Meet the Founder

George Davison in 2010

Davison had spent his life savings on developing his idea (a toothbrush sanitizer), only to find out that powerful, well-funded companies had all their resources under one roof, so their streamlined process and deep pockets made it virtually impossible for him to effectively compete in the marketplace.

But Davison used the failure as fuel for an innovation that would change the inventing landscape forever. Every meeting, sketch, and prototype built a foundation for the Davison Inventing Method, a proprietary technology that simplified the idea-to-market process. Davison parlayed his experience into a fledgling company, aptly named Davison, which provided idea people with exclusive access to The Davison Inventing Method and provided services that presented client ideas to corporations for purchase, all under one roof.

George's first invention
Where the company started

Humble corporate beginnings in the basement of his grandfather’s home, Davison traveled across the country meeting with creative people who simply wanted to make a difference in the world with their inventions. What started with a team of 5, transformed into a team of 200 motivated and dedicated innovation ambassadors who take the guess work out of inventing and make it a more simple process.

Where we are today
George Davison on the buildline
Invention product line

At the core of his business, Davison wanted to help people like himself have a better inventing experience than he did. Inventing is hard enough without the distractions, hidden costs, and marketplace challenges; he wanted to provide inventors with cost-effective and professional tools to develop their product ideas, tools he never had at his disposal. All these years later, and The Davison Inventing Method’s technology is used by corporations, inventors, creators, educators, and students around the country.

Shopping cart of successful inventions

Davison has helped thousands of inventors bring their ideas to life and, as Davison has grown, George Davison has continued to champion his message of innovation through education, television, publishing, and guest experiences.

George in Inventionland
His treehouse office at Inventionland

Davison founded Inventionland, a 60,000 square foot immersive work environment that was built with one sole purpose, inspire creativity. Davison also founded Inventionland Institute, an innovative curriculum that teaches kids from grade school to college the fundamentals of creativity, innovation, invention, and entrepreneurialism.

George Teaching
Teaching innovation curriculum

To complete the trifecta of what Davison calls “Edutainment”, he hosts a television show called Tomorrow’s World Today on the Science Channel. It’s an innovation-inspired program that explores advancements in technology and sustainability.

George Davison on the Science Channel's TV Show
Hosting The Science Channel’s TV show
Entrepreneur calls him a “Creative Genius”
George speaking at IDEAFEST
IDEAFEST keynote speaker on innovation

Davison holds an array of intellectual property, including patents and trademarks. His inventing method has placed products in over 1,000 online and retail stores. He has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine (which called him “a creative genius”), CBS, Steve Harvey, and various media outlets, spoken at prestigious higher education conferences and establishments, and continues to be a voice for innovation across the United States. His poised optimism in the face of adversity serves as a reminder that we can, in fact, fail our way forward.

Inventions that have made it into over 1,000 stores.

These new products and packaging solutions have been developed for Davison or Davison’s clients. Detailed information about any of these products is available HERE and HERE!

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