Find Davison-Designed Soda Straws at Walmart… and at!

Davison-designed products may have sold in over 1,000 stores and online retailers, but even Mr. Davison still gets excited when he sees new products on store shelves. It’s undeniable… we LOVE seeing our products on the shelves of retailers everywhere!

But, did you know there is one, centralized place where you can see ALL of our client and corporate products?

As quickly as they’re in stores, they’re on one of the 48 pages full of products on!

We’ve just added Soda Straws, an innovative product that actually allows you reseal a can that you’ve already opened. Recently, a member of the Davison team was out shopping when he saw Soda Straws on Walmart shelves. Now, everyone can see Soda Straws on!

We’ve all cracked open an ice-cold can of our favorite beverages and either have not been able to finish it or spilled it, because we couldn’t close it. That’s where Soda Straws come in.

They have an innovative flip-top cap to prevent spills and even keep bugs out. Also unlike ordinary straws, Soda Straws are reusable. Thirsty? Find them at Walmart!

In fact, Mr. D recently made a trip to Walmart to see the Davison-designed Soda Straws on the store shelves, take a look!

You see, what’s even greater about our product pages is that you not only get a glimpse of our products; you also learn what problems they solve and how our Better Way to Invent helped to create them! The Davison product pages even show which stores our products have sold in.

When new products hit store shelves, find them at Take a look at the newly-updated Soda Straws page or browse through any of the other pages full of Davison-designed products!

Copyright Davison 2013

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Licensing Team Gobbles Up Success at Non-Foods Marketing Expo

non foods expo 

With Thanksgiving (mashed potatoes) approaching this (turkey) week, it’s hard (stuffing) to think about (pumpkin pie) anything but… food! However, we’ve finally caught up with our Licensing Team, who recently attended Atlantic City’s Non-Foods Marketing (NFM) Expo, which includes literally everything… except food. The trade show now carries on a 10-year tradition of catering to retailers interested in general merchandise, including a variety of products and seasonal items one may find at a grocery or drug store… you know right behind the poultry seasoning or turkey basters!

hugs pet products at NFMThe NFM Expo hosted over 150 vendors, including Hugs Pet Products and AWAY Bug Repellent, past licensees of Davison products, who both showcased many awesome Davison designs.

According to Davison’s Vice President of Business Development and Licensing Dan Simbeck, the show was very successful for Hugs and AWAY!

“The show went well and was made up of wide variety of retailers… Hugs and AWAY both made an impact at the show with product sales and good meetings, which will increase sales and distribution in 2013!” said Simbeck.

Simbeck also told us that the NFM Expo allowed Hugs and AWAY to connect with retailers that they may not typically have the chance to do meet with.

“”Mostly small to mid size retailers (1 store – 250 stores), along with a few big boys like Walgreens,” said Simbeck.

From the east coast to the west coast, Simbeck also shared a quick pic from the SEMA and AAPEX shows, where Davison-designed car cleaning products really shined!

sema appex davison designs

Where will we find our Licensing Team next?  Stay tuned!

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“Illinois Outdoors Television Show” Tunes-in to AWAY

illinois outdoors television show banner

Host of Illinois Outdoors Television Show Don Dziedzina, who has been involved in the outdoors industry for nearly 35 years and has published columns in 11 weekly newspapers, three monthly outdoor magazines and one bi-weekly outdoor newspaper, recently tried Davison package designed AWAY products to keep pesky bugs at bay. What he found was nothing less than a miracle.

Don writes:

Host of Illinois Outdoors Television Show Don Dziedzina“Being in the outdoors industry for so many years I’ve come across many bug repellent options. Electronic, aerosol, creams, wipes, pump sprays and more are all on the list. And I’ve tried them all. But finally, I’ve come across one that’s simple and easy to use. No need to buy batteries and this one is okay with the environment.”

“AWAY Bug Repellent is all-natural. It comes in small packets that you can easily have in hand and use practically anywhere.”

“Deer season is upon us. Southern Illinois is where I’ve hunted and it’s still warm down there. Mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, and other things that bug you are out now. If it stays warm, they can even be seen in November. AWAY is the answer.”

