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Davison-Designed Hanger Pockets Have Got Serious Tex Appeal!

Product News

No, you didn’t read that headline incorrectly. We said that the Hanger Pockets we designed at Inventionland for our client Jennifer have some serious “Tex Appeal!”

Now, what on earth did we mean?

The clothing accessory organizer that conveniently slips over a hanger, allowing users to keep their outfits carefully coordinated, has been featured in the September issue of a Central Texas life and style magazine, aptly named “Tex Appeal.”

According to their website, Tex Appeal is “fascinating, alluring, engaging, tempting, influencing, and charming… all about Central Texas living . . . the people, the places, and the things that make us appealing.”

In their September 2014 issue, Tex Appeal writers featured an article that told the story of how Hanger Pockets came to be. Not only was a Davison inventor and her product featured in the magazine, but our founder and CEO Mr. Davison contributed to the story as well!

In a one-on-one interview with our inventor, Jennifer, she reveals that she originally signed with Davison in 2008, but it took her over two years to save the funds to move her idea forward. Our client said that even when her idea moved forward, there was a lot of waiting around.

“When I did hear, I got rejections from several manufacturers. At that point, I decided to put the matter in God’s hands and move forward with my life,” Jennifer said.

Early in 2014, Jennifer got a call that was not a rejection, but a licensing agreement with the Jokari Corporation. Though she was overjoyed, she said that she, again, waited another six month for her Hanger Pockets to hit the market.

“Be sure you have a strong support network also, because you will go through a roller coaster of emotions – you need people around who will believe in you and listen. You also have to walk by faith and not what you can see at the moment,” said Jennifer.

Mr. Davison said that Jennifer’s product is off to a great start, thanks to her persistence to pursue her idea.

“Hanger Pockets is off to a good start; it’s gotten the kind of response we hoped to get… [Jennifer] had an idea that worked and Jokari was happy with it, too. This is a win-win for all parties involved,” said Mr. Davison.

Read more about Jennifer’s Hanger Pocket story and see what the magazine has to say about our nine-step Better Way to Invent on pages 42-43 of Tex Appeal.

Congratulations, again, to Jennifer and the entire Davison and Inventionland teams that worked to bring Hanger Pockets to market!

Copyright Davison 2014


Chew on this: Davison-designed Deals Featured on!

Product News

Obviously, we are still reeling with excitement from last month’s SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas. With all of the potential for Davison-designed products in 2015, it is hard not to be pumped up!

But, why wait until next year to get excited about seeing some Davison-designed pet products on the market?

Recently, it was brought to our attention that had a deal on Sticks Throwing Dog Treats, a tasty product that we designed for Hugs Pet Products!

According to their website, Coupaw is a pet-friendly, member website that offers its users limited-time deals on pet supplies in order to “tell other people about some of the best pet services and retailers [they] could find, and to arrange some great savings for all of us!”

When a user subscribes to Coupaw, deals on dog and cat products are emailed to them. For a limited time, they are able to take advantage of those deals and share them with friends and family to get credit toward future deals.

Although the Sticks deal has now expired, it had featured both the Smokey Bacon and Peanut Butter flavors of the throwing dog treats for as low as $6.95, almost half of their $11.98 suggested retail price.

What’s even better than seeing one product that we designed at Davison for sale?

While pawing around for Sticks on, we spotted ANOTHER Davison-designed pet product featured on the website!

The Whack-a-Mouse Interactive Cat Toy had been offered as a deal on Coupaw, too! The Whack-a-Mouse, cousin of the whack-a-mole, is a game that will keep any cat chasing after a toy mouse for hours.

If you’ve got a pet (or even if you don’t), sign up for alerts today and see some awesome Davison-designed pet products at super-great deals!

Copyright Davison 2014

Check out the Feedback from the Latest Inventionland Tours!

Davison News

The doors of Inventionland are always open for scheduled tours and last month in particular, two groups of students and a big name corporation made their way around our 61,000 square-foot workspace!

