Davison Client Justin’s Dessert Carrier Available at Bed Bath & Beyond!

David Tutera Decadent Delights Carrier

At Davison, there’s not much sweeter than when we can help a client inventor fine-tune their ideas and turn them into new products. By guiding a client and their invention idea through our product development process, the ultimate hope is for product success.

So, what is sweeter? How about when products begin selling in major big-box retailers?

Just this week, the Davison licensing department announced that client Justin’s dessert carrier idea has made its way to Bed Bath & Beyond – online and within 35 select brick-and-mortar stores across the nation!

It’s a huge win for Managing Senior Directors of Licensing Matt and Bob and client Justin, who’ve been working to bring the dessert carrier such success since 2012. In reality, this further bit of success is just another piece of the success pie as Justin’s dessert carrier had initially been licensed to Love Cooking Company who later relaunched the product under their David Tutera Decadent Delights collection, after solidifying a partnership with the celebrity wedding and entertaining expert in 2015.

“Love Cooking informed me that the entire David Tutera Decadent Delights line is now available for sale at Bed Bath & Beyond online!” said Matt. As you can imagine, this news really helped to jumpstart Matt’s week and we couldn’t be happier for client Justin!

Bed Bath & Beyond Website

According to Matt, Justin’s dessert carrier and the rest of Love Cooking Company’s entire David Tutera Decadent Delights collection will be tested in the 35 select Bed Bath & Beyond stores through the month of November. If all goes well, the line could be featured on Bed Bath & Beyond store shelves indefinitely!

Congratulations on a job well done by Davison’s licensing department and to client inventor Justin on a sweet idea! Do you also have a sweet idea? Confidentially submit your idea here.

Copyright Davison, 2016

The inventor of the Dessert Carrier has not realized a net profit on this product.  The typical Davison client project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.

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Another Product Reaches the End Zone – Soda Straws Land on!

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and you know what that means… whether you’re rooting for the Patriots or Seahawks (or neither team for that matter), you’re probably planning to attend a Super Bowl party somewhere. Soda StrawsWhat better Davison product to bring to any party than Jokari’s Soda Straws, which you now can easily purchase at for only $13.99!

The innovative product is the perfect way to keep your favorite soda or other carbonated beverage fresh while you’re watching closely to make sure that all game balls are property inflated or while you’re catching all of this year’s must-see commercials. With a flip-top cap, Soda Straws also will help to make sure that there are no spills or other party fouls.

Jokari Soda Straws

If you happen to be at a warm, outdoor Super Bowl party (we’re jealous!), Soda Straws will also protect your beverages from flies and other insects. Plus, you can use them over and over again!

If you’ve still not seen a product that we created at Davison on a store shelf, rush to, see Soda Straws and head to the end zone by picking up some for yourself! They’re sure to score a touchdown at any Super Bowl celebration!

And, if we can’t celebrate our favorite team winning the Lombardi trophy, at least we can celebrate adding another place where we can pick up the products created at Davison!

Copyright Davison, 2015


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Miracle Meatloaf Pan Stays Stuffed with Great Reviews!

You may recall that the Miracle Meatloaf Pan has been featured on QVC twice already this year. Culinary Professional Chef Tony Notaro first featured the Miracle Meatloaf Pan on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David” in January and the pan sold out in less than 10 minutes. The Davison-designed stuffed meatloaf pan was back on QVC in June and it sold over 7,000 units!

We decided to check back in on the pan to see what other users have had to say about it.

Well, now the pan is listed as one of QVC’s “Most Wished For” items and it carries a nearly perfect five-star review rating!
There are too many awesome reviews to list them all, but we’ve picked out a few of the latest and greatest things that people are saying about the Miracle Meatloaf Pan that we designed:

WOW! Can finally make meat loaf.

Overall Rating

“For the first time in years, I can make a perfect meat loaf that doesn’t fall apart. Thanks Tony, this is the greatest pan ever, easy to clean and make a perfect loaf and the fillings are great. Love this Pan!!!!!”

Read more »

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Whack-a-Mouse Tops 180,000 Views on YouTube!

Let the great Davison-designed pet product news keep coming!

Yesterday, we told you about Sticks Throwing Dog Treats and the Whack-a-Mouse Interactive Cat Toy, two pet innovations that were designed for Hugs Pet Products and recently had been featured on, a pet-and-deal-lover’s best friend.

