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Celebrating Davison Client Jennifer’s Product in The Container Store!

“It’s just another wonderful example of how an idea comes to be!” said founder Mr. George Davison (“Mr. D”), excited to venture to The Container Store following great news for Davison client Jennifer’s Hanger Pocket Accessory Organizer product, which keeps clothes and accessories neatly organized. “We found out that the product has also been private-labeled …

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This Inventor is the Original ‘Piano Man’

May is National Inventors Month! This month-long celebration promotes the inventors whose ideas have served as real contributions in the world. When you think about inventors, names like George Washington Carver, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Alexander Graham Bell might come to mind. But in today’s blog, in honor of this inventors 361st birthday, we’re …

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Davison-Designed Hanger Pockets Have Got Serious Tex Appeal!

No, you didn’t read that headline incorrectly. We said that the Hanger Pockets we designed at Inventionland for our client Jennifer have some serious “Tex Appeal!” Now, what on earth did we mean? The clothing accessory organizer that conveniently slips over a hanger, allowing users to keep their outfits carefully coordinated, has been featured in …

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African American Inventors: Granville Woods

We could think of no better way to celebrate Black History Month than to feature African American inventors, such as Granville Woods, who changed history, and without whom our lives would be drastically different today. Many people may have never heard of Granville Woods, but he and his inventions had a profound impact on all …

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Davison’s TheraPED – Bringing the Perfect Balance of Relief!

After running to the polls yesterday, we are sure that your feet are aching and could use the soothing relief that can only be provided by the TheraPED, which will be featured tomorrow (11/8/12) on “America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show.” Davison founder and CEO George Davison and our client, Lennell Parks, along with her …

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Defiant Design: The Wright Brothers’ First Flight Flew Above Criticism

At Davison, we encourage people with ideas to pursue their dreams and create … A Better Way. Inventing is no easy task, and there are many hurdles standing in the way of budding creators — oftentimes a naysayer. Overcoming negative reactions to your idea can be difficult. But the Wright brothers didn’t let Thomas Edison …

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Lights, Camera… Celebrity Inventors in Action!

Sometimes, celebrity comes with a side of glitz, glamour and… innovation!  We’ve said it before, but ideas really do come from everywhere and from everyone! From the King of Pop to Catwoman, here’s a host of celebrities who are bursting with talent and also with ideas: 1.  Michael Jackson  If the Shoe Fits, Wear it!  …

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A “Mac”nificent Birthday for an Inventor & Apple Founder

This week marks the birth of an undeniably influential inventor, without whom the words iPod, iPhone and iPad may never exist!  Steve Wozniak’s work has helped make the computer industry all that it is today. Born and raised in California, Wozniak began his college career at the University of California, Berkeley.  Prior to finishing his …

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Meet Kay, Inventor of Pugz Shoes for Dogs

For our client, Kay, and her two Shelties, Autumn Angel and Rough Spot, taking a December trot in the snow, with her neighbor, Janice, and her golden retriever, was nothing close to walking in a winter wonderland. Instead, their faithful friends would wind up with either cold, wet snowy paws or even salt-soaked paws, from …

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Meet Kathy, Potty Paws Inventor

Living in their Stamford, Conn., apartment, Pittsburgh natives Kathy and her husband often enjoyed taking their pup on long walks at the city park or along the picturesque streets near their home.  To help keep Stamford’s streets clean and beautiful, city officials enforced mandatory pet waste pick-up. “They offered a small bag with handles to use …

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