Despite the fact that National Inventors Month has come and gone for another year, at Davison, we celebrate the inventive spirit all year round!

This past month, we opened our doors to students from the Seneca Valley School District’s Haine School, several area homeschooled children and their families and a corporate team from one of the region’s largest grocery store chains, Giant Eagle.

Today, we want to give a quick recap of these recent tours!

Inspired students tour through Inventionland regularly and the feedback that we receive from these students does not go unnoticed. In fact, as soon as the students from Haine School returned to their classroom, letters of thanks were on their way to Inventionland! Here is a small snippet of the great, positive feedback we received!

“… The scenery was gorgeous and I learned LOTS of stuff. Everything inspired me to be creative and I think I might be an inventor after that trip.” – Aidan

Also, this month, a group of homeschooled students and their parents closed their workbooks for a day and listened to our story as they toured our creative workspace!

The students and their parents enjoyed the tour so much that they also sent us a wonderful letter expressing their gratitude. In the letter, the homeschooled group wrote that when walking through our magic door, they felt like they were walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! They also said that the story of Inventionland was a nice deviation from just going to “learn” what they had studied in books!

Finally, a corporate team from Giant Eagle made their way through Inventionland. These eager team members were excited to ditch their conventional offices for the day to enjoy something a little more creative, and we think it’s safe to say that we don’t lack in the creativity department!

From the reaction of the corporate team, we could tell that the inventive spirit was alive and well! They noted that they had a few expectations of what Inventionland was; but, those expectations were far-exceeded when the magic bookcase opened!

All in all, we are confident when we say that Inventionland tours are perfect for people of any age! And, with each tour, we find it inspiring to see our world through the eyes of others!

Copyright Davison 2014

Shopko Stores Join Over 1,200 Others that Have Sold Davison Products!

Davison News

You probably already know that our new products and packaging solutions have sold in over 1,200 stores and online retailers. Well, today, we’re here to tell you that you can add one more store to that list!

We’ve got new proof of some of our Davison-designed pet products on the shelves of Shopko, a Midwest retailer with over 330 locations.

The “cooling end cap,” includes products that were designed at Inventionland like the Arctic Freeze Ball, Bone, Fetch and Snowflake, along with various sizes of the Chilly Mat, just went in to Shopko stores last week.

According to the Shopko website, their stores service people everywhere from small communities to mid-size cities. They carry quality name-brand merchandise, great values, pharmacy and optical services.

And, of course, now they carry Davison-designed pet products!

Like we always say, the proof is in the stores and we are always excited and proud to see our products on store shelves and online!

Copyright Davison 2014

Davison Products Shine at 2014 National Hardware Show

Davison News

Last week, the Las Vegas Convention Center was filled with over 27,000 hardware industry professionals for the 2014 National Hardware Show, which caters to the home improvement and DIY markets.

And, what would a major trade show be without some Davison-designed products?

At the 2014 National Hardware Show, Creative Outdoor Distributor featured several products that were designed at Inventionland, including: the Bucket Bench, Compressor Keeper, Chuck A Puck, Curved Sports Bench and Garage Grate. Additionally, Creative Outdoor Distributor also showcased the Auto Pocket which was designed at Inventionland, too!

This year’s National Hardware Show was a success and we are already looking forward to next year! Here are a few photos from the 2014 National Hardware Show:

Copyright Davison 2014

While Davison regularly attends trade shows in a number of industries, it does not promise that any particular client product will be, or is likely to be, presented or discussed at a trade show.


National Hardware Show Kicks Off in Vegas Tomorrow!

Davison News, Inventionland

Davison-designed products are heading back to Las Vegas, Nevada! This time, their destination will be the National Hardware Show. This enormous trade show features the latest and greatest products in the $343 billion U.S. home improvement and DIY markets.

This year’s National Hardware Show will take place starting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 6th and run through Thursday, May 8th!

