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Thursday Thoughts from Great Inventors & Innovators

All inventors and innovators share two key characteristics – creativity and persistence.  In order to better understand others and ourselves as inventors, we must take a closer look at what these things really mean. Creativity – the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Persistence – firm …

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Edison and the Kinetographic Camera

August 31, 1897. This was the day that famed inventor and innovator Thomas Edison received a patent for the kinetographic camera. By creating a device that made it possible for films to be viewed by one person at a time through a viewer, Edison created what would later become the motion picture camera. Edison was …

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Inventor Monday: Wallace Hume Carothers

Some scientists and inventors are household names—such as Edison and Graham Bell.  However, there are plenty of brilliant inventors that are not well known, despite developing critical things we use every day. Wallace Hume Carothers is such a man. Carothers was a brilliant inventor and scholar who held more than fifty patents. He is considered …

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African American Inventors: George Washington Carver

When most people hear the name George Washington Carver, they immediately think, “Oh, he was that famous African-American inventor.” But, the truth is, he was a famous American inventor whose ideas changed society much like Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford. Though renowned for developing innovative uses for a variety of agricultural crops such as …

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African American Inventors: Granville Woods

We could think of no better way to celebrate Black History Month than to feature African American inventors, such as Granville Woods, who changed history, and without whom our lives would be drastically different today. Many people may have never heard of Granville Woods, but he and his inventions had a profound impact on all …

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Paul Winchell: An Amazing Inventor

What if we told you that there once was this amazing man who had many talents: comedian, ventriloquist, voice actor, inventor, and humanitarian – would you believe us? OK, you’d say – that could happen. But what if we said that he was also the host of a prime-time television show, the host of a …

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Temple Grandin: Inventor, Author, Scientist, Activist

Imagine living in a world of loneliness and isolation; where normal communication, emotions, and social interaction are extremely challenging or even impossible. Welcome to the world of autism. Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. …

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Defiant Design: The Wright Brothers’ First Flight Flew Above Criticism

At Davison, we encourage people with ideas to pursue their dreams and create … A Better Way. Inventing is no easy task, and there are many hurdles standing in the way of budding creators — oftentimes a naysayer. Overcoming negative reactions to your idea can be difficult. But the Wright brothers didn’t let Thomas Edison …

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Don’t Forget George de Mestral During National Inventors Month

Inventors who have significantly improved the way we go about everyday life are well-known: Edison, da Vinci, Franklin, etc. In hindsight, we tend to skew historical significance toward indisputable facts: “I can’t live without light bulbs! And, how about those bifocals for reading those books?” As much as inventing harkens back to history, it also …

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Celebrating Leonardo Da Vinci with Creationeer Extraordinaire, Lucky

In commemoration of the very multi-talented innovator, Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday, which is this Sunday, April 15th, we asked our very own Creationeer extraordinaire, Lucky, for this thoughts on the famed creator: Even a great man is still a regular Joe. Or in this case, Leo.   Leonardo Da Vinci was history’s greatest polymath: sculptor, …

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