Testimonials and Reviews

Corporate Clients

Corporations expect Davison to develop and professionally present new product ideas.

Brendan Leonard, President
Brendan Leonard, President
Scott Nicholson, President
Scott Nicholson, President
Katie Brewer, Co-Founder
Katie Brewer, Co-Founder
Dr. Joseph Donahue, VP at RCA
Dr. Joseph Donahue, VP at RCA
“Davison has a very effective way of presenting new products to our firm. They truly understand what is needed when considering a new product. We value the open line of communication that we have with a corporation of their caliber.”

—Koller Enterprises, Inc.

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for the role Davison has played in launching the BikeBoard. The design and prototyping resources you supplied were instrumental in demonstrating the validity of the product. Moreover, my ongoing interaction with your business development staff provided effective consultation regarding manufacturing and strategies to bring the project to fruition.”

—The BikeBoard Company

Idea People

We love hearing what our clients have to say about their inventing experience with us.

Robert Huffman, Inventor
Gary and Ruth Frazier, Inventors
Gary and Ruth Frazier, Inventors
John Ivarone, Inventor
Davison Inventor Jean with her invention
Jean Rindfuss, Inventor
“Very explicit, knowledgeable and informative while explaining the pre-development phase and during the entire process. ”

– Rhodia S.

“They showed an active interest from the beginning was clear, punctual and handled the issue with professionalism.”

– Reinaldo C.

“Extremely helpful, thank you for your time and expertise.”

– Gary S.

Jean, the Inventor
of the Meatball Baker

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