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Three Essentials for Product Packaging

Today, on National Storytelling Day, we wanted to share with you three important pieces to the product packaging puzzle.  Did you know that brands only have about seven seconds to make a good first impression on potential customers?  That makes packaging all the more important in telling the story of a product. Let’s first start …

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High School Student Adds Innovation to Otherwise Ordinary Bottled Water

If you’re a bottled water drinker, you’ve likely never noticed anything too fancy or particular about your favorite brand’s packaging design. Well, leave it to Russian high school student Anastasia Shtern to change all of that with her idea for VITA, a fictitious new vitamin water brand that, if actually invented, could forever change the …

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Iconic Packaging Design: Heinz Ketchup

It’s everywhere. In the United States and across the pond, on tables in diners everywhere, it’s used on hot dogs, hamburgers and French fries alike. This iconic condiment, otherwise known as Heinz Ketchup, is used everywhere and it all began in 1869 when founder Henry Heinz packaged his first product. But, before the idea of …

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Green is the New Black

We see it everywhere; people and companies alike are committing themselves to going green and doing better for the environment. So, we wanted this blog to focus on those companies that have been working hard to create packaging designs that are just that, environmentally friendly. We are going take a look at how some well-known …

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Simple Yet Iconic: Cheerios

As a kid, Cheerios might have been your go-to snack every day. This deliciously simple cereal that doubles as a healthy snack for toddlers and adults alike has been around since 1941. Since then, it has become one of the most popular and most recognized breakfast cereals on the market. Simplicity goes a long way …

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These Products are Breaking the Packaging Design Mold

Last week, we wrote a blog about five examples of creative product packaging designs and how they stand out among competitors. So, we decided to focus this blog on brands, like Toblerone, EOS and Pringles, that stand out on the store shelves. Let’s take a look at some creative and out-of-the-box packaging designs and how …

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Uncover These Five Creative Packaging Designs

The first thing that you notice about a product is the packaging. After all, that is what makes the initial impression. Some companies stick with a more traditional route with their packaging; however, there are those companies out there that put just as much time into their packaging as they do into their product. Let’s …

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‘M’m! M’m! Good!’ Packaging Design

From the traditional can, to the microwaveable cup, to the pouch of soup, Campbell’s continues to set the bar in the world of packaging design. Let’s take a look at how this brand has transformed its packaging from a traditional can, to a one-cup serving, to a soup pouch, all the while reinventing the rules …

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Does Davison’s Invention Service Cost Money?

It’s a question that we’re frequently asked, “Is there a fee for your invention service?” Simply, yes, we do charge fees for the services we provide.  However, it’s important to point out that you can securely submit your idea to Davison for a no-cost consultation (read free). Once we discuss your idea and determine whether it …

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“Illinois Outdoors Television Show” Tunes-in to AWAY

Host of Illinois Outdoors Television Show Don Dziedzina, who has been involved in the outdoors industry for nearly 35 years and has published columns in 11 weekly newspapers, three monthly outdoor magazines and one bi-weekly outdoor newspaper, recently tried Davison package designed AWAY products to keep pesky bugs at bay. What he found was nothing …

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