“In that the ingredients are all natural, it won’t hurt your chances of getting a deer. They won’t be scared off by any unnatural smell or odor. But best of all, you won’t be swatting mosquitoes, brushing off spiders, or picking ticks off your arms, which can scare off a deer that may be out of your sight, but they can see you. This is important for deer hunting… being still.”

davison package design away bug repellent“Late season, early morning anglers can have a problem with skeeters, too, at this time of year. I’m in the south suburbs of Chicago and still see those pesky buggers in my back yard. AWAY has small packets that you put into a small tin. Place one or two in the boat and you’re bug free. At the end of the day, cover the can and continue to use it on your next trip. My wife still continues to use AWAY while picking the never-ending tomato crop from her garden.”

Davison package designed AWAY deters pesky bugs without spraying harmful chemicals or setting off dangerous fog bombs in your home. Specially-formulated with all-natural ingredients, AWAY is proven to keep bugs away! AWAY offers a bevy of bug-repellent products, including: Flea Pouches, Stinkbug Pouches, Moth Pouches, Bug Pouches and the Bug Repellent Tin.

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Pet Retailers Go Wild for Davison Designs at Vegas SuperZoo

Well, as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays… on the Davison Blog! OK, maybe that’s not how the saying goes; but, it is the case for this year’s SuperZoo pet industry trade show, which was held September 11-13th. ”Sin City” welcomed our Vice President of Business Development and Licensing, Dan Simbeck, along with Hugs Pet Products marketing representatives, Christine Bryan and Kristie Vossler.

davison designs superzoo hugs pet productsAmong a total of nearly 900 exhibitors, the National Show for Pet Retailers showcased our licensing partner, Hugs Pet Products, who was happy to show off several Davison designs.

According to our representatives, Hugs debuted their 2013 catalog at the show, along with retailer-favorite Davison designs, like the Hydro Toys and the adorable Pugz collection of apparel and accessories.

“We had interest from everywhere! We saw major retailers and industry spokespeople like Wendy Diamond and Charlotte Reed. Plus, we met with magazine reps from Dog Fancy and Modern Dog,” said Vossler, who also told us that Hugs’ social media presence helped them connect with an even larger audience.

davison design pugz shoes for dogs“Social media played a major part in gaining visitors to the booth. We were able to interact with other attendees and spark interest in our booth and products.”

One of those wildly-popular products was Hugs’ new Davison-designed Jaws collection, a dynamic chew toy line with soft rubber tines that massage gums and remove plaque, plus an edible treat to keep dogs satisfied for hours. Vossler said SuperZoo attendees really bit on to that line and more!

“Everyone loved the new products, especially the Pugz and Jaws lines,” said Vossler.

While it sounds like it may have been all work and no play for our team while they were in Vegas, we’ve got proof that there was some time for rubbing elbows with a reality-TV star.

holly madison superzooThey were able to meet Holly Madison from “The Girls Next Door,” who is also pawing into the pet product industry with her new company, Lucky Pet Products.

See what else our team was up to by checking out the rest of our SuperZoo photos below and stay tuned for more exciting updates as our Licensing team travels the nation to get more Davison-designed products on store shelves!

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Davison Products Continue to Wow Journalists and Bloggers Alike

In her article “Pet Supplies For Dogs I Found On Social Media,” writer Alissa Wolf covers four awesome pup products, including Davison’s Hydro line!davison design pet products Alissa Wolf is a journalist and life-long animal lover who has worked as an editor, columnist and correspondent for numerous regional and national newspapers and magazines. Wolf writes

“I received an interesting line of dog toys from a Missouri-based company called Hugs Pet Products: the Hydro line.

The line consists of five differently shaped rubber toys: Hydro Bone, Hydro Ball, Hydro Saucer, Hydro Ring and Hydro Fetch. Not only do these provide pooches with hours of chewing, fetching and general enjoyment, these also hydrate dogs as they play.”

These dog toys invented by dog parent and Davison client, Diane DiRaimo, contain a unique sponge/foam core that, when soaked in water, absorb the water via small holes; the water is gradually released when a dog chews on the toy. The dogs get hydrated, without the water dripping onto a floor, car seat or other surface. These toys can also be frozen.

The toys received a favorable review from pet products pundit Dr. Marty Becker on “Good Morning America,” and were showcased in the lifestyle magazine Real Simple and were accorded an Editor’s Choice Award from Dog Fancy magazine.

These are just some of the innovative pet products available from this company, a family business that was founded in 2009 by pet lovers Katie and Chad Brewer as a division of their existing business, Maze Innovations, Inc.

