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No Split Decision: The Half N Half Cupcake Pan on QVC was a Huge Success!

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With the recent success of the Miracle Loaf stuffed meatloaf pan on QVC, news of Davison-designed products making a big splash on the world’s leading video and ecommerce retailer seems like everyday news here. So, when we announced last week that the Mrs. Fields Half N Half Cupcake Pan also was slated to appear on QVC, it may not have come as a huge surprise.

Today, we’re excited to share that the Half N Half Cake Pan, which was licensed by Love Cooking Company, not only appeared on QVC’s “Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn” last Wednesday, but it has also received rave reviews from viewers who purchased the innovative bakeware!

If you missed the show, you can see long-time QVC kitchen product specialist Marie Louise Ludwig showcasing the Half N Half Cupcake Pan here:

Ludwig introduces the Half N Half Cupcake Pan as a “fun twist on an old favorite,” showing off adorable Easter chick cupcakes, pink and blue cupcakes that are perfect for a baby’s gender-reveal party and a scrumptious peanut butter cookie and brownie combination cupcake.

Obviously captivated by true inventor spirit, Ludwig says, “The sky’s the limit as far as creativity is concerned!”

We couldn’t agree more and neither could a couple customers, who instantly ranked the Half N Half Cupcake Pan with five out of five stars.

One user, whose review calls the pan “genius and time saving,” also said, “I got excited when I saw this so I told myself I gotta have it. It’ll make my baking fun, faster and easier. Genius!”

Another user, who called the pan “cupcake fun for everyone,” said “It takes a little patience to make things turn out perfectly, but I have given this set as a gift on a few occasions, and my friends and family love it as much as I do. Happy baking…”

Both reviewers also said that the Half N Half Cupcake Pan is the perfect gift for families, so if you haven’t picked your up yet, grab one for yourself and a family member or friend!

Congratulations to our client, Richard, and everyone who has worked on making the Half N Half Cupcake Pan such a success!

Copyright Davison 2014

Isaac Asimov’s Future Invention Predictions

Innovative Inventions, Inventions

If you ask someone what the future will be like, some common answers are that there will be flying cars or that we will be able to travel back into time, etc. But, there was one inventor and idea man, in particular, that just so happened to predict the future, and the future that he predicted is now!

It all began in 1964 when a science-fiction writer by the name of Isaac Asimov used his creativity and imagination to invent an idea of what the future would look like; and, by the looks of it, he was pretty spot on.

Let’s take a look at a few of Asimov’s invention predictions!

Microwave- We have already written a blog that was solely devoted to the invention of convenience, otherwise known as the microwave. But, long before our blog post, Asimov predicted that there would be an invention that would prepare “automeals” and that complete lunches and dinners with the food semi-prepared would be stored in the freezer until ready for processing (hello, TV dinners). It’s safe to say that Asimov’s invention prediction number one was accurate.

GPS- Road maps are now seen as a sort of historical document, ever since the GPS was invented. Now, you can travel uncharted territory and go from point A to point B with a small invention that is either incorporated into your car’s dashboard,  sticks to the inside of your car’s windshield or is available on your Smartphone. Asimov predicted that “Much effort will be put into the designing of vehicles with ‘robot-brains’ (vehicles that can be set for particular destinations and that will then proceed there without interference by slow reflexes of a human driver.)” The invention that Asimov described is pretty close to the GPS that we use today. And, he might not be far off with his prediction of vehicles proceeding without interference by slow reflexes of the human driver; because, there are countless projects, one of which was conducted in 2013 at Carnegie Mellon University, where they invented a working prototype of a self-driving car. Stay tuned to see if Asimov’s second prediction comes completely true!

FaceTime/Internet- So, your loved one or your friend is on the other side of the country or even across the pond; but, that doesn’t matter because you can still talk to them face-to-face via FaceTime and the internet. These two inventions have revolutionized the way that people communicate and Asimov predicted this future invention by saying, “Communications will become sight-sound and you will see as well as hear the person you telephone.” He continued to say that “The screen can be used not only to see the people you call but also for studying documents and photographs and reading passages from books.” How would this be possible? Asimov said that “synchronous satellites, hovering in space will make it possible for you to direct-dial any spot on Earth, including the weather stations in Antarctica.” These invention predictions made by Asimov sound a lot like the tablets and computers that we use on a daily basis, both leisurely and for our business efforts, too.

