Introducing The Up Tee Caddy! 

Do aching joints or a painful back have you missing the golf course? If so, this product might be perfect for you! 

The UpTee Caddy is an all-in-one teeing tool and ball retriever that can have you back on the golf course in no time. But, this product is not your average, run-of-the-mill ball retriever. Instead, the Up Tee Caddy is a multi-faceted golf tool that is easy to use and convenient to bring along to your next tee time.

The Up Tee Caddy product idea came from a fellow golfer that has 30+ years of experience golfing. This NEW INVENTION features a quick-grip and release handle and an extended arm. These core features eliminate the need to bend down to set up your tee. 

But teeing off is not the only time you will use the Up Tee Caddy. Because of its consistently firm grip, the Up Tee Caddy will be your go-to gadget the next time you need to retrieve your ball from the water, woods, sand, and various other hazards found on the golf course.

But that’s not all; this product also includes a kickstand and bag clip, making it convenient for you to bring it along and use at your next golf outing! 


The inventors of the Up Tee have not realized a net profit on this product. The inventors chose to manufacture and sell their product instead of licensing it.