Wooden Wonderlands that WOW!

cool treehousesA spaceship to the moon, a secret hideout to stash treasure or even a castle surrounded by a shark-filled moat… to a child, a tree house can be all of these things and more – sometimes all in one day! A great imagination can transform a backyard tree house into just about anything, but don’t think that just because you’ve outgrown your swing set, your fun has to be over. We’ve listed a few tree houses that are grown-up versions of old favorites and are sure to appeal to the inner-child in all of us.

The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland, England, is home to one of the most impressive tree houses in the world, around 6,000 square feet to be exact! Built in 2004, this amazing structure stands about 56 feet above the ground and is comprised of a main house with two towers and a sprawling deck area connected to two smaller tree houses. The main attraction of this wooden wonderland is a gourmet restaurant called, what else, The Tree House, which is a famous destination for travelers from all over the world!

Many kids have “run away” to their tree houses, but in several exotic locations, such as Costa Rica and Africa, tree house hotels are becoming real life getaways for tourists. Usually found perched in massive Baobab or Mahogany trees, the unique accommodations come complete with en-suite bathrooms, king size beds and private decks. But, none of those amenities compare to the real allure of these treetop hotels, which is the chance to feel completely immersed in the breathtaking landscape and wildlife that make these locations truly magical.

creative treehouseIf the restaurant and hotels seem nice, but size is what you’re really looking for, this is the tree house for you! Soon to make its debut in the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest tree house in the world is located in Crossville, Tennessee and stands over 97-feet-tall! It is built around an 80-foot, white oak tree that measures 12 feet in diameter, and has six other trees supporting it. This tree-mansion has 11 floors, is around 9,000 square feet and even boasts a miniature basketball court and bell tower!

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, we couldn’t imagine discussing tree houses without mentioning our very own Davy’s Treehouse. Evoking all of the imagination and creativity of childhood, this tree house is in a category all its own. With each tour of Inventionland, Davy’s Treehouse inspires young minds to think outside the box and know that when it comes to inventing, the sky is the limit!


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Meet Kay, Inventor of Pugz Shoes for Dogs

Davison inventorFor our client, Kay, and her two Shelties, Autumn Angel and Rough Spot, taking a December trot in the snow, with her neighbor, Janice, and her golden retriever, was nothing close to walking in a winter wonderland. Instead, their faithful friends would wind up with either cold, wet snowy paws or even salt-soaked paws, from treated roads and sidewalks.

“I needed something that would stay on and protect their paws… [Something to] keep their paws from getting dry and cracked,” Kay said.

For Kay, the logical solution was boots for her pups. After all, they worked for her. So, she searched stores high and low to find the perfect pair, but there was a problem.

“Nothing really stayed on. Their booties would fall off in snow banks,” said Kay.

Kay, Autumn Angel and Rough Spot needed a better solution.

“I looked all over and didn’t see hardly anything out there. Everything I did try, never stayed on,” said Kay.

Although she knew what the problem was, because the “Jill-of-all-trades” typically was busy working, she didn’t have time to pursue a solution right away.

According to Kay, she worked for about ten years in banking, but has also held positions in retail, housekeeping and on the line at General Motors!

“I’ve even done a little pet-sitting. I don’t feel like it’s just a job,” she said.

Perhaps the labor of love  inspired her. Around 2006, she thought of a more-improved boot, one that wouldn’t just slip off. While she kept the idea close to her, she also told her friend, Janice, and some of her family.

“[Janice] was so excited about it!  She agreed there should be something… [and], my grandchildren thought it was cool,” said Kay.

Her son, Kurt, must have thought it was a pretty cool idea, too. He began searching online and that’s when they found Davison. Without seeking any other invention companies, Kay decided to pursue her idea.

“I was hopeful about it. I was looking forward to how it would turn out,” she said.

She was very happy with the stylish, finished product that Davison designed, but the boots really ”kicked” off when she received an unexpected phone call.

“Like [Davison’s Licensing Department] motto, ‘We try longer,’ they did! I was quite surprised they were calling. It looked like the ball was rolling on my idea,” Kay said.

pet inventionsThose boots were made for walking  and that’s just what they did! Hugs Pet Products licensed and now sells Kay’s idea as Pugz, faux leather and faux wool shoes that provide pets with comfort and keep paws dry in any weather conditions.

Kay said she was very happy with the product that resulted from pursuing her idea with Davison, although she seemed a bit reluctant to accept her new title, “inventor.”

