Dare to Invent

Ed Dared to Invent

Watch as Davison’s Better Way to Invent turns Ed’s Better Tether idea into a store-ready reality!

Most pet lovers need to tether their beloved four-legged friends outdoors sometimes. Our inventor, Ed, loved his canine companion dearly, but hated when his pet’s chain got in the way, knocking over food and water bowls and, ultimately, leaving his pet thirsty. Ed wanted a convenient, humane way to tether his pet outdoors. Watch as the Davison Inventing Method is used to invent Ed’s “Better Tether!”

About Ed

Ed, Inventor of Better TetherEd Yoder loves his canine companion, but doesn’t love leaving his pet tethered outdoors without a sufficient food and water supply. Conventional tethering devices often tipped his pet’s dishes and needed to be moved for the lawnmower. Ed knew there had to be a better way!

After coming to us for help in designing his product, it was licensed by a company looking for innovative pet products.

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