Asimov made these predictions 50 years ago and we are using these inventions today. Perhaps, 50 years from now, we will be writing about your invention and your invention predictions. But, you’ll never know, if you don’t dare to invent!

Copyright Davison 2014



Saying Goodbye to 2012 – Thanks for Many Great Memories!

Davison News, George Davison

happy new year davison“Should old acquaintance be forgot and… ”  Ok, so, we may not know all the words to Auld Lang Syne, but we are more than ready to ring in the new year with some great memories from 2012.  And, when it comes down to it, we are pretty sure that’s what the song means!

Although there were many, many great things that happened this year, our post simply would be WAY too long if we included them all, so here are just a few highlights from each month.

January: The late celebrity icon known for hosting a “rockin” New Year’s Eve reviews the History Channel’s “Inventionland” reality TV special. “I found it fun to watch and most interesting and, undoubtedly, will be a successful History Channel venture,” says Dick Clark.

Inventionland Show - Las VegasAlso after the History Channel’s “Inventionland” reality TV show special, which was promoted high above the strip in Las Vegas and in NYC’s Times Square, our creative workspace also appears in the Wall Street Journal!

February: We launch our innovative “Dare to Invent” webisode series! The 13-episode series showcases our clients and their inventions, from product inception to licensing… and beyond!  The series begins with Joy, inventor of the Party on the Go, and Kay, inventor of Pugz Shoes.  The webisodes can be found at and on YouTube.

We go international twice! Inventionland is featured on the the German TV show “Galileo” and the Davison-designed Hydro Family (which was licensed by Hugs Pet Products) is set to sell in the United Kingdom and Canada.

March: Walmart runs an “Idol-style” competition online called “Get on the Shelf” and Hugs Pet Products, a company that has licensed many of our designs, enters several of Davison-designed pet products in the contest!

The TheraPED, a spa-therapy product that we designed for our client, Lennell, continues to receive rave reviews from Zumba and yoga instructors across the nation.

lennell dare to invent theraped davisonApril: We present our TheraPED inventor, Lennell, with her very first royalty check at a surprise party for her family and friends in her hometown, St. Louis! Mr. Davison and our production crew get some great photos and video footage under the city’s famous Arch for an upcoming “Dare to Invent” episode!

Speaking of “Dare to Invent,” the webisodes continue!  This month, we feature John, inventor of the BikeBoard, and Jean, inventor of the Meatball Baker!

May: Davison is nominated for a Small Business Community Association (SBCA) 2012 Best of Business Award for Pittsburgh! According to the SBCA, the Best of Business Awards are designed to empower and recognize businesses that make a difference in their communities.

Continuing a school tradition, George Davison speaks to students at his high school alma mater, The Kiski School, in Saltsburg, Pa.  The day-long event includes three sessions, where Mr. Davison enlightens young minds on what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

June: In what becomes the first of many appearances in 2012, George Davison is featured on lifetime-balancing-actLifetime’s “The Balancing Act,” America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today’s woman. Mr. Davison joins host Danielle Knox to field questions both before and after Lifetime airs Joy Clymer’s (Party on the Go) episode of “Dare to Invent.”

Fox Business Network cameras join George Davison at Inventionland, where we get a sneak peek inside Davy’s Treehouse. “Inventionland is like a big playground for creative people,” George tells Lauren Simonetti. “We try to keep everybody in a state of mind that is real creative and real positive, because the world of inventing can be a crazy up-and-down world. It’s a state of mind.”

July: “Dare to Invent” airs the final episodes of the webisode series. The first features Christine Walker, inventor of the Brownie Bowl and our 1st season final episode treats viewers to Gary and Ruth Frazer, inventors of the Twister Bolts and Twister Caps.

We proudly announce that the TheraPED will be included in 200 VIP gift bags given out during the 13th Annual BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis (Aug. 23, 2012). As part of the 2012 U.S. Open festivities held in New York City, The Taste of Tennis combines NYC’s top chefs and the world’s greatest tennis players to showcase their culinary skills for the benefit of New York Junior Tennis League.

clip and drain davisond designAugust: Davison products burn up the blogosphere. TheraPED once again earns rave reviews from the One Bored Mommy blog; 6-in-1 Manicure Multitool has “got everything you want,” according to a Hello Dollface blogger; The Clip & Drain replaces colanders for the writer of Sugar Pop Ribbons; The Neat Things in Life blog gets cooking with the Silicone Dog Treat Pan; and AWAY is celebrated by holistic health guru The Savvy Sister.

