Fabulous Funky Inventions from the ’50s!

1950s inventions

When we think of the 1950s, we may think of donning poodle skirts and saddle shoes and heading to the sock hop to dance to some Elvis.  But, it’s what we may NOT think of that we want to examine today…those ’50s fads and inventions that just didn’t quite catch on.

Here’s a list of our five favorite funky ’50s inventions:

1. Curved Barrel Machine Gun: The sleek, curved design of this fierce 1953 weapon allowed for shooting around corners!  It was perfect for taking the “fire first, look later” approach!  While it sounds pretty cool, we all may be a littler safer without this one!

2. Handwriting Game: As if repeatedly writing “I will not…” statements on the chalkboard wasn’t punishment enough, this engaging 1955 game challenged players to analyze each other’s handwriting!  I suppose practice makes perfect?

3. Venetian Blind Sunglasses: Kanye West may be trying to revive this trendy fad, but it certainly didn’t catch on when it was first introduced in 1950!  Though they seem to have no real practical purpose, I suppose they may good for only letting “some” UV rays in!

4.Honegar: All you “Man Vs. Food” fans actually may love this crazy concoction.  In 1959, Dr. DeForest C. Jarvis mixed together honey and vinegar in an effort to remedy minor aches and pains.  Hmmm… tempting, but I’ll stick with ibuprofen!

5. Vest Pocket Ash Tray, Rainy Day Cigarette Holder, Cigarette Holder Built for Two: We just couldn’t resist lumping these three ’50s inventions together.  They were perfect for “lighting up” with your lover on a rainy day and dropping the ashes in your vest!

For a look at these funky inventions, click here!

Now, we know we said our favorite five inventions, but hope this honorable mention doesn’t ruffle your feathers – pun intended!

The Sanitary Appliance for Birds, an undergarment designed to catch bird…. ummm, well you know…. received patent number 2,882,858 in 1959!  While it never really caught on, it is too bad all the birds of the world aren’t required to wear undergarments as they soar high above our heads!

Practical or not, these inventions bring a whole new meaning to the “Nifty Fifties!”