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Jean Dared to Invent

Our client, Inventor of the Meatball Baker

Jean, Inventor of the Meatball BakerWe’ve all been there: Meatballs that don’t brown evenly… meatballs that get misshapen and flat if you fry them and sit in their own grease if you bake them.

Jean Rindfuss believed making a decent meatball could be easier, more convenient and healthier… and, she was right.

Jean brought her idea to Davison and the innovative Meatball Baker was developed.

The Meatball Baker features a unique rounded rack system that holds meatballs, shish-kabobs and a variety of other foods so they keep their shape, bake evenly and steer clear of grease.

Of her experience with Davison, Jean says, “It has been great – you guys are very knowledgeable. I was new to all this and learned a lot.”

Her product was an immediate hit when it debuted on QVC in 2009 – it sold out in under a half hour. Today, Jean’s Meatball Baker is on shelves and available online from dozens of stores.

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