Davison is featured in an article in the summer edition of Soul Pitt Quarterly, Pittsburgh’s Premier Minority A&E Magazine.  In the piece, Soul Pitt’s writer (Mimi Gray) speaks with CEO and Founder George Davison, President Frank Vescio, Senior Director of New Products Steve Smith and Director of New Products Hassan Walker and picks their brains about what it takes to be an inventor and to work at Davison.

george davison petco hugs pet productsSeptember: A defining moment in company history, the entire fall 2012 Hugs Pet Products Pugz line arrives at Petco!  The line, which we helped design, includes leashes, beds, coats, leg warmers, harnesses and boots; and it’s prominently displayed on Petco’s end caps.

We expand our social media presence, launching Pinterest and Google+ pages.  Pinterest allows us to share all things inventing on our pinboard and Google+ allows us to chat with our followers in circles or groups, so we can better meet their inventing needs.

October: Mr. Davison’s Lifetime TV appearances continue as he and Jean Rindfuss (as part of her Dare to Invent episode) appear on “The Balancing Act.” Before showing the appetizing webisode, Mr. Davison discusses Davison’s Better Way to Invent and how it worked for Jean Rindfuss and her Meatball Baker.

Davison’s Hydro Bone is featured in Real Simple Magazine as part of their “40 Most-Pinned Problem Solving Products” list. Of the hydrating chew toy, the Hydro Bone, the magazine said, “If you’re hitting the park with Fido, be sure to pack the proper warm-weather essentials. Simply soak this rubber bone in water and toss it to your four-legged friend, so he’ll stay well “hydrated all day long.”

george davison license agreementsNovember: In time for the holiday season, Mr. Davison illustrates how Davison’s Better Way to Invent works for everyday people with ideas.  He signs, seals and delivers big news and royalty checks to Davison inventors from all over the country and even England.

Our Licensing Team attends Atlantic City’s Non-Foods Marketing Expo, a trade show that caters to retailers interested in general merchandise and seasonal items that one may find at a grocery or drug store. Among over 150 vendors, past licensees of Davison products, Hugs Pet Products and AWAY Bug Repellent, showcase several Davison designs. Quickly heading to the west coast, the Licensing Team also makes a stop at the SEMA and AAPEX shows, where Davison car-cleaning products shine!

December: Ending 2012 with a bang, Mr. Davison makes a few more appearances on Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act.”  This time, he brings along our clients, Christine – Brownie Bowl Inventor and Gary and Ruth – Twister Caps and Twister Bolts inventors, as part of their “Dare to Invent” webisodes.

The Keystone Edge, an online publication that covers the entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives Pennsylvania forward, features Mr. Davison in their “Founders” section.  Comparing him to Henry Ford, deeming the title “a praise that should not be viewed lightly,” Keystone Edge also calls Mr. Davison “one heckuva entrepreneur.”

Thank you for everything, 2012!  We can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store!!

Happy New Year! 


Davison’s TheraPED – Bringing the Perfect Balance of Relief!

Dare to Invent, George Davison, The Balancing Act

After running to the polls yesterday, we are sure that your feet are aching and could use the soothing relief that can only be provided by the TheraPED, which will be featured tomorrow (11/8/12) on “America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show.”

Davison founder and CEO George Davison and our client, Lennell Parks, along with her TheraPED (as part of her “Dare to Invent” webisode) will be the featured guests on Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act” tomorrow, November 8th at 7:00am.

lennell parks inventor of the therapedThe story behind the TheraPED not only is a triumphant solution for Lennell’s discomfort, but also a celebration of an inventor’s ingenuity that now helps countless consumers who suffer from foot pain.

Initially, the innovative spa-therapy product was created to provide comfort from the “hot feet” she experienced as a result from multiple sclerosis. The TheraPED offers cooling therapy and is designed with multi-functional gel pads that also provide moist heat for the top, sides and bottom of feet.

davison designed therapedLicensed by Health Enterprises, the TheraPED has been a big hit among yoga and Zumba bloggers and was included in gift bags at the 45th Annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards!