“Yes, I guess I do! I’m pretty proud of it!” she said.

Her fearless attitude, anything but reluctant, is a tell-tale sign of that title.

“I figured, just go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” she said.

Congratulations to Kay, Hugs Pet Products and everyone who worked on making this exciting venture such an awesome gain!

Although we can’t speak for Autumn Angel and Rough Spot, we’re sure they give Pugz four paws up!

The client has not realized a net profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Fabulous Funky Inventions from the ’50s!

1950s inventions

When we think of the 1950s, we may think of donning poodle skirts and saddle shoes and heading to the sock hop to dance to some Elvis.  But, it’s what we may NOT think of that we want to examine today…those ’50s fads and inventions that just didn’t quite catch on.

Here’s a list of our five favorite funky ’50s inventions:

1. Curved Barrel Machine Gun: The sleek, curved design of this fierce 1953 weapon allowed for shooting around corners!  It was perfect for taking the “fire first, look later” approach!  While it sounds pretty cool, we all may be a littler safer without this one!

2. Handwriting Game: As if repeatedly writing “I will not…” statements on the chalkboard wasn’t punishment enough, this engaging 1955 game challenged players to analyze each other’s handwriting!  I suppose practice makes perfect?

3. Venetian Blind Sunglasses: Kanye West may be trying to revive this trendy fad, but it certainly didn’t catch on when it was first introduced in 1950!  Though they seem to have no real practical purpose, I suppose they may good for only letting “some” UV rays in!

4.Honegar: All you “Man Vs. Food” fans actually may love this crazy concoction.  In 1959, Dr. DeForest C. Jarvis mixed together honey and vinegar in an effort to remedy minor aches and pains.  Hmmm… tempting, but I’ll stick with ibuprofen!

5. Vest Pocket Ash Tray, Rainy Day Cigarette Holder, Cigarette Holder Built for Two: We just couldn’t resist lumping these three ’50s inventions together.  They were perfect for “lighting up” with your lover on a rainy day and dropping the ashes in your vest!

For a look at these funky inventions, click here!

Now, we know we said our favorite five inventions, but hope this honorable mention doesn’t ruffle your feathers – pun intended!

The Sanitary Appliance for Birds, an undergarment designed to catch bird…. ummm, well you know…. received patent number 2,882,858 in 1959!  While it never really caught on, it is too bad all the birds of the world aren’t required to wear undergarments as they soar high above our heads!

Practical or not, these inventions bring a whole new meaning to the “Nifty Fifties!”

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Meet Kathy, Potty Paws Inventor

Living in their Stamford, Conn., apartment, Pittsburgh natives Kathy and her husband often enjoyed taking their pup on long walks at the city park or along the picturesque streets near their home.  To help keep Stamford’s streets clean and beautiful, city officials enforced mandatory pet waste pick-up.

“They offered a small bag with handles to use for this, but I found these to be inadequate,” said Kathy.

Kathy, a busy medical assistant and office manager, needed a more efficient and sanitary way to dispose of her pup’s waste.  It didn’t take Kathy and her husband long to come up with a solution, sealable mitts that ensured easy disposal; but, they didn’t necessarily have the support of their family from the start.

“We came up with this idea about one month later… When I told my family, they didn’t really think I could make this happen,” said Kathy.  “I have had ideas in the past, but never acted on them, because I didn’t have the time or finances to make it happen.”

Proving skeptical family wrong, Kathy’s husband began researching invention companies and they decided to go with a hometown option.

“After contacting Davison and getting their input, we slowly got this idea off the ground. Of course, we didn’t know what to expect,” said Kathy.

Davison designers worked diligently with Kathy and her husband to develop Potty Paws, anti-microbial, paw-shaped mitts that easily slip on, then turn inside out and zip shut for mess-free waste disposal.

Eventually, the mitts were licensed by Hugs Pet Products, an innovative company devoted to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners by delivering cutting edge pet products.

It may not have happened overnight, but Kathy said she always believed in her idea and she had some advice for other inventors who may have doubts.

“I believe there is always room for a new product for the consumer to try.  You do need to be patient and be ready to put in the time and money.  There is no guarantee that your idea will be a great product, so be ready for anything,” said Kathy.

Sadly, Kathy’s husband passed away during their invention process, but she said she knows he would be thrilled with the finished product.

