Total store count tops 700!!

Davison products

It’s only been a little over a month since we announced that Davison products and packaging solutions have sold in more than 600 stores. In recent weeks, we have continued to add stores and online retailers at a phenomenal rate — our total store count is now at 708!! This is due, in part, to the many new products we’ve gotten to market recently, such as the Shoe Tubes and the Water Infuser, our first product to sell at Crate & Barrel and now several other stores. The Hydro Bone and all the other Hugs Pet Products are now selling at Buddy Pet Products!

Many of the added stores are new, specialized niche market online sites, but newer and older Davison products, alike, continue to be picked up — retailers know good design when they see it! Products that have recently been added to many stores include the Swiss Army Whistle Knife, Twister Bolts/Caps, Hot/Cold Wrist Therapy Brace, RV Leveler, Tru Ice, Dog Wash, Petite Press, and the ever-popular Meatball Baker, which was added to the Shopping Channel website, where it sold out! The Meatball Baker also has been picked up by another big name retailer — the Better Homes & Gardens store!

And the store list just keeps on growing … on our way to 1,000!