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Davison's 9-Step Experience and Idea Protection

The 9-Step process is Davison’s traditional service model. However, after 34 years of experience, Davison now offers a wide range of services for new product, app and companion app development to fit the needs of inventors. Some projects include the completion of all nine steps shown below but service offerings vary depending upon the particular project and many do not include all nine steps.  

Idea Security Agreement

1 Idea Security Agreement

Our experience starts with the confidentiality of your idea. It is important to us to make sure that you and your idea are protected. A signed Idea Security Agreement is a legally binding document that guarantees that our team will not disclose your idea to anyone without your permission.


2 Pre-development

After we guarantee your confidentiality, pre-development is an important step in your experience. We look for similar technology, products or apps on the market and patents on similar concepts.


3 Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a critical and fundamental component of Davison’s inventing method. This process is to discover a solution to the problem being solved by the invention with an eye towards making the item cost-effective to manufacture. 

4 Ideation Sketch

After we brainstorm for a cost-effective solution, our team creates an ideation sketch, which is a 2-d rendering that breathes more life into an idea. The sketches are great communication tools, and help narrow the issues that surround cost-effective manufacturing considerations before a concept model is created.

5 Concept Model

A concept model is a preliminary 3D working model based on the ideation sketch. In app development, the equivalent to a concept model is a wireframe diagram, which reflects the various types of functions and screens to be incorporated in the app. Each model serves as a gauge for functionality and ease of use for the end user. In gaining knowledge of a functioning model, changes can be noted for production and engineering.

Product Design

6 Product Design

The products are designed with engineering software to create technical drawings which are used to implement Davison’s inventing method.

7 Package Design

After the packaging is designed, graphics are created to showcase functions and maximize appeal to the end customer. In the case of an app, graphics are designed for an app store sales display page.

Virtual 3D Rendering

8 Virtual 3D Rendering

After changes are noted, a virtual 3D rendering is created for our client’s approval. The 3D virtual rendering represents what the actual product sample and packaging will look like. The drawings are transferred to machines that can create the components needed to make a product sample. For apps, a similar method applies, except, the wireframe is utilized for approval before moving into the development of the final app.

9Product Sample

With a product sample created, we prepare to speak with a company about potential licensing opportunities. In the case of apps, the inventor is given access to a test version of the app for approval and then we begin the process of placing an app into the market for downloads.

Our Capabilities (We have work shops!)

Wood Shop
The art of woodworking started with the Egyptians and has continued to evolve over time. Thanks to modern advancements in woodworking technology and machinery, our team of experts can create simple or intricate designs which can be used to build and develop working models for prototyping and testing.
Our Model Shop is where invention ideas come to life! After research is completed, and designs are approved, prototypes are assembled in the Model Shop. A highly skilled team of makers, builders, and creative thinkers are hard at work inventioneering various ideas and concepts. Through the assembly line, the details of each project are carefully evaluated and joined with other elements, establishing the form and function of the product idea.
Paint Shop
Part of the essential fabric and character of every project is meticulously woven together within our dynamic workshop. Here, our dedicated artisans, akin to master craftsmen, breathe life into each creation with precision and care. From intricate designs to bold innovations, our team applies expertise and ingenuity, sculpting products that not only meet but exceed expectations.
Creating molds of products provides corporations with critical information on how the manufacturing process works within their business model and production plants. Sometimes a design looks great on paper, but when a mold is created, it shows any issue that may arise during the manufacturing process and if specialty methods need to be deployed.
Metal Shop
Metalsmithing is a lost art, but not here at Davison’s Invention Factory. Our team understands the demands of the marketplace for quality and consistency, and we exercise our expertise and experience to create critical components for prototyping and testing. With a focus on technology and innovation, we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our client’s products are created with the most cutting-edge functionality.
We have a whole series of shops that we cannot disclose due to trade secrets and possible theft of intellectual property. If you do come for a tour of our factory, the general public are not allowed in these secured areas of the factory. It’s important for you to know, all shops within our invention factory are restricted areas to the general public. Even the Davison staff must sign a strict confidentiality agreement when they join the team.

Already have a patent?

Already patented your idea but not seeing results? Having a patent doesn’t guarantee success; let us guide you through the other options. Want your patented product idea to be submitted to corporations? Find manufacturing options, license to a corporation, or sell rights. But beware, success isn’t guaranteed. Talk with us for expert guidance on moving forward.

Do you need to patent your idea?

We prioritize idea development using the Davison Inventing Method, anticipating design changes. Finally, if your product is licensed, the licensee might cover the expenses of patenting your product. To get started, securely submit your idea to Davison by filling out our Idea Security Agreement.

Don’t know where to start?

Feeling lost or confused about where to start with your idea? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our team is ready to answer any questions you have and guide you through the process. From idea development to design, packaging creation, and beyond, we offer comprehensive services to bring your vision to life. Let’s turn your idea into reality together!

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