In a separate interview, Mr. Davison summed up the amazing collaborative effort for the TheraPED.

“Everyone did a great job.  To think that this whole project started as an idea years ago and it has brought together such wonderful people all along the way… people helping people to make the world a little better for our friends and neighbors.”

Find out what else Mr. Davison has to say about this awesome product and his Better Way to Invent.  Tune in or set your DVR for the Balancing Act tomorrow morning.  You won’t want to miss it!

george davison with inventor of Theraped

The Lifetime Network can be found on the following channels:
- DirecTV Channel 252 (SD/HD)
- Dish Network Channel 108 (SD/HD)
- Verizon FiOS Channel 140 (SD); Channel 640 (HD)
- AT&T U-verse Channel 360 (SD); Channel 1360 (HD)
- Available on most cable systems: Check local listings


A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.


Magazine Ranks Hydro Bone as Anything But “Real Simple”

Davison News, Hugs Pet Products, Inventor Stories

If you know us very well, you know we’re all about finding innovative solutions to everyday problems. Now, a Davison-designed product is receiving recognition for doing just that.

Real Simple Magazine, whose motto is “life made easier, every day,” recently included the Davison-designed Hydro Bone on their “40 Most-Pinned Problem Solving Products” list.

Of the hydrating chew toy, the magazine said, “If you’re hitting the park with Fido, be sure to pack the proper warm-weather essentials. Simply soak this rubber bone in water and toss it to your four-legged friend, so he’ll stay well–hydrated all day long.”

Licensed and sold by Hugs Pet Products, the Hydro Bone was born in the mind of our client, Diane, who first got the idea for the refreshing toy when she was looking for a way to keep her Japanese Chin puppy hydrated on long car trips.

Diane’s Hydro Bone certainly solved that problem and more! On Real Simple’s list, the Hydro Bone is among other problem-solving products like a corn de-silker, dissolvable jar labels and a machine that chops up candy or cookie ice cream toppings. View Real Simple’s entire list here.

Congrats to Diane, our Creationeers, Hugs Pet Products and everyone else who had a hand in bringing this innovative bone to market!


A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

Davison’s Meatball Baker Rolls onto “The Balancing Act” Tomorrow (10/12/12)

George Davison, Inventor Stories, The Balancing Act

While you may not have considered eating meatballs for breakfast, you just may after you tune in to the next episode of Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act.”  On the show, featured guest and Davison Meatball Baker and its inventor, Jean Rindfuss, as part of their “Dare to Invent” webisode.

The tasty segment airs tomorrow, October 12th at 7 a.m. and again on October 25th at the same time.  Before showing the appetizing webisode, Mr. Davison will discuss the Davison Way to Invent and how it worked for Jean’s Meatball Baker.

An avid cook, loving mother and adoring grandmother, Jean had always tried to make perfect meatballs for her family. Although they were delicious, her meatballs always end up covered in grease.

spider meatballs pinterestAfter she received some disappointing news from her family’s doctor, Jean decided to find a way to remove the grease and she brought her idea for a healthier meatball to Davison.

Davison’s creative team headed straight to the kitchen to find the perfect recipe for a health-friendly pan to bake meatballs.  A heaping spoonful of research, a dash of redesign and a sprinkle of some unconventional product testing combined to cook up Jean’s Meatball Baker – which rolled its way onto QVC and the shelves of several major national retailers!

To coincide with the Meatball Baker’s debut on “The Balancing Act,” we’re giving our Pinterest followers the chance to win  their very own Meatball Baker in our “Re-pin to Win” giveaway!  Check out the giveaway details and rules below, tune into “The Balancing Act,” then head to Pinterest for a chance to win!

Visit Here

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

Davison Develops Inventor Prototype Into The Best Stink Bug Trap Ever; Watch the Story on Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act”

Dare to Invent, George Davison, Inventor Stories, The Balancing Act, Upcoming Inventions, Videos

Breakfast with Davison CEO and Founder George Davison?  Yes, please!

Mr. Davison will be a featured guest on the next episode of Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act,” which airs September 28th and October 5th at 7:00 a.m.

george davison julian smith inventorGiving viewers a look inside the Davison Way to Invent, which allows the everyday people who work with Davison to turn their invention ideas into reality, Mr. Davison will share an innovative “Dare to Invent” webisode, featuring Julian, inventor of The Best Stink Bug Trap Ever.

