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Davison’s SHOT at Trade Show Success

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SHOT Show - SignLast month, Managing Senior Directors of Licensing Matt and Robert, who you may remember from our CES 2016 recap, were back on the trade show circuit when they made their way to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show).

SHOT Show - Davison Inventions SHOT Show - Davison Inventions

This event took place in Las Vegas from January 19 – 22, with over 64,000 people in attendance, including some notable attendees such as presidential candidate Donald Trump, former U.S. Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and country music duo Big & Rich!

SHOT Show - Davison Inventions - Realtree

Not only were big-name celebrities at the event, big-name brands were there, too!

SHOT Show - Davison Inventions - Yeti

This was the first time both Matt and Robert had attended the SHOT Show and the duo definitely left impressed with what they saw on display!

SHOT Show - Davison Inventions SHOT Show - Davison Inventions

With lots of military gear and tactical companies, in addition to hunting, fishing and outdoor companies,  there was a lot to look at. Furthermore, there were a lot of companies to engage with, so both Matt and Robert were busy making connections.

Overall, this trade show gave Davison a SHOT at success by giving Matt and Robert the chance to meet with companies and establish manufacturing relationships, which:

  1. Allows the Davison team to match faces to names
  2. Allows the Davison team to see where manufacturers’ lines are currently and where they are headed
  3. Allows Davison to get an inside look into the industry and how our products and innovations can help existing companies
  4. Provides a preview of what’s trending in the industry

Since Matt and Robert have returned from the SHOT Show, they’ve been busy nurturing relationships with the connections they’ve made and are working hard to promote Davison’s outdoor innovations!

Copyright Davison, 2016

While Davison regularly attends trade shows in a number of industries, it does not promise that any particular client product will be, or is likely to be, presented or discussed at a trade show.

Suc“CES” at Las Vegas Trade Show

Davison News, Trade Shows

CES 2016 - Inside the trade show

The annual Consumer Technology Association’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place earlier this month in Las Vegas. At this trade show, some 3,800 consumer technology manufacturers, developers and suppliers were all in one place showcasing their latest and greatest technology innovations.

This year, Managing Senior Directors of Licensing Matt and Robert were among the more than 170,000 attendees at CES 2016. Can you believe that this tradeshow covers over 2.47 million square feet of exhibit space? In this space was everything from 3D printing and robotics, fitness, wireless devices, robots and much, much more.

This wasn’t Matt’s first CES rodeo, but it was Robert’s first appearance at one of the tech world’s biggest shows.

CES 2016 - Davison

“It was a lot of learning… learning the trends… learning what companies were looking for… it’s humbling! At the same time, it’s pretty exciting! It’s the largest show we attend all year and it’s amazing to see how expansive the industry can be,” said Robert.

Matt had a unique experience this year, since he was given the opportunity to see CES 2016 through the eyes of Robert, a first-timer.

“It brought me back to my first show,” said Matt. “The amount of companies… the amount of products… to know that we’re working with some of the companies there showing products,” said Matt.

This year, Matt and Robert were able to make new connections all the while maintaining their current business relationships to see where the latest technology trends are heading.

“It’s cool to see where the trends are going,” said Robert, who mentioned how much solar-powered technology was on display at the show. “It’s off-the-grid solar-powered stuff. For me, that was awesome!”

CES 2016 - Under ArmourCES 2016 - Garmin

At the show, the pair saw lots of drones, smart watches, virtual reality headsets and hoverboards on display.

According to Matt, the fact that the big companies are sharing similar ideas shows a need for innovation, which gives Davison a leg up in the innovation sphere.

“When we see that they need innovation, it helps us. We can say ‘Yeah, we can do that,’” said Matt. “It really opens doors up.”

CES 2016 - Registration

Head over to our Facebook page to see more snapshots from CES 2016!

Copyright Davison, 2016

While Davison regularly attends trade shows in a number of industries, it does not promise that any particular client product will be, or is likely to be, presented or discussed at a trade show

Let’s Get Motivated: Happy Clients

Davison News, Inventing Advice



It’s a brand-new week, which brings along with it a clean slate to chase after your dreams. In the spirit of Motivation Monday, we want to share with you some feedback that we’ve received from our happy clients who Dared to Invent!

If it weren’t for our clients chasing their dreams, we wouldn’t be able to chase our dreams of helping idea people turn their inventions into products!

Let’s jump right in – Here’s some positive feedback that we’ve received from happy clients!

Client Feedback - Davison Inventing

“I’m excited! Let’s get this idea out for the world to consume, enjoy and come to love!”


Client Feedback - Davison Inventing

“With your help we can make this dream come true.”


Client Feedback - Davison Inventing

“Would not have pursued my invention if it had not been for the excellent service from Davison.”

If you’re ready to chase after your inventing dreams, submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016



Motivation Monday: Happy Clients

Davison News


Now that we’re four days into the New Year, what better way to start the first Monday of 2016 than with some positively-motivating feedback!