Today, we’re excited to tell you even more great news about the innovative Whack-a-Mouse that we designed at Davison.

You see, a little over a year ago, the people at ThinkGeek created a short, entertaining video that featured cats, dogs and even humans playing with the Whack-a-Mouse, aptly called the “Cat Whack a Mole.”

Now, that video has reached over 180,000 hits on YouTube, ranking it as one of the top five videos when you search for “Whack-a-Mole” or “Whack-a-Mouse” on the site!

What does that mean for the Davison-designed pet product? Well, we did a little more digging and found out that those 180,000+ views translated to the Whack-a-Mouse being out of stock on!

What a lesson in the law of supply and demand!

But, don’t worry; if you would like to pick up a Whack-a-Mouse for your dog, cat or even for yourself, ThinkGeek expects to have more in stock in just 1-3 weeks.

See the Whack-a-Mouse on YouTube or at ThinkGeek today.

Copyright Davison, 2014

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Avon Features Our Better Way to Make Muffins and Cupcakes

We are so excited to announce that another Davison-designed baking product has made the pages of the Avon catalog!

You can now find the Half N Half Cupcake Muffin Pan on page 133 of the Avon catalog or online at The world-wide direct seller features our innovative bakeware, saying “Now you can have your chocolate cake and your vanilla, too.”

Of course, chocolate and vanilla are not the only flavors you can create with this great invention. The non-stick pan allows bakers to exercise their creativity, mixing and matching different-flavored batters into one “D-licious” cupcake or muffin!

The Half N Half Cupcake Muffin Pan is not the only Davison-designed bakeware that Avon has featured. Our client Jean’s Meatball Baker adorned Avon’s pages in January 2012.

That’s right, our Better Way to Invent helped design these two great inventions and bring them to retailers everywhere!

So, the next time you are shopping online or reading through your Avon catalog, be sure to look for our innovative Half N Half Cupcake Muffin Pan or even another Davison-designed bakeware item!

Learn more about the Half N Half Cupcake Pan and other Davison-designed inventions on our online product pages!

Copyright Davison 2013


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Very Thankful Pups Love Pugz Shoes on “The Balancing Act”

Next Thursday might be Thanksgiving, but this week we are happy to inform you about a Davison-design that will be featured at 7 a.m. tomorrow on Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act.”

Mr. Davison and our client, Kay, along with her Pugz Shoes (as part of their “Dare to Invent” webisode) will be the featured guests on “America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show” tomorrow, November 15th.  The innovative episode will also be shown at 7 a.m. on Black Friday (you can watch before heading to the mall), November 22nd.

Our client and Michigan native, Kay, dreaded taking her two Shelties, Autumn Angel and Rough Spot, out in blustery, wet weather.  Her faithful friends would wind up with cold, snowy paws or even salt-soaked paws from treated roads and sidewalks.

“I needed something that would stay on and protect their paws… [Something to] keep their paws from getting dry and cracked,” Kay said.

Kay thought of a better way to protect her pups and brought her idea for doggie boots to Davison, where our creative team worked to design, develop and license her idea into Hugs Pet Products’ Pugz Shoes.

“I would advise [future inventors] to stay positive and do some research… Don’t get discouraged, it can happen,” said Kay.  “I’m a firm believer… nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Following “The Balancing Act” episode, we’re giving our Facebook fans and Twitter followers the chance to win Pugz or any other innovative pet products!  By submitting a photo of their dog in Pugz or sharing why their dog needs a pair (well, um, 4 shoes), Davison fans will be entered to win a $100, $50 or $25 gift card to buy their very own Hugs Pet Products.

Tune in to Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act” tomorrow at 7 a.m. and email your clients to let them know about our Facebook and Twitter Pugz contest!**

The Lifetime Network can be found on the following channels:
– DirecTV Channel 252 (SD/HD)
– Dish Network Channel 108 (SD/HD)
– Verizon FiOS Channel 140 (SD); Channel 640 (HD)
– AT&T U-verse Channel 360 (SD); Channel 1360 (HD)
– Available on most cable systems: Check local listings 


Davison’s research, development and presentation services are provided for an upfront fee paid by the client and a contingent fee (which is a percentage of royalties obtained by the client, if any). New product development is an uncertain endeavor and the use of Davison’s services typically does not result in a license agreement, sales on any market or profit to the inventor. Davison does not perform analysis of the feasibility, marketability, patentability or profitability of ideas submitted to it.

