Do you need to patent your idea?

Learn more about our inventing method.

As George Davison mentions in the video, you don’t need a patent to work with us.

The first thing many people think about when they get an idea is to patent it; however, that rarely is the approach corporations take when developing product ideas. Using the Davison Inventing Method, we start by developing the idea first. We do this because changes and tweaks to the product design will probably occur during the development phase. Once the final design of the product is complete and if the product is licensed and ready to be manufactured, the corporation may actually pay for the patent application expenses.

To protect your idea, we ask you to submit your idea through the Idea Security Agreement, which is a binding legal obligation to keep your idea confidential. Davison takes many security measures to make sure your idea will be safe. Davison will not speak with a corporation about your idea without having a non-disclosure agreement in place.

Again, our inventing method is to develop the idea first. You probably wouldn’t want to try to patent a design that can’t be manufactured and sold. Every one of our clients whose products have sold in stores has received royalties, whether they patented their products or not.

All you need to do to get started is complete the Idea Security Agreement.

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