“Good Morning,” Davison Designs, So Glad to See You “Today!”

Recently, we announced that our client, Jean’s, Meatball Baker, which offers a healthy alternative to greasy meatballs, was featured in the most recent Avon catalog and at

Davison Product in Avon MagazineIt turns out, that great news was just the first bit of excitement the Meatball Baker has been cooking up lately!  Nearly as soon as we heard that our “Meatball Queen” Became an “Avon Lady,” the Meatball Baker was back at it!

This time, it was Good Morning America’s (GMA) ”Secret Steals and Deals” website that featured the Meatball Baker – and for 60% off at that!  For 48 hours, interested cooks everywhere could purchase the Meatball Baker for $8.80!

GMA also published an accompanying article called “Mom Inventions: Exclusive Deals and Steals, Just for ‘GMA’ Viewers,” which commended our client, Jean, on her invention.

Davison Client Product

“Mom/grandmother inventor “Jean the Meatball Queen” partnered with Davison, a new-products development company, to develop this rack that holds small, medium and extra-large meatballs letting all the fat drain into the bottom of baker,” the article stated.

Davison InventorWe couldn’t wait to be the first to tell Jean the great news either!

“To be truthful, I am not much of a TV watcher, so I really never heard of it until you just told me about it.  I do like the publicity though,” said Jean.   Jean expressed how happy she was about all the exposure her Meatball Baker has received and said she, sometimes, is still in disbelief!

“At times, it is still hard to believe that my idea has truly came to life.  I am seeing my idea used in other ways too, meaning I have seen my pan duplicated with just a change in the handle at a Farm & Fleet store in Eau Claire, Wi.  I have also seen the meatloaf pan where the grease drains through a grid for a healthier meal.  So, I look at it as my idea must have been a good one, if it is being used in all sorts of ways,” said Jean.

As for the possibility of her invention being in the news even more?

“The press can talk about my pan all they want,” said Jean. 

Speaking of great press for Davison-designed products, we also found the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan on a Bed Bath & Beyond advertisement on the NBC Today Show website!

 Davison in Media

What will be the next Davison-designed product we find out there?  We can’t wait to see!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Freshtainer by Davison Helps Keep Food Fresh

kitchen inventionsSomething fresh and exciting is happening in the world of food storage. The Freshtainer, which we developed for our client and XHP, has hit the market – and in a big way! It is now on the shelves of Ross, the nation’s second largest off-price retailer! The Fortune 500 Company operates 988 Ross Dress for Less® stores in 27 states and Guam.

“It’s great to see another client product hitting store shelves with XHP,” said Davison’s VP of Licensing. “We continue to strengthen our corporate partnerships with existing companies along with building new ones in each category!”

Our client, Robert, wanted a food storage container that would extend the life of produce in a refrigerator so it would not go bad as quickly, a common problem for anyone who buys produce. Our design team brainstormed the idea and came up with an awesome solution, which was perfected through the development process and input from XHP.

The Freshtainer helps keep produce fresh much longer than standard containers by getting rid of the gas that makes food rot. The lid of the specialized container has a vented hole covered by a removable cap.

Now, health conscious individuals will be able to keep produce fresher longer; that means being able to include more fresh produce in the diet, and less food, and money, going into the trash can. What a great product to help families that may be struggling through tough economic times!

Congratulations to our client and to XHP, and to the entire team who worked on this fantastic new product that proves, once again, the Davison Inventing Method turns ideas into reality.

The client has not made a net profit.

Great work, everyone!

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The Fill N’ Grill Sells Out in 3 Minutes on QVC!

davison products qvcThe Fill N’ Grill made its debut on QVC and it was a huge success!

Fitness guru, Chris Freytag, presented the product on the popular segment, “In the Kitchen with David.” During the show, Chris showcased how to make traditional burgers stuffed with an array of delicious fillings including cheese, bacon and pepperoni. She also demonstrated how the Fill N’ Grill can make healthier options, such as turkey burgers stuffed with caramelized onions and feta cheese.

