Drain Wig: Clean Drains in Seconds

  As parents to five daughters, Jennifer and Gifford Briggs were no strangers to long hair clogging their shower drains. Not only does this pose a drainage issue, but it’s also at the bottom of every household’s to-do list. Nobody wants to get down on their hands and knees to clean a drain full of …

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Christmas Tree Hugger – Reinventing Holiday Décor

If you celebrate Christmas, you certainly remember the excitement that came when it was time to put up the Christmas tree. Boxes upon boxes of ornaments scatter the living room as if a decorative bomb went off, leaving behind a colorful mess in its wake while you eagerly ran back and forth putting up as …

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From TV Show Prop – To Real Life Success: The Guzzle Buddy

Jennifer Sullivan, mother of two, was enjoying a rare moment of downtime and watching one of her favorite shows, Cougar Town. In this episode, two women were talking about wine and how uncorking the bottle is always the most dreadful part.  In the episode, one of the women took out a device which she screwed …

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Father’s Day Grilling Gadget Giveaway!

THERE’S SOMETHING TO BE SAID ABOUT DADS! They’re there for us through thick and thin and taught us the value of hard work and dedication. Whether they choose to spend Father’s Day in front of a grill, working on the family car, or on the golf course, it’s their time to shine. We wanted to …

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Top 10 Iconic Summertime Inventions

Summer, summer, summertime… If ever there was an appropriate time to quote Will Smith, this is the season.  What do you think of when you think of summer?  Let’s sit back and unwind with a little history lesson of inventions that are staples in most people’s summertime experience. 1.) Ice Cream Cone. The first ice …

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