The Brewers are parents to a virtual zoo consisting of several dogs, cats, goats and sheep. Oh, and they have three human kids.

Hugs Pet Products prides itself on designing, manufacturing and distributing quality and innovative pet products worldwide for dogs, cats and birds.”


Hugs on the cutting edge of dog design

davison design pet productsThe Dog Milk blog strives to bring you the most cutting edge and modern design for your very best friend. Recently, the Dog Milk blogger wrote:

“I love the story behind Hugs Pet Products‘ name: owners Katie and Chad Brewer wanted to celebrate the boundless love and lifetime of excited greetings (and puppy hugs) they received from their pets by giving back in the form of innovative pet products. Katie and Chad believe that “at the heart of every hug is love,” which is how they approach the design and manufacturing of their modern pet gear!davison design pet products

Their passion for pets shows in their original product designs (which they also manufacture and distribute). I mean, hello, how awesome is that apple-shaped, tooth-scrubbing chew toy?

We couldn’t resist rounding up a few of our favorite Hugs products, of course! 1: Potty Paws 2: Chew Core 3: Hydro Bone 4: Tee Bone 5: Better Tether 6: Silicone Dog Treat Pan 7: Gel Pet Mat“

It’s great to see extremely positive feedback across the ever-changing spectrum of pet product writers – from bloggers to veteran journalists. All of this Hugs success sets our tails wagging.

davison design pet products

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.



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Davison is Getting Pinteresting… Plus!

Late last year, we burst onto the social media scene with the launch of our Facebook and Twitter pages.  This year, we’re expanding our social media presence from “likes” and “tweets” to include ”pins” and “circles!” We’re excited to announce the recent launch of Davison Pinterest and Google+ pages!

And, we’ve got to say, if you haven’t caught on to the Pinterest craze just yet, you definitely will now!

davison inventionland pinterest

The online pinboard allows users to share images of all of the things they love!  Since everything we do (i.e. drawing, designing, engineering, creating prototypes) is so visual, Pinterest is the perfect place to show it all off!

Some of our current boards include “Inventionland,” where we can share more of our creative design facility, “Davison Products,” where we’re able to show Davison-designed products in action and on store shelves and “Inventors Never Quit,” where we’re able to keep inspiring and motivating prospective inventors to pursue their ideas!

Check out Davison’s new Pinterest page here!

Once you’ve pinned all of your favorite things (be careful, it’s addicting!), visit our new Google+ page!

davison inventionland google plus

As if Google didn’t already have everything you could think of and more, they now have social media, too!   And, Google+ allows you to do… well… everything!

We’re especially excited because Google+ will allow us to connect and chat with other inventors, plus share information and photos with friends and clients!

Plus, unlike any other social media forum, the ”Circle” function on Google+ allows you to group your followers together, so we can tailor what we share (i.e. our licensing partners may not have the same interests that our fellow inventors do)!

Check out the new Davison Google+ page here!

Whether you “like it,” “retweet it,” “pin it” or “+1 it,” make sure to share all the great news about Davison on social media!

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Pugz™ Soft Suedes and Fall Fleeces Cloak Petco in Eye-catching Endcaps

The 2012 Fall Pugz ™ line is now in stores!

But even more exciting than having Pugz boots in one Petco and Pugz leg warmers in another Petco across town, the entire fall line is prominently displayed on endcaps.

Showcasing leashes, beds, coats, leg warmers, harnesses, boots — all featuring Pugz’s signature faux suede and fleece combination – the visual appeal of these endcaps creates a gravitational pull on Petco customers shopping anywhere near this K-9 couture.

CEO and founder of Davison, George Davison, calls the Petco Pugz endcaps a defining moment in company history and compares the excitement of seeing all of these Pugz products in one space to the excitement of “stepping to the plate and hitting a grand slam.”

“When you allow yourself to dream, you are opening yourself up for a lot of pain if stuff doesn’t work out, which I’m used to. Because of the continual effort at absorbing risks and overcoming challenges this is what can happen if you believe. If you don’t believe and have enough character, the dreams aren’t possible,” says Davison.

The 2012 Fall Pugz line, which is now in Petco and will be in Bed, Bath & Beyond on September 20th, delivers cozy comfort for every pup.


