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"It's like no place I've ever seen."

Throughout history, Inventors have blazed a trail of innovation that helps guide the way for other inventors to follow.

Through their genius and labor, these innovators have made our daily life easier, more enjoyable, and more convenient. Our food, clothing, furniture, and vehicles that move us by land, sea, and air have been changed for the better thanks to the creativity and dedication of those who sought better ways to live and work.

Throughout our factory, you will be immersed in inventors’ product stores and the challenges they faced and overcame.

Join us for a tour and celebrate the visionary inventors before you whose fight for a better way gave today’s idea people the opportunity to create a better future one product at a time.

Tour America’s Largest Invention Factory!

Tour our factory and learn how ideas are turned into innovations that make life better for others. Celebrate the ingenuity of inventors who conceived the product ideas that have reshaped our everyday life.

Your golden ticket tour includes a live storytelling experience, product showcases, and a show-stopping experience in our theater.

Inventionland Workshop

Storytelling Experience

A storytelling experience like no other!

As we take you on a tour of our custom-built invention factory, you will be immersed in a creative storytelling experience as you stop to see various departments and sets that our team of Creationeers use daily!

The true-life invention stories you will experience will spark your imagination as you learn all about the products invented at our invention factory!

Product Experience

Our products will ignite your imagination!

You will see showcased throughout our factory hundreds of products that our team had a hand in developing.

From product design to prototype building to package design and more, these inventions will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

Storytelling Experience

Be immersed in a show-stopping experience!

Nestled deep in our 60k sq.ft. Invention Factory is our very own theater! You will stop to kick back, relax, and enjoy a Dare to Invent episode, an inventomercial, or a wide variety of product stories on our theater screen.

Watch as invention ideas are brought to life by our team of Creationeers and the inventors who dared to invent!

Pirate Ship

The Creationeers working on the deck of the Pirate Ship create toys and games while also working on various animations that work to push and promote products when the time comes.

On this pirate ship, you can find smoking cannons and a Jolly Roger Captain. This team uses their childhood imagination, combined with customer education and experience when they design their inventor’s product ideas.

Creation Cavern

Nestled deep in the factory you will find a faux cave named  Creation Cavern. Strategically located behind one of three running waterfalls, Creation Cavern is where the outdoor and sportsmen products come to life. 

From fishing to hunting, camping, and more, this department is all about creating and designing product ideas promoting outdoor safety and customer experience.

Motor Speedway

Surrounded by a nearly 150 foot scale slot car track suspended 14 feet from the ground is our very own Motor Speedway.

This is where our Industrial Design Excellence Award-winning Hover Creeper was designed and built. The Hover Creeper, a wheel-less innovation of the traditional automotive creeper, is a corporate project that was recognized in a yearly design contest cosponsored by BusinessWeek magazine and the Industrial Designers Society of America.

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