High School Student Adds Innovation to Otherwise Ordinary Bottled Water

If you’re a bottled water drinker, you’ve likely never noticed anything too fancy or particular about your favorite brand’s packaging design.

Well, leave it to Russian high school student Anastasia Shtern to change all of that with her idea for VITA, a fictitious new vitamin water brand that, if actually invented, could forever change the way we look at a bottle of water.

According to Design Taxi, a leading global creative network, Shtern’s vitamin water invention may initially look simple enough, but it has a special cap that houses a flavored vitamin capsule.

Whenever a VITA drinker twists the cap, the capsule is released and its colorful, flavorful contents swirl into the water below.

Design Taxi says that Shtern’s packaging design idea “is to offer the consumer a unique, visually stimulating product experience by getting them to mix the vitamin with the water personally.”

Inside of Shtern’s imagination, VITA is available in various brightly-colored varieties. It is not yet available in stores, but we see no reason that this eye-catching packaging design shouldn’t be available on store shelves in the future!

We commend Shtern for her out-of-the-bottle thinking that could provide a Better Way to enjoy an everyday drink of water!

Read more about Shtern’s VITA packaging design at Design Taxi.

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