The Fill N’ Grill stuffed burger maker is a quick and easy way to fill a burger with your favorite ingredients. To use, simply put a meat patty in the bottom tray, press down with the meat-shaper tool and stuff your favorite ingredients in the center. Once the fillings are set, place a second patty on top, close the lid and press the “burger button” three times to seal the edges. Then, pull out the handled tray – which also serves as a spatula —  and your burger is ready for the grill!fill n grill burger maker

We are ecstatic to report that the Fill N’ Grill sold out of 3,000 units in just three minutes!  There was also a large number of QVC customers who signed up for the product’s waiting list. The host said it all when she gushed, “These are so cool. You better bring us more next time, because I want some!”

Take a look at the video above and try to keep your mouth from watering!

This was a corporate project that Davison developed and licensed for its own benefit.

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Bread-It Ultimate Breading Station has great debut on QVC!

Davison productsThe Bread-It “Ultimate Breading Station” that we created for Xtraordinary Home Products has just been launched into the marketplace on QVC! The innovative kitchen product, which keeps all breading ingredients neat and organized, was presented during the popular “In the Kitchen with David” show.

“It was a great debut,” said Davison’s VP of Licensing. “The presenters really showed all of the product’s great features.”

Co-host Marie Louise Ludwig said the item is the “perfect” solution to a common problem. “The bowls are longer and deeper so you can bread food correctly,” she said, demonstrating. The hosts also showed multiple great uses for the product and highlighted the “naturally non-stick” silicone material.

The QVC “first look item” will be shown at the International Housewares Show in Chicago, March 6 – 8, where it is sure to garner the attention of buyers looking for innovative new products to add to their store shelves.

This is the sixth product in two years to air on QVC as a result of the collaboration between Davison and XHP. The unique product follows successful QVC launches of many products, including the Meatball Baker, Party Traveler, and Silicone Dessert Bar Pan (all client products), as well as the Surprise Filled Dessert Pan.

“I’m not surprised this one was also snapped up by QVC,” said CEO George Davison. “It’s a testament of how great things come from teamwork and strong partnerships. I’m very proud of the team for turning out another winner! Bread-It is a super multi-use set of collapsible bowls … It’s great for breading as well as for serving snacks and sides … plus when you’re finished it takes virtually zero storage space!”

Another D-lightful product has made its marketplace debut, but it certainly won’t be the last one — more great Davison innovations for XHP are set to launch into the market in the coming months, so stay tuned!

This was a corporate project that Davison developed and licensed for its own benefit.

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Inventor’s Silicone Dessert Bar Pan a Hit

Davison Kitchen InventionOur client, Joseph, was surprised and excited to hear that his bakeware invention is for sale in a popular home solutions catalog, as well as in two large housewares store chains. He was even more excited to learn that it will air on QVC this fall and is also under review by a major upscale domestics retailer – And it’s all because he likes chewy brownies.

Joseph has always loved brownies with a chewy edge, so much so that he used to slice a pan of brownies before it was finished baking so all the squares would have edges. His wife did not appreciate that and told him so. “She yelled at me,” he recalls, laughing.

The pilot wondered if he could invent an “all edge” brownie pan to keep peace in the family and give him a whole pan full of chewy brownies. He first came up with the idea about 20 years ago when he was a helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps. A fellow Marine and friend had spent a “huge amount of money” patenting a new product idea, however, so he didn’t think developing his was an option; he thought that was the way it was done.

“I really didn’t have any desire (to pursue it) because of what I perceived about the cost.”
About three years ago, however, he received an email from Davison, inviting him to submit an idea. He thought, “Hey, I have a crazy idea,” so he submitted it, and the work began.

