What to Have in Your Inventing Toolbox

The inventing process is much like the human race- always growing, adapting, building, and changing. With everything around us moving so rapidly, it can be difficult to get your footing (especially for those of us who don’t like change). Just when you’re finally starting to enjoy the prototyping stage, you move onto finalizing your design. …

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What’s in a Name: Tech Companies

You’ve created an entirely new invention. You’ve prototyped, you’ve tested, you’ve perfected, you’ve researched, and you’ve finally got a product you can be proud of. Now for your next challenge: choosing a name. It’s funny how, for a lot of inventors, naming the product is actually much harder than creating it in the first place. …

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How to Find the Right Invention Company for You

Just as one does not simply walk into Mordor, one does not simply choose the first product development company they find. It is folly! OK, all jokes aside, it’s extremely important to choose your product development company with great care. Because, sadly, not all invention companies are created equal. When people think of working with …

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How to Pitch Your Product

Picture this: it’s that pivotal moment when a friend is asking you to describe one of your favorite interests. It could be your favorite television show, movie, book, etc.- but we all know that moment of pure excitement. You love it so much, you’re so excited your friend is expressing interest, you really want them …

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The Patent Process: A Timeline

So you’ve brought something new and wonderful into this world. At first reading, you may think we’re referring to the magic of parenthood, but we’re actually talking about a different kind of creation (though you might consider it your “baby”). For some, it’s a formula or for others, it’s a design or even a whole …

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