a comfortable, portable “tent” to Davison, where our team began working on an extreme pet home makeover that resulted in Sharon’s Cool Cot House!

Cool Cot HouseEquipped with a comfortable raised pet bed that can be used indoors and out, the Cool Cot House is lightweight, portable and features a heavy-duty, water-resistant canvas cover with mesh vents to protect pets from the rain, while increasing air flow.

The end result?  Pets stay cool and dry!

Sharon’s Cool Cot House was licensed by Hugs Pet Products and has sold in SkyMall, Sam’s Club and several other retailers.  Sharon and her product were also featured on Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act.”

Find out why Sharon says our team “went above and beyond the call of duty.”  Tune in as Sharon “Dares to Invent!”

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

The Brownie Bowl – High School Cookie Mess to QVC “D”essert Success!

Inventor Stories, Product News

Davison InventorsIt is often said that the everyday can become extraordinary when seen through the eyes of a visionary.  When Pennsylvania native Christine Walker watched her high school boyfriend and his teammates make messes on their cafeteria trays with gigantic cookies soaked in milk, she knew that’s just not the way the cookie should crumble.  Christine had a vision.

“I was horrified and thought, ‘I need to put a stop to this,’” Christine said.  “I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be better in the shape of a bowl?’  That would solve the mess, but still be delicious.”

Although the self-proclaimed obsessive baker waited several years to take her vision to the next level, Christine eventually found the motivation to move forward with her delicious idea after baking a batch of cookies and sharing her idea with, of all people, her personal trainer.

“He said, ‘You have to pursue this!’  He had a friend, who had worked with Davison; [so], I was actually referred… and I took his advice,” said Christine.

Needless to say, his advice and Christine’s delectable design are paying off!

With the help of Davison’s creative team, Christine’s Cookie Bowl has been licensed by Xtraordinary Home Products under their Chicago Metallic brand and is now selling as the Brownie Bowl on QVC – on TV and online!

Cookies, brownies… and, oh, so much more!

 Brownie Bowl

Thanks to its sleek, silicone design, the Brownie Bowl can cook at any temperature, with any recipe.  So, users can bake cookies, Baking Innovationcakes, breads, brownies, cereal treats, muffins… nearly anything… and they bake up evenly every time.  The Brownie Bowl is even dishwasher safe for easy clean up!

We highly suggest you check out the video on, but with fair warning… you’ll probably leave hungry and with some new silicone bakeware!

But, Christine Dared to Invent… Dare to Watch

The client has not made a net profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

The Noble Rube Goldberg Machine… From Creationeer Extraordinaire, Lucky

Inventing Advice

Here at Davison, we’ve designed a lot of inventions over the years that solve a wide variety of problems, usually in the simplest or most efficient way possible. Sometimes, however, the most exciting, funny or engaging way to solve the simplest problem is the most complicated. You may be asking yourself, “What is he talking about?” Why a Rube Goldberg Machine, of course!
Rube Goldberg was originally an engineer for the City of San Francisco Water and Sewers Department, a career that he abandoned to work as an office-boy at a San Francisco newspaper. After he was there for a while, he started submitting drawings and cartoons until he was finally published. He went on to become a founding member of the National Cartoonist Society and even won a Pulitzer Prize in 1948 for a cartoon warning against the dangers of Atomic Weapons. What he’s most remembered for, however, is his Weekly Invention strip. He would invent the most elaborate setups to perform the simplest tasks, ergo the Rube Goldberg Machine. For example, the Self-Operating Napkin. As the man takes a sip of his soup [A], he pulls a string [B], which yanks a lever that flings a ladle [C], which throws a cracker [D] in the air past a parrot [E], who upon leaving his perch [F] to catch the cracker [D] upsets a bag of seed [G] which spills into a pail [H]. The pail [H] increases in weight and pulls a cord [I], which opens and lights an automatic cigar lighter [J], setting off a rocket [K], which causes the sickle [L] to cut the string [M] and allow the pendulum with the attached napkin [to] swing back and forth, wiping the man’s mouth.

Almost a hundred years later, these devices continue to delight, entertain and educate millions every year. A cursory search of YouTube reveals over 15,000 videos. In 2010, the band OK Go made a video centering around a massive Rube Goldberg machine constructed for them by Synn Labs, a Los Angeles-based creative collective. The video for “This Too Shall Pass” has since been viewed almost 36 million times and includes a Lego diarama, a guitar that plays music on glasses with spoons, a model of the Mars Rover, an exploding TV, paint canons and an actual car.
A few weeks ago, a team of students from Purdue University set a new world record for the World’s Largest Rube Goldberg Machine. Their invention successfully completed 300 steps, and along the way made toast, juiced oranges, put stamps on envelops and ultimately popped a balloon, completing the challenge. The machine was part of the annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest that started in 1949, and has occurred continually since 1988. It seeks to bring together and challenge the best and brightest minds at the high school and college levels in the United States, and as of this year, invites international students to participate as well. Past winners have won world records, gone on to design for cities and major corporations and have built amazing machines that range from re-creating Super Mario to developing new technology, specifically for the machines.

It’s not all about the science of the machines, though. Sometimes, it’s about the art of complexity. A Dutch design group, HEYHEYHEY, has turned Rube Goldberg machines into an art form. They’ve sought to create something engaging, entertaining and physical in a world of 3D, rendered-reality and Photoshop. Their latest project, Mini Melvin, miniaturizes the machine and houses it in two vintage suitcases. A 38-step process results in the “writing” and stamping of a postcard that says, “Wish you were here, Melvin, XOX.” Mini Melvin evolved from a much larger work created for the 2010 Dutch Design Week. It, in itself, was a marvel and worth watching. With Mini Melvin, HEYHEYHEY sought to create a vintage/forgotten feel with the piece, further engaging the audience with a warm, comforting feel. Both Melvin and Mini Melvin document and broadcast their viewers on the Internet as well, self documenting the process, the viewer and their reaction to it.

Almost 100 years later, Rube Goldberg has proven himself to still be relevant, influencing art, film, music and helping to shape the lives of young people everywhere. Remember: an invention doesn’t have to be elegant or simple or complicated. Sometimes, it can just be entertaining and silly. Don’t be afraid to think way outside of the box.
[Sources: CNN, Penn State Live, Melvin the Machine, The Official Rube Goldberg Site, Wired]

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