It’s a Triple Play – 3 new Hugs Pet Products on the Market and on!

pet inventionsSeveral new innovations that we developed for Hugs Pet Products have hit the market! They are the Chew Core, a plaque-removing chew toy made of durable molded rubber that improves canine dental health. Dogs love playing with and chewing on the brightly colored, apple-shaped toy as the rubber tines gently massage their gums, remove plaque from their teeth and strengthen their jaw muscles.

Potty PawsWe created the Potty Paws for a client who wanted an easy and convenient way to dispose of pet waste. The disposable bags are made of anti-microbial polyethylene film and have a zip-seal closure that provides for a no-mess solution. Simply place the bag over your hand to pick up waste, then turn the bag inside out, seal it shut, and throw away!

inflatable pet bedWe created the Air Puff Bed for a client that wanted to make their pet more comfortable. The inflatable bed offers cushiony comfort and relief for dogs and cats, particularly those suffering from arthritis and other afflictions. The lightweight, portable bed features an inflatable air pillow and a soft, fabric cover. Simply adjust the air pressure so it cushions the pet’s limbs.

Each of these new products is already selling in at least six online stores; and each one is sure to gain fans among pet owners, as the Hugs brand, powered by the Davison “D”, continues to become known for products that enhance the quality of life for pets, as well as for those who love them.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on these great new products! Check them out on our pages!

The clients have not realized a net profit on their products.