Ten World-Changing Inventions

Some inventions, while important, don’t radicalize the world. Society wasn’t particularly impacted when, for example, chip clips were introduced. But there are some ideas that leave such an impact that the world changes once they hit the market. In no particular order, here are ten of them. THE WHEEL (approx. 3100 BC) While the inventor’s …

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Glovestix – A New Way to Beat the Stench

A three-hour car ride home from a lacrosse tournament doesn’t sound all that bad. However, a three-hour car ride home from a lacrosse tournament with a pile of stinky, sweaty gear in the back of the car may make you think twice about going on that road trip. This is exactly what happened to the …

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4th of July Inventor Spotlight

There is nothing better than hanging at a picnic with family and friends during the 4th of July. Sunshine, food, drinks, friends, and bees. Wait, what? Bees? Yes, bees, even though no one invited them to the party, they are one sure thing that will bring your picnic to a screeching halt if you get …

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Solemender – Roll Away the Pain

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain, affecting more than two million people each year. Those who have had this otherwise unpleasant ailment are all too familiar with the pain associated with each step – often compared to needles stabbing in and out of your heel. Thankfully, there is a …

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Drain Wig: Clean Drains in Seconds

  As parents to five daughters, Jennifer and Gifford Briggs were no strangers to long hair clogging their shower drains. Not only does this pose a drainage issue, but it’s also at the bottom of every household’s to-do list. Nobody wants to get down on their hands and knees to clean a drain full of …

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