Dare to Invent

Joy Dared to Invent

Our client, Inventor of the Party On The Go

Joy, Inventor of the Party On The GoEverybody loves a party…food, fun, friends …what’s not to love? What about when the food you bring is jostled about on the way there… smashed, dented or tossed out of its container altogether?

That’s no fun at all. Joy thought there was a better way; and, she was right. We developed the Party Traveler because Joy wanted a neat, convenient way to transport deviled eggs to parties. We designed the versatile product to do that…and much more.

The finished design includes a universal base, egg tray, cupcake/muffin tray, pie/cookie/cake tray, veggie/chip tray and a transparent locking lid. The veggie, pie and cookie trays rotate, and all the trays stack neatly inside the lightweight unit for compact storage.

Of her experience with Davison, Joy says, “I just couldn’t believe it. It has been like a dream. I would encourage anybody who has an idea to pursue it. You have to be brave and just try.”

The Party Traveler has been marketed by QVC as the “Party on the Go Food & Dessert Travel Caddy.” It also has been sold in stores, including Joann Fabric and Montgomery Ward.

Images From The Dare To Invent Video

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