In honor of #MotivationMonday, we’re going to take a look at some of the great feedback that we’ve received from clients!

At Davison, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as hearing from a happy client. To us, that’s our motivation to keep helping idea people from all over on their journey of following their dreams!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the positive feedback that we’ve received from our clients!

Davison Inventing Survey

“Davison has helped me more than anyone else has.”

Davison Inventing Survey

“Before I came to Davison I did my homework and these guys really rock.”

Davison Inventing Survey

“Davison has stayed with me all this time (time) means a lot to me.”

Davison Inventing Survey

“Amazing work.”

Davison Inventing Survey

“Would not have pursued my invention if it had not been for the excellent service from Davison.”

As we begin a new year and a fresh Monday with this motivation, how will you start yours? Will this be the year or the Monday that you take a risk to achieve your goals?

If you’re ready to chase after your inventing dreams, submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016


New Year, New Chance

Davison News, Holiday

Davison New Year - 2016

As another year is almost in the books and we head into a brand new year, now is the perfect time to prepare yourself to chase after your dreams.

Today, we want to share with you three tips to help you begin the New Year with a new attitude to hopefully help you, once and for all, make your dreams a reality.

Here are three tips to set a New Year’s resolution, keep it and never give up!

  1. Slow and steady – If you want to chase after your dreams, don’t resolve to try and change everything all at once. Rather, set smaller, more attainable goals. Don’t set goals that set you up for failure. Be sure to make your resolutions attainable. When you set smaller goals and continually cross them off your list when completed, you’ll be more motivated to continue to reach for the stars and your overarching goal. Sooner rather than later, you’ll likely reach your main resolution.
  2. Be confident – Have confidence in yourself and your goal. When setting a New Year’s resolution, it’s important to believe in yourself. Though in the previous tip we encouraged you to make resolutions that are attainable, we don’t mean that you should ever sell yourself short. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, then there is nothing that can get in your way and no goal is too big. As the popular saying goes, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”
  3. Be adventurous ­– “Life begins outside of your comfort zone.” There’s no better time than at the beginning of a new year to write down the goals that you want to reach in that 12-month period. As a new year begins, so too does a clean slate. Soon, you’ll have 365 new chances to turn your dreams into reality. Promise yourself in 2016 that you’ll take the risk for something that you believe in and you know will make a difference in not only in your life, but also the lives of others.

So as 2015 is quickly coming to a close and 2016 is on the horizon, why not make this year the year that you pursue your invention idea? If this is your New Year’s resolution, don’t wait for 2016 to arrive. Submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2015



Gifting and Inventing Things We Want and Need

Davison News, Innovation

Davison - Christmas Gifts

On Christmas Day, many of us were surrounded by a pile of torn wrapping paper, along with all of the gifts family and friends so kindly presented in appreciation for our relationships and the holiday spirit.

From handmade crafts to high-tech gadgets and everything in between, there’s no shortage of “things we needed” and “things we didn’t need, but wanted,” that went from our holiday wish lists to directly under the Christmas tree.

It’s this thought process that closely resembles the invention world. Whether a product falls under the “things we need” or “things we want” category, gifts and inventions alike can provide us with several benefits:

  • A solution to a problem
  • A “Better Way” to do something
  • A product or item we can enjoy

As we enjoy our new “toys” post-Christmas and head into the new year, don’t discount those moments when you think, “If only there was a product that did this!”

Rather, channel your inner inventor and take advantage of this flow of ideas that puts you on the path to inventing something that’s creative, innovative, and fun.

So, to keep with the holiday spirit, now’s a great time to showcase your inventive spirit – submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2015



‘Tis the Season for Inventor “D”elight

Dare to Invent, Davison News, Innovation, Innovative Inventions, Inventions, Inventor Stories, Product News

Client Reaction - Davison

As we put the final touches on our holiday preparations and the last bows on each of our presents, in the spirit of the holiday season, there’s nothing quite as special as seeing the smile on someone’s face as you give them a gift.

But, it’s safe to say that receiving a gift can be just as great as giving a gift!

As an innovator/inventor, you dream, day in and day out, that your idea will one day change the lives of many – a gift for all. In the invention world especially, one of the best gifts that an inventor could unwrap is the gift of seeing their hard work, determination and inventive spirit come alive as a product that proudly sits on a store shelf.

With the holiday season in full swing, and as you’re likely getting ready for quality time spent with family and friends, we’d like to give you a small gift – a gift that we hope will inspire you to one day dare to invent.

Enjoy this quick clip of some of our clients seeing their inventions in stores for the first time!

Who knows, the next product you see in stores could be yours!

Copyright Davison, 2015




Here’s What Happened at SEMA and AAPEX

Davison News, Trade Shows



Inside AAPEX

At Davison, we love traveling to various trade shows in a multitude of industries. These shows align perfectly with our “We Try Longer” mentality that we apply to our work as well as give us an opportunity to meet with innovative minds from far and wide to find a potential home for our clients’ products.

