Dare to Invent

Pete Dared to Invent

Watch as Davison’s Better Way to Invent turns Pete’s Surprise Pan idea into a store-ready reality!

During a brainstorm session for a product that would use a nail to cook a potato from the inside out, Pete came up with an idea for a better cupcake pan. “Why don’t we just push nails right through a muffin pan? Then we’d be able to put something right on that nail; marshmallow or a Snickers bar,” said Pete, which would create a treat with a surprise at its core.

About Pete

Pete, Inventor of the Surprise PanPete Meier is an Inventionland employee who usually focuses on bringing other people’s ideas to life. His curiosity and adventurous nature lead to a lot of tearing things apart and a great amount of blowing stuff up. So when Pete proposed an idea for a cupcake pan, more than a few heads turned at Inventionland.

Pete’s Surprise Pan has sold in Avon, Bed Bath & Beyond, QVC, Amazon.com and at several other major retailers.

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