Walk with warmth

Smaller dogs get cold faster in low temperatures, but that’s no reason to abandon those long walks you and your pup enjoy. Instead, protect him or her from the elements with Pugz Boots. These adorably designed, faux leather and faux wool shoes provide comfort and keep your pet’s paws dry in any weather!  Plus, their breathable, cushioned fabric sole eliminates nasty claw scratches from hardwood floors. With an adjustable hook and loop strap, Pugz are a secure fit for every pooch!

Little paws aren’t the only appendages to keep the chill out during the fall and winter. Your dog will appreciate some leg protection, too. Pugz Leg Warmers keep your dog’s legs warm and protected with their lightweight faux suede and fleece. Perfect for pups of all sizes, these leg warmers include hook and loop straps and elastic nylon to ensure a secure fit.


Walk with confidence

Excited dogs and young pups often pull during their walks. This not only creates uncomfortable exercise for you, but can injure your dogs neck if you’re only using a collar. Get back control and enjoy those walks again with the Pugz Harness.

The Pugz Harness is a comfortable and stylish solution for reducing the stress and strain on both dogs and owners during walks. Made with breathable and lightweight faux suede and fleece, this harness is adjustable for a custom fit on your dog or growing puppy.

Add the Pugz Leash for 6 feet of stylish safety. The ultra-soft, fleece-lined generously sized handle keeps your hand cozy and comfortable, while the durable nylon leash allows you to securely walk your pet with confidence. The sturdy chrome hardware conveniently attaches to your favorite collar.


Now Sleep!

Walk nap, walk nap. That’s your best friend’s daily agenda. Optimize their comfort after those warming walks with the Pugz Air Puff Bed, which supports the limbs of older or injured pets, but is perfect for dogs without health problems as well. An adjustable frame and soft faux wool provide a warm and cozy place for any pet to relax. The removable cover is easy to wash and keep clean. For use at home, in the car or on a trip, the Pugz Air Puff Bed is easy to transport.

Twenty-twelve also features the Pugz Box Bed (see below on endcap), which allows your pet to nuzzle into cozy comfort. The ultra-durable, luxuriously cushioned base and sides invite your pet to snuggle up, get comfortable and relax.  The bed is also lightweight, portable and can be machine washed!

Davison attributes the success of Pugz and other Davison products to the Davison methodology, which George Davison has been crafting for over 20 years. “We have to have really good soils to grow our seeds. This is the combination of Inventionland and our [inventing] methodology to have not only one, but all of those [products] hit the shelf.”

Congratulations to Pugz, Hugs and Davison for all the hard work put into a great line of pup products. When dogs are dressed to the nines in their new Pugz boots and legwarmers, warm and comfortable tails are sure to be wagging outside of Petco stores this fall and winter!

(From Hugs Pet Products’ Facebook Page)

Diane: “Barney jumped right in as [we were] strolling through Petco today! Sold! ”


A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Time for Technology to ‘Ketchup’ with Condiments

“Stick a knife in it!” “Smack the bottom.” “Hold it at a 45-degree angle and tap the 57.” Every ketchup connoisseur has their own technique for coaxing the tomato topping slowly out of a newly opened bottle. But things can get down right dangerous as diners flail around trying to get the last ounce of this creeping condiment from the bottom of the bottle.

Well, the painstaking process of topping our burgers and fries may be over.

From the people who brought you a mapping of the human genome and Bose sound systems comes LiquiGlide — “a revolutionary super-slippery coating to liberate your ketchup” – from a group of MIT engineers.

MIT PhD candidate Dave Smith and his team of mechanical engineers and nano-technologists from the Varanasi Research Group have put hundreds of years of bottle-beating debates to rest, creating bottle surfaces from which condiments simply glide onto your plate.

According to the LiquiGlide website, the coating is made entirely from food materials; no nanoparticles to worry about. “Even if you scraped off the coating with a knife and ate it, it would be completely harmless and flavorless.”

Varanasi’s innovative way to package condiments will hopefully make life easier in the future.

In the meantime, check out these Davison products that already do.

RV Leveler

We don’t want our vacations to turn into work. So Davison created the RV Leveler, a two-part product that enables users to quickly determine whether their motorhome is level. The RV Leveler’s base communicates wirelessly with a corresponding handheld device. The four-light LED display on the remote unit enables the user to see immediately where adjustments are needed.