His finished product, the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan is for sale in the Get Organized catalog, and this month it will hit about 700 Hobby Lobby and Kitchen Collections stores. The product is also under review by a major domestics retailer, and in October it will air on QVC, the most popular home shopping network. In addition, the manufacturer is expanding the product to an entire line of silicone bakeware for holiday-themed treats, including pans for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

During the design process, the product evolved from a metal pan to silicone bakeware that remains cool to the touch and bends for easy removal of items after baking; a rigid frame molded into the perimeter makes the pan safe to carry. The 12 candy-bar shaped molds can be filled with brownie batter, Rice Krispie treats, cookie dough – and all the treats come out perfectly, each one with four chewy edges.

“It feels pretty good,” Joseph said of his product’s apparent early success. But it didn’t happen overnight. Prior to being licensed, the bakeware was presented to three other companies, all of which turned it down. He decided to keep going, despite the setbacks.

“It is an emotional roller coaster; up and down,” said Joseph, who flies EMS helicopters. But he’s still very glad he took the chance on his idea. In fact, Joseph and a partner have submitted a second idea to Davison, which he feels is another much-needed invention.

“He had his share of struggles along the way, but he never gave up. He was so passionate about the product he found a way to make it happen,” said Founder and CEO George Davison. “We couldn’t be happier for him and his family.”

The client has not realized a net profit on his product.

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Our client’s product selling in Avon!

Party on the Go InventionThe Party on the Go, which we developed for our client, Joy, is featured as “the smart buy” in the new 2010 Avon catalog! This is the first product we have ever had for sale at the leading beauty products company, which has markets in more than 100 countries around the world. The handy food caddy “with 5-in-one uses to carry & serve your favorite snacks” is also featured on Avon’s online store.

The client has received a net profit on this product

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Inventor’s Product Sells Out on QVC!

jean's invention on abcUpdate: Our client, Jean, was featured on ABC demonstrating the Meatball Baker in her kitchen during a newscast. She made perfect meatballs and showed how her dream became a reality.

meatball baker invention idea
The Meatball Baker, an innovative new bakeware item we developed for our client, sold out of all units that were ordered for its debut on QVC from the International Housewares Show in Chicago (follow the link and click Videos to view the latest airing). The Meatball Baker has earned a Customer Top Rating on All customers who rated the product gave it 5 out of 5 stars and rave reviews! To quote just one: “I would LOVE to MEET the person who invented this marvelous pan. Talk about GENIUS!!”

“I just couldn’t believe it!” said our client, inventor of the Meatball Baker. She has great hopes and is receiving a royalty payment on each unit sold!

“It’s great when one of our client’s products gets in with a company like QVC,” said George Davison, CEO. “They have a tremendous marketing tool in their demonstration, which shows the product’s true functionality – cooking some of America’s favorite foods in a healthy way. I thought QVC did a great job and I couldn’t be happier for our client, Jean.”

Due to its initial success, the top-ranked home shopping network in the nation, which broadcasts via cable and satellite TV 24 hours a day to 90 million homes, will feature the Meatball Baker again in an upcoming broadcast. So, check back later for that date and for more exciting news.

In the meantime, View QVC’s on air presentation of this fantastic new bakeware invention!

jean davison inventorInventor’s Story:
We developed the new product for our client, Jean, a busy homemaker. She came up with her idea after getting discouraged whenever she cooked meatballs. They always got flat and cooked unevenly in the frying pan or oven and would sit in their own grease – unhealthy as well as unappetizing.

“I just didn’t like the way mine turned out,” Jean said. “I love to cook, although I’m not that good; but I love to try new things.”

One day, she came up with a solution that would solve both problems. She found Davison and submitted her idea, and the design team went to work. The final product has a unique, rounded rack system that holds and preserves the shape of meatballs and other foods, enabling them to cook evenly while keeping them completely out of the grease.

The product was licensed by a company specializing in extraordinary products for the home. Jean visited Davison while on vacation in 2007 to meet with those working on her project.

“It’s been great – you guys are very knowledgeable,” she said of her experience with Davison. “I was new to all this and I learned a lot.”

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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