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Silicone Dog Treat Pan

A Better Way to Treat Your Pet

Davison Produced Product Invention: Silicone Dog Treat Pan

The Problem:

Many dog owners give treats to their pets, whether as a reward for good behavior, to supplement their diet, or just because their pets love them. Store bought treats can be expensive, however, and they may contain additives, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients.

Davison's Better Way:

We created the Silicone Dog Treat Pan for a client that wanted to provide a healthy alternative. The flexible baking pan enables health-conscious pet owners to create fresh, homemade treats for their canine companions. The pan has a reinforced, steel rim, which allows for easy carrying to and from the oven and countertop. It even comes with several paw-licking good recipes!

Featured in the following stores:

  • That Fish Place That Pet Place
  • BJ's
  • Allegro Shops
  • Spoiled Pet World
  • Hugs Pet Products
  • Camping World
  • Jeffers Pet
  • Lighting Universe
  • Pet Supply Showroom
  • American Dog Supply
  • Peppy Pet
  • Blueify Store
  • Lloyd's Choice Pet Supplies
  • Thrifty Pet Supply
  • Orange Onions
  • Kmart
  • Active Dog Toys
  • PHT Pet Supply
  • Plentiful Pet
  • Hillrise Farm
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
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