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Auto Dish

A Better Way To Fresh Pet Food

Davison Produced Product Invention: Auto Dish

The Problem:

Once in the dish, pet food and water often gets contaminated with dirt and insects. The food also can spoil or dry out quickly, making it unappetizing and unhealthy.

Davison's Better Way:

We created the Auto Dish for a client that wanted a way for their pet’s food to stay fresh, good-tasting and healthy. The durable plastic bowl with removable stainless steel food dish features an adjustable lid sensor that opens and closes the cover automatically. The lid opens when the pet comes within 1 foot of the dish, and then automatically closes within 3-5 seconds after the pet walks away. Not only does it keep the food fresh and moist, it also helps hold in odor, keeping the feeding area smelling fresh.

This client has not realized a profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.