Before showing the highly entertaining webisode, Mr. Davison will explain just how his better way to invent worked for Julian.

Just like you and me, Julian was an average, everyday person; but, Julian’s Pennsylvania home was filled with uninvited house guests… stink bugs!

He tried every bug repellent and trap on the market, but his stinky visitors continued to claim his home. That’s when Julian took matters into his own hands and even created a model stink bug trap out of a used soda bottle. Armed with his idea and his working trap, Julian came to Davison.

The Davison Creationeers quickly got to work, taking Julian’s working trap and making it more appealing to bug victims, while ensuring it was a friendly fit for company product lines.  After some intense testing, the Best Stink Bug Trap Ever was ready for production!

stink bug problemCongratulations to Mr. Davison, Julian and the entire Davison team for getting our minds crawling with a way to keep uninvited house guests out of our hair!

Be sure to tune in to Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act” tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. and in the coming months, when Mr. Davison will continue to feature Dare to Invent episodes!  Check here for updated dates and times.

“The Balancing Act” is America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show, dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today’s woman and treating viewers to the most current and hot topics, while featuring some of the hottest sports and entertainment industry celebs.

The Lifetime Network can be found on the following channels:

  • DirecTV Channel 252 (SD/HD)
  • Dish Network Channel 108 (SD/HD)
  • Available on most cable systems: Check local listings
  • Verizon FiOS Channel 140 (SD); Channel 640 (HD)
  • AT&T U-verse Channel 360 (SD); Channel 1360 (HD)


The client has not realized a net profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.


CEO George Davison & Cool Cot House on The Balancing Act – Tomorrow!

Dare to Invent, Davison News, Featured Invention, Hugs Pet Products, The Balancing Act

George Davison (Founder & CEO of Davison) and Sharon, inventor of the Cool Cot House (as part of her “Dare to Invent” episode), will be featured on an all-new episode of Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act.”

Mr. Davison (September 14th at 7:00 a.m.) will talk about the Davison Way to Invent and the Cool Cot House before and after the airing of Sharon’s episode of “Dare to Invent” – the webisode series that explores what can happen when everyday people work with Davison to make their invention ideas a reality.

sharon jones cool cot houseSharon, a small-town homemaker and self-published poet, got tired of seeing pets in stuffy, dirty doghouses or (worse yet) out in the rain, snow or sweltering sun, where there was no comfortable spot to stretch out on.

The animal lover, who often took her pet cats on walks and even camping trips, devised her own way to protect Fido, Lassie and Fluffy Kitty from bad weather and stinky shelters.

She brought her innovative idea for a comfortable, portable “tent” to Davison, where our team began working on an extreme pet home makeover that resulted in Sharon’s Cool Cot House!

Equipped with a comfortable raised pet bed that can be used indoors and out, the Cool Cot House is lightweight, portable and features a heavy-duty, water-resistant canvas cover with mesh vents to protect pets from the rain, while increasing air flow.

hugs pet products cool cot houseCongratulations to Mr. Davison, Sharon and the Davison team for blowing a cool breeze across national audiences!

Mr. Davison, along with more Dare to Invent episodes, will be featured on “The Balancing Act” in the next several months.  We will keep you updated on dates and times.

Lifetime Network’s “The Balancing Act” is America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today’s woman and treats viewers to the most current and hot topics, while featuring some of the hottest celebs from the sports and entertainment industries.

lifetime balancing act

The Lifetime Network can be found on the following channels:

  • DirecTV Channel 252 (SD/HD)
  • Dish Network Channel 108 (SD/HD)
  • Available on most cable systems: Check local listings
  • Verizon FiOS Channel 140 (SD); Channel 640 (HD)
  • AT&T U-verse Channel 360 (SD); Channel 1360 (HD)



A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

The Better Tether Featured on Lifetime’s ‘The Balancing Act’ Friday Morning (8/17/12)

Dare to Invent, Inventor Stories, The Balancing Act

George Davison (Founder & CEO of Davison) and the inventor of the Better Tether Ed Yoder (as part of his Dare to Invent episode) will be featured on the next episode of Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act,” America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today’s woman.

Mr. D and host Kristy Villa (Friday, August 17, 2012 at 7:00 a.m.) will talk about the Davison Inventing method and the Better Tether before and after the airing of george davison ed yoder inventor of better tetherEd’s episode of “Dare to Invent” – the webisode series that explores what can happen when everyday people work with Davison to make their invention ideas a reality.