“I have had more communication with the Davison group than my late husband and they have kept me informed every step of the journey and have shown much kindness [over] the loss I have had… Seeing my product for sale is the reality of the dream we both had.  I would certainly do it again,” said Kathy.

Congratulations Kathy, the adorable product has been a “paws-itive” success!

The client has not realized a net profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Ten Beach Inventions We Totally Dig!

shovel pail beach toysYour summer vacation may be approaching pretty fast, so what are you going to do for hours while you’re on the beach? Play with the sand, of course! You’re never too old to indulge in a little creative fun in the sand!

Below, we’ve featured five modern tools to get you started, along with five patents for beach toys from long ago. Apparently, idea people have long been at work finding ways to make playing in the sand even more fun!

1.  Shovel & Pail – They’re classic staples for any day at the beach! Plus, they come in so many different colors and styles, everyone is sure to find a favorite!

2.  Sand Water Park Set – It may not be a toy that is usually seen on the beach, but it quickly will become your favorite when you’re able to create your own personal water park out of any sand structure you build!

3.  Seashell Collecting Bags – While you’re digging around in the sand, you’re sure to find something you’ll want to keep – so, why not tote it home in a decorative bag? Plain plastic bags? No way!

sand castle toys4.  Sandcastle Building Kit – With these handy aids, you’re sure to build the perfect sandcastle! They’ve got tools and molds that will make your castle the envy of everyone on the beach!

5.  Sand Station – For an even more relaxing day at the beach, let the station’s gears move any unwanted sand out of your way!

So, we all know and love these modern toys, but where did they come from? All ideas have to start somewhere, and beach toys are no exception! Here are five original beach toy patents that may make you rethink what you would be playing with in the sand, if these toys had caught on!

Click on the photos for more information on each patent!

toy inventions1.  In 1915, a woman named Grace Strong had the idea to make sand pails in animal shapes. This is one invention that very well could still catch on today!  We did go through a Silly Bandz craze didn’t we? Anything could happen!

toy patents2.  Similar to the modern Sand Station, this patent does almost the same thing, but manages to look about 100 times more complex! Albert Duffield invented this toy and it was patented in 1916. Could you imagine taking this in your beach bag?

invention patents3.  With this contraption, there would be no need to manually move sand ever again! This Sand Grabber would make your sandcastle building process go much faster, if only it was on the market today!

children inventions4.  This version of the Sand Station is much fancier, but still has the same concept. The sand goes in to the funnel, then filters out onto the paddle wheel, which makes it spin. It may not be practical, but it sure looks cool!

old inventions5.  Last but not least is this spin on the sand shovel. It’s meant to look like a regular soda bottle, but when you open it up, it becomes a very useful beach toy! It really could come in handy on a hot day at the beach – if you could fill it with cold soda!

These older patents might seem a little crazy now, but imagine where the beach toys we know today would be without them. So, next time you’re digging in the sand at the beach, keep in mind what tools you could be using!

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Meet Diane, Inventor of the Hydro Line – Part 2

Davison inventionIf you recall from part I, Diane came up with her idea because her puppies (Alexander was joined by a sister, Olivia) would get overly warm in the car and there was no way to easily provide them with water while on the go. Diane was very excited when she got the proposal to build her idea after the research phase was completed.

“I was very happy to think it was going to be a reality soon; I still don’t believe it today,” she said. “It was definitely thrilling; it was a little scary too.”

Diane didn’t quite understand how the Design team would improve on her idea, but she was very pleased with the results.

davison inventorHer idea was perfected in the Hydro Bone, a hydrating chew toy with a foam core that absorbs water. The water is then released through specially designed holes as the toy is squeezed, so it quenches a dog’s thirst while it chews or plays. The toy is also freezable for lasting refreshment. Being transferred to the Licensing Department was another stepping stone and “a definite confirmation,” she recalled.

The first company to which it was presented was not interested, however, which was “devastating.” But Diane believed in her idea, and her daughter, Kristen, believed in her, so she decided to keep going.

“Davison was handling everything and they thought it would take this much time to find the right company. I definitely agreed with that,” she said.

And find the right company we did. Diane was “overwhelmingly” pleased when she learned that Hugs Pet Products had licensed the product.

“I believe (Hugs) has a lot of passion and a lot of love for pets … I feel very comfortable with that company, and that was extremely important to me.” On the last page of the licensing agreement was a picture of the packaged product, which gave her a “very good feeling.”
pet inventions“I grabbed the puppies. I hugged them and thanked them for their inspiration.”

