A Better Way to Bake Lasagna on QVC Today!

Towards the end of last year, we couldn’t wait to share the success of the Mega Bacon Pan, following its appearance on QVC’s In the Kitchen with David! Not only does this innovative pan provide a better way to make deliciously crisp bacon, but it was a product that evolved from Davison client Jean’s Meatball …

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Davison Client Invention Reshapes the Burger

When clients come to Davison, they come for inventing expertise and guidance backed by over 25 years of experience in helping everyday idea people hopefully bring their inventions to life. As is with many new inventions, ideas are usually created as a solution to a common problem. This continued to be true for one Tampa …

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An Inventor’s Idea + Davison Inventing Method + QVC = Success

In the invention industry, things change; they evolve. This sentiment holds especially true for the Mega Bacon Pan, which evolved from our client Jean’s Meatball Baker. Last month, the Mega Bacon Pan was featured on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David.” QVC host David Venable was intrigued and excited about the Davison-designed product! During the …

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Client Invention Shows QVC Viewers a Better Way to Make Brownies

In case you missed it last Wednesday, Davison client Bobby’s PushPan Brownie Pan was featured on the popular QVC segment, “Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn.” Bobby came to Davison with his idea for better brownies. His innovative pan would later be licensed to our friends at Love Cooking Company, who were also excited for this brownie …

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PushPan Brownie Pan will be on QVC – Today!

We have some very exciting news to share with you! Our very own Davison-licensed product, the PushPan Brownie Pan, will be featured on QVC’s “Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn” today between 12 and 1 p.m. EST! Though this isn’t the first Davison-licensed product that will be broadcast on millions of television screens across the country, it’s …

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Two Things We Learned from This QVC Segment

Just a few weeks ago, we wanted to throw a small fiesta when we saw another product that our friends at Inventionland designed, the Piñata Nonstick Cupcake Pan, on QVC’s “Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn.” The pan, which also sells as the Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff Cupcake Pan, debuted as the first item on the show …

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We are STUFFED with Excitement!

In perfect “Throwback Thursday” fashion, we’d like to throw it back to yesterday afternoon, when the Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff Cupcake Pan was featured on QVC! You’ve previously been introduced to the Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff Cupcake Pan, a product that our friends over at Inventionland designed for the Love Cooking Company. Well …

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We Have Some Sweet News!

Our friends at the Love Cooking Company are cooking up a lot of exciting news lately! In fact, tomorrow one of our Davison-designed products will be on QVC between 4 – 6 p.m.! You may already be familiar with the Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff Cupcake Pan. Well, this product is set to appear on …

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Our Better Way to Make Bacon Sizzles on QVC!

  Did you catch “In the Kitchen with David” on QVC last night? Let’s just say the show left us sizzling with excitement! Culinary Professional Chef Tony Notaro was back in David Venable’s kitchen showing off one of our latest baking product ideas, the Bacon Baker! Dubbed the Bacon Bakin’ Pan by Chef Tony, the …

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Chef Tony Meatloaf Pan Reviews are “The BOMB!”

The Chef Tony Meatloaf Pan is back and we can’t help but check in on the tried-and-true Love Cooking Company product that we designed at our very own invention factory, Inventionland. Culinary Professional Chef Tony Notaro has been touting this innovative product on QVC for months, and lately, it’s been stuffed with an overload of …

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