Common Inventions with Uncommon Beginnings

Inventions come in all shapes and sizes and spring forth from some very unique situations. Sometimes, the most common things that we know and use today are born from interesting origins. Behind every invention is a creative mind and today, we wanted to take a look at some of these inventions and their beginnings! Green …

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This Inventor’s “Wheel” Was Turning

You’ve seen them at local fairs and amusement parks and the largest in the world is set to be built by New Year’s Eve, 2015. At 688 feet, the Dubai Eye will be the largest Ferris wheel in the world. As summer winds down, there is still plenty of time for families to enjoy themselves …

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Sharing Well “D”eserved Community Thanks

Often times, we share community events, fundraisers and benefits that we think you may be interested in helping with. And, just as often, the Davison Team comes together and makes incredible contributions to support the various causes. Most recently, our team pulled together in less than two weeks to donate toys for the 2012 Marines’ …

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Medical Innovation: Pig’s Bladder Regrows Muscle of Wounded Marine

Ronald Strang was serving in Afghanistan with the Marines when an explosion took half of his left thigh muscle. Now, the 28-year-old from Pittsburgh, Pa., has grown back 10 percent of the lost muscle and is running again, thanks to cells from a pig’s bladder. To regrow Strang’s muscle, surgeons implanted an extracellular matrix, a …

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Innovative Bug Repellent Finds “AWAY” into Local Press

Just as we’re about ready to close the books on one of the hottest summers on record, one of the hottest new bug repellents (that Davison helped to develop packaging) has been featured in a local Pittsburgh media outlet! AWAY Bug Repellent and the company’s founder, Phil Boxwell, (along with Dan Simbeck, Davison’s VP of …

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Let Your Bowl Runneth Over During National Brownies at Brunch

The marriage of the spoon and cupcake frosting has been one of the naughtiest temptations to capture the hearts and minds of Americans. Then someone had to go and wed brownies to brunch and make it a month-long celebration! August is National Brownies At Brunch 
Month, and Davison has a love connection of its own …

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Davison Featured in Pittsburgh’s Soul Pitt Quarterly

  Davison was featured in an article in the summer edition of Soul Pitt Quarterly, Pittsburgh’s Premier Minority A&E Magazine. In the piece, Soul Pitt’s writer (Mimi Gray) spoke with CEO and Founder George Davison, President Frank Vescio, Senior Director of New Products Steve Smith and Director of New Products Hassan Walker to pick their …

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“Dare to Invent” Caps Off Season One with a Twist!

It’s nearly time to say “so long” to season 1 of our innovative “Dare to Invent” webisode series; but, before we send it swirling into history, we’re capping it off with the twisted tale of toilet bolt success! Tonight’s webisode, the 13th and final episode in the first season of “Dare to Invent,” features Pennsylvania’s own …

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“Dare to Invent” Pours Over the Creation of the Brownie Bowl

Grab a half cup of flour, one cup of water, 2 eggs and lots of creativity!  This week’s all-new “Dare to Invent” episode hits the kitchen to whip up some exciting baking innovation. Tonight’s webisode is the twelfth in our 13-episode series and features Christine Walker, inventor of the Brownie Bowl – a delicious dessert …

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Designing for the Visually Impaired… From Creationeer Extraordinaire, Lucky!

When Dieter Rams set forth his 10 Principles of Good Design, he based them on 20+ years of experience and acclaim in the world of Industrial Design. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 had not been conceived yet, and during those 20+ years of experience, he never had to consider designing for those that …

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