Ed desired a more convenient and humane way to tether his dog outdoors! He got tired of his precious pup’s chain knocking over the food and water bowl while the pet was tethered in the yard… not to mention, the dish and the chain were often in the way of the lawnmower! Ed brought his idea for a “better” tethering device to Davison.

Unlike traditional tethers that wrap around trees or unwieldy stakes, Ed’s tether is secured to the ground, eliminating an obstacle to pets, humans and machines. The divided food and water bowl can never be tipped over and the entire unit sits lower than the blades of a lawnmower and never has to be moved. hugs pet products better tetherA leash can be attached directly to the strong steel post, and the vivid orange color makes the bowl highly visible.

Congratulations to Mr. Davison, Ed and the Davison Creationeers for getting the chance to showcase the Dare to Invent – Better Tether episode to a national audience!

More Dare to Invent episodes and Mr. Davison will be featured on “The Balancing Act” throughout 2012. We will keep you updated on dates and times as they become available.

Lifetime Network’s “The Balancing Act” treats viewers to the most current and hot topics, while featuring some of the hottest celebs from the sports and entertainment industry.


PLUS – You Could Win a Better Tether for your pooch on the Davison Facebook page!*

We will be giving away one Better Tether — a better and more humane method of tethering a dog outdoors — to celebrate the airing of the “Balancing Act” episode, featuring George Davison talking about the development of this versatile product.

The giveaway will be held from Friday, Aug. 17 to Friday, Aug. 24. Contestants will be entered to win a Better Tether when they “Like” the Davison Facebook page and complete the information on the entry form/giveaway page.


*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Davison’s research, development and presentation services are provided for an upfront fee paid by the client and a contingent fee (which is a percentage of royalties obtained by the client, if any). New product development is an uncertain endeavor and the use of Davison’s services typically does not result in a license agreement, sales on any market or profit to the inventor. Davison does not perform analysis of the feasibility, marketability, patentability or profitability of ideas submitted to it.

Sponsor: Davison

Term: The Davison BETTER TETHER Giveaway begins on August 17, 2012 at 12:00 noon EST and ends on August  24, 2012 at 12:00 noon EST.

To Enter: No purchase necessary to enter or win the Sweepstakes. A purchase will not improve your chance of winning. Register to win by liking the Davison Facebook Page and completing the information on the giveaway page. The employees of Davison and members of their respective immediate families are not eligible to enter this giveaway. By entering this giveaway, you are also opting-in to receive informational and promotional emails from Davison.

Prizes: Sponsor will giveaway one(1) better tether, valued at $25. No more than one prize will be awarded.

Winner Selection: Potential winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received by August  24, 2012 noon EST. Odds of winning are dependent upon the number of eligible entries received.

lifetime balancing act logo

Inventor of Hydro Bone Praises Cast of ‘Dare to Invent’

Dare to Invent, Inventor Stories

diane diraimo hydro boneEvery now and again we receive correspondence from some of our clients, which is always a great thing.  They are usually checking in on their products, asking some questions or simply dropping a line to give us a nice pat on the back. And what a pat on the back this email from Diane DiRaimo, the inventor of the Hydro Bone, gave our Creationeers and our “Dare to Invent” series!

Diane writes:

Hope all is well with you!!! Every now and then, I visit Davison’s website to see all the new products. [I] just viewed many of the Dare to Invent videos of the many products and the individuals connected to them. They are fun to watch and quite amusing. It was even more fun when I stumbled across the Hydro Bone. Davison has a very impressive staff of creativity!!! To stop and think about all of the ingredients combined into that one bowl to become a mix of energies is so grand. Congrats to Mr. Davison, you and the team!!! Wow!!!

The Hydro Bone, which hydrates pooches in play, has been celebrated by’s (an NBC company) Charlotte Reed, who praised the Hydro Bone for, “Combining fun and chewing-refreshment.” And called it “ …the ultimate hydrating chew toy for your pet.” The Hydro Bone also won A 2010 Dog Fancy Magazine Editors’ Choice Award.

Congratulations to the entire Davison team and Diane for forging a great relationship that helps create fantastic pet products that consumers and parched pooches all love!

diane diraimo george davison dare to invent

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