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About Us

Davison was established by a group of professionals with knowledge and experience in contract negotiations, prototype development, component sourcing, and licensing. Our understanding of the inventing industry has taught us that honesty and hard work are the keys to a successful inventing experience. 

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Davison Employees

Client Invention Samples

We apply Davison Inventing Method’s technology to our client’s products and bring them to life through various industries which include: consumer, apps, industrial, medical, digital, and more! Some ideas are simple by design, and others are technologically advanced. Regardless of complexity, our professionals have the know-how and technology to get the job done.

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Davison's Clients' Products

Client Stories

Successful Client Stories

Meet some of our successful clients who have gone through the Davison 9-step Inventing experience!

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Clients in the News

Clients in the News

Watch some of our clients being interviewed by television reporters about their newly licensed products.

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Spark Your Imagination with our Idea Starter Guide

People over the years have loved our idea starter guide. It inspires, educates, and shows how everyday people can make a difference. It’s our gift to you.

How is My Idea Protected?

First Way: Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement

We understand you are concerned about confidentiality, and for this reason all of our employees are required to sign an Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement (ECA). This legally binding document protects the inventor and assures them that all who work here are bound to secrecy. This agreement lasts forever. 


Second Way: Idea Security Agreement

In order for us to review your idea, we provide you with a signed Idea Security Agreement (ISA). The ISA adds another level of security to your idea’s confidentiality, and states that we will not sell, develop or license your idea without your written consent. 

What is Licensing?

Licensing of intellectual property occurs when the owner of the idea permits a company or individual to commercialize their invention in return for royalties or other suitable arrangements. Licensing is beneficial to the inventor and the manufacturer. 

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The Davison 9-Step Experience

Inventors will be guided through the technology of our 9-step experience, which takes ideas from concept to a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind product or app, which can be presented to corporations for licensing.

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What is the Next Step?

The next step is your decision. We encourage you to complete our Idea Security Agreement, so one of our Directors can discuss your idea with you.

Davison is a member of the following organizations:

U.S Chamber of Commerce
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
Allegheny Valley Chamber of Commerce
Online Better Business Bureau
Pittsburgh Technology Council

Our Invention Factory Tour

Thousands of people tour our world-renowned invention facility every year. It’s an inventing experience that inspires imagination and promotes creativity. See technology, things being built (that aren’t top secret), and more.

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Technologies and Tools

The process of innovation is ever evolving, and as we continue to discover new methods and best practices, our technologies and tools change to adapt to growing demands of our innovation partners.

Have an idea?

We welcome you to confidentially share your idea with us.

Complete the Idea Security Agreement for a confidential, no-obligation consultation.

Or call us toll free at:

(800) 54-IDEAS | (800) 544-3327

Our Team

We’re here for you!

Davison Employees

We are a hard-working group of business professionals, creative engineers, and makers who thrive on creating an immersive inventing experience.

What Clients Are Saying

Client Invention Samples

Awards & History

Davison Inventing’s Design Awards

Davison is a notable new-product development company. Enjoy our catalogue of products which have won design awards.

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Our History

In 1989, George Davison, an inventor with over 40 patents and trademarks, founded Davison Inventing to help people turn their ideas into reality, and avoid the frustrations he faced during the creation of his first invention in 1986.

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