** This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Sponsor: Hugs Pet Products and Davison Term: The Giveaway begins on November 14, 2012 at 8 am EST and ends on November 21, 2012 at 12 pm EST. To Enter: No purchase necessary to enter or win the Sweepstakes. A purchase will not improve your chance of winning. Register to win by completing the information on the Hugs Pet Products and/or Davison Giveaway Page. The employees of Hugs Pet Products/Davison and members of their respective immediate families are not eligible to enter this giveaway. When you enter the Sweepstakes, you are also opt-in to receive advertising and promotional offers from Hugs Pet Products and Davison. You can opt-out of receiving offers at any time and opting-out does not impact your chances of winning. Prizes: Sponsor will giveaway one (1) $100, (1) $50, and (1) $25 Gift Card to a retailer selected by the sponsor. Winner Selection: Potential winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received by November 21, 2012 at 12 pm EST. Odds of winning are dependent upon the number of eligible entries received.

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Inventor of Hydro Bone Praises Cast of ‘Dare to Invent’

diane diraimo hydro boneEvery now and again we receive correspondence from some of our clients, which is always a great thing.  They are usually checking in on their products, asking some questions or simply dropping a line to give us a nice pat on the back. And what a pat on the back this email from Diane DiRaimo, the inventor of the Hydro Bone, gave our Creationeers and our “Dare to Invent” series!

Diane writes:

Hope all is well with you!!! Every now and then, I visit Davison’s website to see all the new products. [I] just viewed many of the Dare to Invent videos of the many products and the individuals connected to them. They are fun to watch and quite amusing. It was even more fun when I stumbled across the Hydro Bone. Davison has a very impressive staff of creativity!!! To stop and think about all of the ingredients combined into that one bowl to become a mix of energies is so grand. Congrats to Mr. Davison, you and the team!!! Wow!!!

The Hydro Bone, which hydrates pooches in play, has been celebrated by’s (an NBC company) Charlotte Reed, who praised the Hydro Bone for, “Combining fun and chewing-refreshment.” And called it “ …the ultimate hydrating chew toy for your pet.” The Hydro Bone also won A 2010 Dog Fancy Magazine Editors’ Choice Award.

Congratulations to the entire Davison team and Diane for forging a great relationship that helps create fantastic pet products that consumers and parched pooches all love!

diane diraimo george davison dare to invent

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“Good Morning,” Davison Designs, So Glad to See You “Today!”

Recently, we announced that our client, Jean’s, Meatball Baker, which offers a healthy alternative to greasy meatballs, was featured in the most recent Avon catalog and at

Davison Product in Avon MagazineIt turns out, that great news was just the first bit of excitement the Meatball Baker has been cooking up lately!  Nearly as soon as we heard that our “Meatball Queen” Became an “Avon Lady,” the Meatball Baker was back at it!

This time, it was Good Morning America’s (GMA) ”Secret Steals and Deals” website that featured the Meatball Baker – and for 60% off at that!  For 48 hours, interested cooks everywhere could purchase the Meatball Baker for $8.80!

GMA also published an accompanying article called “Mom Inventions: Exclusive Deals and Steals, Just for ‘GMA’ Viewers,” which commended our client, Jean, on her invention.

Davison Client Product

“Mom/grandmother inventor “Jean the Meatball Queen” partnered with Davison, a new-products development company, to develop this rack that holds small, medium and extra-large meatballs letting all the fat drain into the bottom of baker,” the article stated.

Davison InventorWe couldn’t wait to be the first to tell Jean the great news either!

“To be truthful, I am not much of a TV watcher, so I really never heard of it until you just told me about it.  I do like the publicity though,” said Jean.   Jean expressed how happy she was about all the exposure her Meatball Baker has received and said she, sometimes, is still in disbelief!

“At times, it is still hard to believe that my idea has truly came to life.  I am seeing my idea used in other ways too, meaning I have seen my pan duplicated with just a change in the handle at a Farm & Fleet store in Eau Claire, Wi.  I have also seen the meatloaf pan where the grease drains through a grid for a healthier meal.  So, I look at it as my idea must have been a good one, if it is being used in all sorts of ways,” said Jean.

As for the possibility of her invention being in the news even more?

