“Illinois Outdoors Television Show” Tunes-in to AWAY

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Host of Illinois Outdoors Television Show Don Dziedzina, who has been involved in the outdoors industry for nearly 35 years and has published columns in 11 weekly newspapers, three monthly outdoor magazines and one bi-weekly outdoor newspaper, recently tried Davison package designed AWAY products to keep pesky bugs at bay. What he found was nothing less than a miracle.

Don writes:

Host of Illinois Outdoors Television Show Don Dziedzina“Being in the outdoors industry for so many years I’ve come across many bug repellent options. Electronic, aerosol, creams, wipes, pump sprays and more are all on the list. And I’ve tried them all. But finally, I’ve come across one that’s simple and easy to use. No need to buy batteries and this one is okay with the environment.”

“AWAY Bug Repellent is all-natural. It comes in small packets that you can easily have in hand and use practically anywhere.”

“Deer season is upon us. Southern Illinois is where I’ve hunted and it’s still warm down there. Mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, and other things that bug you are out now. If it stays warm, they can even be seen in November. AWAY is the answer.”

“In that the ingredients are all natural, it won’t hurt your chances of getting a deer. They won’t be scared off by any unnatural smell or odor. But best of all, you won’t be swatting mosquitoes, brushing off spiders, or picking ticks off your arms, which can scare off a deer that may be out of your sight, but they can see you. This is important for deer hunting… being still.

davison package design away bug repellentLate season, early morning anglers can have a problem with skeeters, too, at this time of year. I’m in the south suburbs of Chicago and still see those pesky buggers in my back yard. AWAY has small packets that you put into a small tin. Place one or two in the boat and you’re bug free. At the end of the day, cover the can and continue to use it on your next trip. My wife still continues to use AWAY while picking the never-ending tomato crop from her garden.”

Davison package designed AWAY deters pesky bugs without spraying harmful chemicals or setting off dangerous fog bombs in your home. Specially-formulated with all-natural ingredients, AWAY is proven to keep bugs away! AWAY offers a bevy of bug-repellent products, including: Flea Pouches, Stinkbug Pouches, Moth Pouches, Bug Pouches and the Bug Repellent Tin.