More than 27,000 industry professionals are expected to attend the three-day event that is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The National Hardware Show is one of the largest industry gatherings and we are excited to say that some of our Davison-designed products will be featured at the trade show! Our products that were designed at Inventionland, such as the Bucket Bench, Compressor Keeper, Chuck A Puck, Curved Sports Bench and Garage Grate will all be featured at the Creative Outdoors booth!

Stay tuned for updates and exciting news from the National Hardware Show!

Copyright Davison 2014

WQED’s Invention Convention Kicks Off Tomorrow at Inventionland!

Davison News

Baseball is back; the weather has started to warm up; and, finally some things are starting to blossom outside. Tomorrow, inside of our creative design facility, Inventionland, creativity will be blossoming, too. The 2014 WQED Design Lives Here Invention Convention is back!

This year, organizers plan to welcome over 220 students, teachers, mentors and special guests from three area schools to Inventionland for a day full of everything-inventing! Students from Franklin Regional Middle School, Seneca Valley School District’s Haine Middle School and Bethel Park School District’s Independence Middle School will unlock their creativity inside Inventionland at the Invention Convention.

Tomorrow’s event begins at 9 a.m. and lasts until 2 p.m. Similar to both of last year’s successful Invention Conventions, students in grades 6-8, who have been learning about the engineering design process, will compete in various inventing challenges.

This year, the inventing challenges include:

The Zip Line - where students design and build something that can carry a ping pong ball from the top of a zip line string to the bottom in four seconds or less.

The Invention Challenge– where students present an invention idea that they have been working on prior to coming to the Invention Convention. Tomorrow, students will pitch their invention ideas to our very own team of Inventionland Creationeers!

The Design Lives Here Invention Convention is based on the PBS show Design Squad Nation and is designed to inspire the inventors and engineers of tomorrow.

What better place to inspire young creators than our very own design facility and the largest invention factory in America, Inventionland?

We can’t wait to see and share what these aspiring inventors come up with!

Copyright Davison 2014

Inventionland Makes Local Headlines – AGAIN!

Davison News

Not only was last Friday’s WQED Invention Convention, which was hosted at Inventionland, featured on KDKA news on Friday night, our creative design facility has been featured in local newspapers this week, too!

Pittsburgh’s TRIB LIVE has featured an article about the Mt. Pleasant area gifted program students, who recently toured through our creative workspace.

According to the story, the students’ instructor hopes their tour continues to inspire the students for their very own upcoming inventing competition.

“Rachel Long, the district’s gifted program instructor, is hopeful the students will use the knowledge gained at Inventionland to inspire their own inventions for the upcoming invention convention scheduled for Dec. 12 at Yough Intermediate Middle School, she said.”

Read the entire TRIB LIVE article about the Mount Pleasant students’ tour here!

Copyright Davison 2013


Inventionland “Invention Convention” Makes CBS News!

Davison News, Inventionland

It is nothing new for our creative design facility, Inventionland, to open its doors to welcome eager young minds to tour through on a regular basis. But, it is not everyday that 250 of those eager minds meet at Inventionland to explore their ideas and share them with our Creationeers.

However, that was exactly the case for the 2013 Invention Convention, which was held at Inventionland last Friday. The event, which was sponsored by WQED’s Design Lives Here, attracted middle school students from across the region, who competed in four different inventing activities.

Those four interactive activities included the Speedy Shelter, Zip Line, Paddle Power and Invention Challenge.

During the Invention Challenge, students teamed up and pitched their own invention ideas to our CEO and Founder, Mr. Davison, and our talented cast of Creationeers, including Executive Director of Design Nathan Field, John Margolis, Jason Rogge, Nikki Egleton and Sharon George.

Mr. Davison said the event was a huge success and just the beginning of a growing partnership with WQED.

“Our partnership with WQED in the development of S.T.E.M.(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Curriculum and entertainment for our middle school children is one of our emerging initiatives. You will see our commitment grow in this area over the next few years. We have worked together for years now and the program and number of children participating is growing rapidly. It was a great convention in Inventionland, but it was difficult to pick the winner amongst all those hopeful kids. In the end, we selected one team but they all tried their best and did a great job… each and every one of them!” said Mr. Davison.