“The press can talk about my pan all they want,” said Jean. 

Speaking of great press for Davison-designed products, we also found the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan on a Bed Bath & Beyond advertisement on the NBC Today Show website!

 Davison in Media

What will be the next Davison-designed product we find out there?  We can’t wait to see!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Davison Trade Show News Now Just One Click Away!

Introducing (Drum roll, please!)…The Trade Show Page!
Davison tradeshows

We all know our licensing team “tries longer” to bring our inventors’ ideas to market by attending industry trade shows and expositions. Now, with just a click, current and future clients will know our team is out there representing Davison products across the nation too!

Davison’s President said he thinks the page further reinforces just how well our method works.

“It’s one thing for a company to say they attend trade shows… It’s quite another for a company to say they attend trade shows and have a proven method of getting people’s ideas into the product lines of companies.  We do the latter,” said the President.

Davison’s Vice President of Licensing added, “The page looks great, and it’s another avenue for clients to see the exposure Davison has at trade shows with our corporate clients!”

The new Trade Show Page includes a “highlight reel” slide show of photos from previous shows, as well as news updates on each show attended. There’s also a list of upcoming shows, so we can track our team’s journey as they meet with national and international corporations, finding homes for electronics, housewares, hardwares, crafts and pet products!

While Davison regularly attends trade shows in a number of industries, it does not promise that any particular client product will be, or is likely to be, presented or discussed at a trade show.

To check out the new page, visit

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Meet Ed, Inventor of the Better Tether — Part 1

Davison inventionsOur client, Ed, loves his dog. But like many dog owners, he has had to tether his canine companion outdoors at times. Usually, it was just a matter of time before the chain or cable would knock over the dog’s food and water bowls as his pet ran around. Sure, the food could be eaten off the ground, but the water would soak into the soil or evaporate, leaving his dog thirsty … no wonder dogs bark when tethered outdoors for any length of time!

Thanks to Ed, this unhappy scenario is a thing of the past.

The retiree from Michigan had an idea for a better way to tether a dog — a stake that sits below ground level, so people and pets don’t trip over it and you never have to move it out of the way to mow the lawn. Ed came to Davison to develop his idea, and now the Better Tether is headed to the market so it can benefit countless dogs and the people who love them.

“I’m really proud I invented a more humane way to tie up your pet outside,” Ed said during his visit to Inventionland. He and Mr. Davison had a great meeting getting to know each other and discussing the Better Tether.

“It was such a pleasure meeting Ed,” said Mr. Davison. “He’s a great guy, and has a real heart for animals.”

The Better Tether wasn’t Ed’s first idea for a new product. Several years ago, he came up with a new tool attachment. He had it built and he even used it in his work. He thought others could also benefit from his invention. The inventor wanted to try to get his product to the market, but he listened to someone who told him it would never be a success.

pet inventionsYou guessed it — a while later Ed saw his idea sitting on a store shelf after it was brought to market by someone else. Ed vowed to never let that happen again. When he got the idea for the Better Tether, he was determined to not listen to negative people. Ed chose Davison to develop his idea because he thought the company “sounded more professional.” As we were showing the Better Tether at trade shows, a buyer commented about the problem of tethered dogs always knocking over their bowls. Our corporate team took the porous cup on the top of the post that was designed to go into the ground and expanded and sealed it so it could hold food and water that could never be spilled.

“When we went back to the manufacturer and buyer, they loved it,” said Mr. Davison. “Everyone is loving this product and orders are flying in.”

Ed’s director explained why we made the changes, and he fully understood, said the vice president of new products. “He put his trust in us and let us do what we know how to do best. Obviously, he’s thrilled with his design at this point.”

Most of all, Ed was extremely happy that his product was improved to benefit the lives of dogs. He thought his design was “perfect,” and he connected with his director who thoroughly explained the process and made him feel comfortable. The 80-year-old retiree was “extremely passionate” about pursuing his dream. His friends and family were doubtful, however, and they told him so.

“People told me, ‘Edward you’re dreaming.’ Well, let me dream! This is what I want to do and I think they can put it out there for me,” he would reply.

But it didn’t happen overnight. Even when it was turned down by two other companies before getting licensed, Ed never lost faith in his idea or in Davison…

Check out Part 2 of Ed’s story — there’s so much good stuff we just couldn’t fit it all into one!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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