Getting the call from the Vice President of Licensing to hear her product was licensed was “amazing.” She tried not to get “too terribly excited,” but it turned some wearisome work of processing payrolls into “such an uplifting day.”

Of course, it didn’t stop there – Her product was expanded into an entire line of hydrating chew toys: Hydro Bone, Hydro Ball and Hydro Saucer. That meant more options for pet lovers, as well as more royalties! Diane’s first royalty check was not very big, but it gave her a great feeling, she said.

“It was amazing, too. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m getting paid for this!’”

During her recent visit to Inventionland, which she described as “the most amazing” place that she didn’t want to leave, Diane received her third and biggest check to date.

featured inventor“It was certainly worth getting on a plane for the first time … I still can’t believe this check was made out to me,” said Diane, whose finances have always been up and down. “This is a definite positive in my life; I’m so grateful.”

It took a little over 5 years from the day Diane got her idea to the day she visited Inventionland. She said her success was worth the wait, however, and she would “absolutely” do it again.

“Now, the royalty checks are coming in, thanks to the Davison team,” she said. “I feel this whole process was worthwhile because Davison is a great company to work with; they believe in what they do.”

Diane also said it was great meeting Mr. Davison. “He’s unbelievable; fantastic,” she said. “He seems to be a very caring individual, and he’s so focused on the company. I get the picture that his employees are more like his family.”
inventing story“He’s very down to earth; totally not a stereotype executive,” added Diane’s daughter, Kristen. “And he knows all his employees by name. Wow – that says a lot!”

Before leaving, Diane offered some words of advice to other people with ideas.

“If someone is trying to talk them out of it, I would ask them if they truly believed in it first, then try Davison,” she said. “If they read anything negative (I would tell them) not to believe everything you read…Davison is only going to try to make it better. They took my idea and made it better.”

The best thing about her product, she said, is that it helps to improve the lives of animals.

“I feel most fortunate, to be able to do that for these wonderful creatures,” she said, including her puppies. “I love them to pieces … I believe this product will have a positive impact on my animals, and everyone else’s. They deserve to be treated with the most loving treatment there is.”

Check out the great thank you letter Diane sent following her visit:

I had the most spectacular experience!! I did not know what to expect upon arrival. Mr. “D” and all who are part of this most innovative Company are the most inspiring and compassionate people. It was great to witness that the employees of Davison are a TEAM and know its true meaning. All of you have changed my life in the most positive way imaginable. I feel and know that I am and have been Blessed. It is why I was led to Davison. All of you are awesome people and I am thrilled to know you.

By the way, my first flight experience was fantastic both to and from Pittsburgh!!! I owe this life changing experience to the Davison team!!!

Thank you, Diane! Congratulations to you, Hugs Pet Products and everyone who worked on these awesome new products!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Meet Diane, Inventor of the Hydro Line – Part 1

Davison inventorDiane was very worried. Her beloved Japanese Chin puppy, Alexander James, was panting in the back of her car while she and her daughter, Kristen, were driving on a hot summer day in Rhode Island. She knew a bowl of water wouldn’t work in a moving vehicle, and trying to give him water out of a bottle also would result in a mess. She needed a better solution.

“Our puppy was warm in the car and I was concerned about him not being able to have water,” said Diane. “It was pretty hot; I had to think of something.”

And she did. Diane came up with an idea for a hydration device that would provide pets with cool water anytime, anywhere.

She went to the pet store to see if there were any such products on the market but “was not impressed” by what she saw. “I didn’t think they would fulfill the goal I was looking for; I thought there should be more innovation,” she recalled.

davison inventions“My daughter thought it was a good idea; so, I said let’s go for it and see what happens,” said the HR and payroll administrator. Diane, who designs fashions as a hobby, considers herself to be a creative person. She realized it was “completely impossible,” however, to bring her idea to market on her own.

“I did recognize that I would need a lot of help with that …to make my idea a realty,” she said. “They are a full service company, and that is one of the reasons I went with Davison.”

Initially, she thought her idea would be made into a product and selling in no time. She quickly learned there is a process, which begins with research. Our team found something similar to her idea on the market, so Davison designers set to work on making her product a little different, and a lot better.

“I was so completely overwhelmed when I found out how much work goes into doing a product. At the time, I didn’t understand they were going to make my idea better,” said Diane.

Kristen, a college student at the time, supported her mother, but she was skeptical.