Hover Creeper

Working on cars is tough enough. Navigating underneath them shouldn’t be. Traditional automotive creepers have wheels that get stuck in floor cracks and shift wildly over bolts or other loose parts that frequently break, leaving a mechanic stuck. Instead of trying to roll over an uneven or cracked garage floor, the new Hover Creeper literally hovers slightly above it.


Better Tether

It’s a doggone shame that some pet owners leave their pups twisted around trees or poles outside without food or water. Well, this Better Tether is placed in-ground, eliminating obstacle to pets, humans and machines. The divided food and water bowl can never be tipped over, and the unit never has to be moved for the lawnmower.  Also, a big congratulations to the winner of our Better Tether Giveaway, Stephanie Shreve Baker!  We hope your pup really enjoys it!


In the future, when you make a burger with the Fill N’ Grill, it will be much easier to put Ketchup in the middle. Try some bacon too. 🙂


A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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“Dare to Invent” Refreshes Your Pet!

Springtime sunshine has just begun to prepare us for the dehydration dangers that hot, summer sun can pose to our pets.  However, have no fear, a new “Dare to Invent” webisode is here with a refreshing solution!

Tonight’s webisode is the tenth in our 13-episode series and features Diane DiRaimo, inventor of the Hydro Bone, her adorable Japanese Chin puppy, Alexander James, and our lovable cast of Creationeers!  You can absorb the latest “Dare to Invent” webisode NOW on YouTube and

Diane loved taking Alexander James for rides in the car, but she had a hard time keeping him hydrated and happy on long trips.  She knew putting a water bowl in the car or feeding him out of a water bottle was out of the question… but, she thought, surely there must be a better way to provide Alexander with on-the-spot refreshment!

Diane brought her idea for a hydrating, new pet product to Davison, where fellow animal lover, Curtis, and his creative team, got to work on helping Diane’s idea soak up success, creating an absorbent chew toy with a foam core.

This week’s webisode also brings back Clay and his eccentric product-testing ways, but it all pays off in the end!  Diane’s Hydro Bone was licensed by Hugs Pet Products, has sold in Sam’s Club, Bed Bath & Beyond and many other retailers, was featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” was a 2010 Dog Fancy Editors’ Choice Winner and has now spawned an entire line of hydrating chew toys!

Tune in NOW for all the thirst-quenching fun as Diane “Dares to Invent!”

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Licensing Team Gets Crafty at National Hardware Show

Davison Licensing

Continuing to “try longer” to get that Davison “D” on store shelves, our Licensing Team recently attended the 67th National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.

Our President and Vice President of Business Development and Licensing packed their bags and headed to “Sin City” with a few goals in mind.

“The objective at the show is to meet with existing companies we present products to, meet with new prospective companies we want to present products to, network with REP groups [and] take part in buyer meetings and discussions.  The goal each time we attend shows is to continue to advance exposure for our clients and their ideas,” said our President.

According to our President, there were two key exhibits displaying Davison designs. 

“We had products that were exhibiting in the booths of Drillcraft and On the Edge Marketing,” he said. 

Our President also informed us that Drillcraft and On the Edge Marketing certainly were not the only companies that were interested in the Davison “D!”  Check out the long list of retailers that our President and VP met with at the show:

National Hardware Show“The Fulham Group, Ontel Products, Zibra, Dynamic Paint Products, Century Drill Tools, Drillcraft Tools, Trillium Worldwide, JGR Copa, Camp Chef, Nothern International, Mac Sports, On the Edge Marketing, Char Broil, Wild Sports, Len Fest Media and Metro Designs,” said our President.

In addition to meeting with all of those companies, he explained that follow-up meetings at Inventionland and other facilities were planned with a few companies, too!

“[Our VP] actually followed up with a company tour of On the Edge Marketing’s facility while on a trip to a buyer meeting with Petco,” said our President.

And, the end result of all of these meetings?

“Davison is committed to improving the method from idea to store shelf, so that Davison clients have the best opportunity for exposure when it comes to getting noticed.  Davison is slowly, but surely, strengthening the road from idea to store shelf, refining the stages that are critical in getting noticed,” he said.  “These meetings have allowed us to continue to shore-up the hardware and lawn and garden categories, which will benefit our clients tremendously!”

We’ve got TONS of photos to share from our VP’s On the Edge Marketing tour and a few more photos from the National Hardware Show, too:

While Davison regularly attends trade shows in a number of industries, it does not promise that any particular client product will be, or is likely to be, presented or discussed at a trade show.

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