The Invention Convention was such a success that even KDKA was on the scene. The local CBS-affiliate covered the event for their Friday evening newscast.

Mr. Davison told KDKA’s Rick Dayton that “All this creativity is in these children… It’s just a matter of what we do to bring it out.”

You can also read KDKA’s story here. See more photos from the 2013 WQED Invention Convention below:

Copyright Davison 2013


This Idea Man Continues to Leave his “Mark”


As of September 2013, this self-made idea man has a recorded net worth of $2.5 billion. As the owner of a popular NBA team, Mark Cuban has taken his ideas and has made them into lucrative business dealings.

Born and raised in the very city and state that is home to our design facility, Inventionland, Mark Cuban was born on July 31, 1958, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Cuban lived a seemingly normal childhood with hardworking grandparents and parents that instilled a sense of tenacity in their children to make a good life for themselves.

When it was finally time for college, Cuban started his education at the University of Pittsburgh, but soon left and transferred to Indiana University. After graduating in 1981, Cuban moved back to his hometown and took a job with Mellon Bank, right at the time when the company was making its transition to using computers. This was a learning experience for Cuban and allowed him to immerse himself in the study of these machines and their networking capabilities. In 1982, he left his hometown and made his move to Dallas, a move that would pay off (literally) in the long-run.

Just like many famous inventors, who began a career only to realize that they could find a better way to do it on their own, Cuban was one of those innovators. After moving to Dallas, he landed a job selling software, but decided that he had an idea for a better way to sell computer software. Soon after starting his own consulting business, MicroSolutions, he became an expert in the world of computers and computer networking.  He was so successful that his business soon turned into a profitable company. In 1990, he sold his firm to CompuServe for $6 million. This idea resulted in his first success as a businessman.

This was just the beginning of Cuban’s success. Knowing that the idea of the internet was only going to expand, Cuban and a business partner decided to capitalize on this opportunity and in 1995, started AudioNet.  Because of his desire to listen to Indiana Hoosier basketball games online, this company was born. The company proved to be a large success and when the firm first went public in 1998; its stock reached $200 a share. A year later, Cuban and his business partner sold their idea to Yahoo! for nearly $6 billion.

But even with all this business success, Cuban, perhaps, is best known for his presence in the National Basketball Association (NBA). In 2000, he had an idea to purchase an NBA team; and, purchase an NBA team is exactly what he did. That year, he bought the Dallas Mavericks for $285 million from Ross Perot Jr. Before Cuban, the Mavericks were a broken franchise with a losing record. But, that changed quickly, once he infused his enthusiasm and business smarts to revamp the culture of the team and its roster, as well as build a new stadium equipped with facilities that pampered his players.

Cuban did not lose sight of innovation as the owner of the Mavericks. He quickly became the first owner to start his own blog, which offered audiences everywhere a mix of his own tech ideas and his thoughts on NBA basketball.

Recently, Cuban made his way into the HD TV market with a new startup, HDNet. Additionally, in 2003, he purchased the Landmarks Theatre chain and also owns a stake in Lions Gate Entertainment.

Shockingly enough, Cuban has had his hand in the world of patents as well. In December 2012, he donated $250,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to, in his own words, to “eliminate stupid patents,” in order to assist with their legal efforts to reform the patent system.

One thing that isn’t on Mark Cuban’s resume is charges of insider trading. Recently, Cuban was acquitted of charges in his case against the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) that he had sold his shares in Internet search engine based on private information that he received from the CEO on a planned stock placement that would dilute the value of his holdings.

The trial lasted three weeks and it only took a Texas jury comprised of seven women and two men a matter of hours to tell the SEC it didn’t have adequate information to charge Mark Cuban.

So, has this idea man planned to slow down anytime soon? The answer is an emphatic “no,” as entrepreneur Mark Cuban continues to make lucrative business dealings. Only time will tell what project he will have his hand in next!

Copyright Davison 2013





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