“I thought it was a great idea, but I’m a skeptic at heart,” said Kristen. When she later saw how the team had tweaked her mother’s design, however, she thought it “was cool.”

Other than her daughter, Diane didn’t tell anyone about her idea for a new product to keep pets hydrated because she was afraid they would try to talk her out of it. “It was our little secret.”

Well, the secret’s out — her idea was turned into not just one, but three new hydrating chew toys!

Click here to read Part 2 of the exciting story about our client and the invention of the Hydro Line. Here is a little preview from a thank you note Diane sent us following her recent visit to Inventionland:

“It was great to witness that the employees of Davison are a TEAM and know its true meaning.” wrote Diane. “All of you have changed my life in the most positive way imaginable.”

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

To be continued…

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Davison Trade Show News Now Just One Click Away!

Introducing (Drum roll, please!)…The Trade Show Page!
Davison tradeshows

We all know our licensing team “tries longer” to bring our inventors’ ideas to market by attending industry trade shows and expositions. Now, with just a click, current and future clients will know our team is out there representing Davison products across the nation too!

Davison’s President said he thinks the page further reinforces just how well our method works.

“It’s one thing for a company to say they attend trade shows… It’s quite another for a company to say they attend trade shows and have a proven method of getting people’s ideas into the product lines of companies.  We do the latter,” said the President.

Davison’s Vice President of Licensing added, “The page looks great, and it’s another avenue for clients to see the exposure Davison has at trade shows with our corporate clients!”

The new Trade Show Page includes a “highlight reel” slide show of photos from previous shows, as well as news updates on each show attended. There’s also a list of upcoming shows, so we can track our team’s journey as they meet with national and international corporations, finding homes for electronics, housewares, hardwares, crafts and pet products!

While Davison regularly attends trade shows in a number of industries, it does not promise that any particular client product will be, or is likely to be, presented or discussed at a trade show.

To check out the new page, visit

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Auto Dish Pet Invention Gets Rave Reviews

Another Davison-designed product is making headlines!  FIDO Friendly magazine, a bi-monthly travel publication for pets and their owners, has reviewed the Auto Pet Dish.

A description and picture of the dish, which was licensed by Hugs Pet Products, appear on the FIDO Friendly blog, along with a video which shows the product trial in-progress.

FIDO Friendly’s testing team said the dish is great for traveling with your dog, relaxing outside on the patio or taking your pup on a picnic.

“Fido will be able to access his food or water all day long.  You won’t have to worry about it going bad, getting spoiled or getting any nasty germs in it,” one reviewer said.

The reviewers noted the Auto Pet Dish’s durable plastic bowl with adjustable lid and sensor, and the way it automatically opens whenever four-legged friends come near, then closes almost instantly when they’re done.

“This is something that’s really cute, unique, different and if you’re looking for a solution for your pet feeding needs, this is something that Fido Friendly had fun testing and that you might want to try out as well,” a tester said.

It looks like another Davison-designed product is receiving rave reviews!  Congratulations to everyone who worked on this awesome product!

The client has not realized a net profit on this product.

Watch the entire FIDO Friendly Auto Pet Dish trial here!

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Freshtainer by Davison Helps Keep Food Fresh

kitchen inventionsSomething fresh and exciting is happening in the world of food storage. The Freshtainer, which we developed for our client and XHP, has hit the market – and in a big way! It is now on the shelves of Ross, the nation’s second largest off-price retailer! The Fortune 500 Company operates 988 Ross Dress for Less® stores in 27 states and Guam.

“It’s great to see another client product hitting store shelves with XHP,” said Davison’s VP of Licensing. “We continue to strengthen our corporate partnerships with existing companies along with building new ones in each category!”

Our client, Robert, wanted a food storage container that would extend the life of produce in a refrigerator so it would not go bad as quickly, a common problem for anyone who buys produce. Our design team brainstormed the idea and came up with an awesome solution, which was perfected through the development process and input from XHP.

The Freshtainer helps keep produce fresh much longer than standard containers by getting rid of the gas that makes food rot. The lid of the specialized container has a vented hole covered by a removable cap.

Now, health conscious individuals will be able to keep produce fresher longer; that means being able to include more fresh produce in the diet, and less food, and money, going into the trash can. What a great product to help families that may be struggling through tough economic times!

Congratulations to our client and to XHP, and to the entire team who worked on this fantastic new product that proves, once again, the Davison Inventing Method turns ideas into reality.

The client has not made a net profit.

Great work, everyone!

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