In the beginning of November, Davison President Frank Vescio and Managing Senior Director of Licensing Matt made their way to Las Vegas, NV for an action-packed week.

Though Las Vegas is known for its nightlife, casinos and much more, this Davison duo went to Vegas for their annual trip to the SEMA and AAPEX trade shows.

The SEMA Show is “the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world” and this year’s show drew over 60,000 automotive product buyers!

While the AAPEX, or the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo, on the other hand, featured “over 2,200 automotive aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers showcasing innovative products, services and technologies to 39,000+ targeted buyers.”



Mr. Vescio with My Classic Car's Dennis Gage.

So, with two big trade shows and an excited Davison duo, it’s only fitting that we can report on some great news from both SEMA and AAPEX.

According to Matt, both shows were an overall success!

“As always, it’s good to get out and meet with the companies we work with to see their new product launches at the show,” said Matt.

Furthermore, Mr. Vescio said that attending these types of shows is great for catching up with old contacts, making new contacts and working on improving our processes.

“It’s always great to attend these shows. It allows me to see past contacts, meet the new contacts that the company is establishing, watch our own licensing team members in action and get a pulse for what we can constantly do to improve our process of getting more products on store shelves than ever thought possible,” said Mr. Vescio.


SEMA 2015

Matt at SEMA 2015.

Matt said that the connections Mr. Vescio and he made did not stop with just companies we’ve already built relationships with.

“We met with quite a few companies and established new contacts within the automotive industry,” said Matt.

“We are off and running to increase our product presence (and the Davsion ‘D’) within this category!” said Matt.

Though we can’t disclose all of the great details from these shows like who we talked to and what companies we are pursuing, we can share with you some of the great photos that Mr. Vescio and Matt snapped while at the 2015 Las Vegas SEMA and AAPEX shows!




Matt with the cast from "Tanked!"

Matt with the cast from "Tanked!"


Mr. Vescio with KC from "Gas Monkey!"


Mr. Vescio with Overhaulin's Chris Jacobs!


Mr. Vescio with Wheelers Dealer's Ed and Mike!

While Davison regularly attends trade shows in a number of industries, it does not promise that any particular client product will be, or is likely to be, presented or discussed at a trade show.

Copyright Davison, 2015


Three Reasons to Go Cook for Your Pets

Davison News, Hugs Pet Products, Product News


National Go Cook for your Dog Day


Did you know that yesterday was National Go Cook for Your Pets Day? Every year, this date is reserved for pet parents to uncover new and exciting pet-friendly recipes that are nutritionally sound and, of course, delicious.

So, if you want to get your furry four-legged friends tails wagging with Davison “D-light”, we have some pet products that will help you serve up something special every day for Fido!

Paula Deen Premium Select Pet FoodAs you might have already known, our friends over at Hugs Pet Products have formed a great partnership with none other than celebrity chef Paula Deen! As a result of this collaboration, you can now fill your pet’s bowl with Paula Deen Hugs Premium Select Pet Food.

This nutritious blend of wholesome ingredients comes in three flavors that Fido is sure to love, Beef and Rice, Chicken and Rice, and Lamb and Rice. (It’s so good, he’ll think it’s homemade!)

But, that’s not the only reason that we love this pet food. The design team over at Inventionland created the Paula Deen Hugs Premium Select Pet Food packaging! We must admit they did a PAWesome job and it looks great on store shelves, too! We recently got a sneak peek at the product on Food City store shelves.

Paula Deen Premium Select Pet Food in Stores

What’s a meal without dessert? Incomplete! That’s why our Davison-designed Silicone Dog Treat Pans, now also packaged for Hugs’ Paula Deen line, provides a healthy pet treat alternative, and is the perfect product to whip up a treat for your pet. The flexibility of the pan enables health-conscious pet parents the opportunity to create fresh, homemade treats for their canine companions. If you’re looking for a recipe, look no further; Paula Deen and Hugs Pet Products have you covered.

Silicone Dog Treat PanPaula Deen Wheat-Free Treat Mixes

The Paula Deen Wheat-Free Baking Mixes, whose packaging was also designed by Inventionland, come in two delicious flavors, Peanut Butter Recipe and Southern Chicken Recipe. These 100 percent homemade treats are the perfect final dish for Fido’s home-cooked meal or even as an everyday reward for great behavior!

So following National Cook for Your Pets Day, we shared with you three products touting the Davison ‘D’ – Paula Deen Hugs Premium Select Pet Food, the Silicone Dog Treat Pan and Paula Deen Wheat Free Baking Mixes – that will surely keep Fido’s tail wagging and his heart full!

Copyright Davison, 2015



5 Reasons to Follow your Invention Idea

Davison News, Innovation, Innovative Inventions, Inventing Advice, Product News



“This is what we work so hard for, this makes it all worthwhile,” said our founder and CEO, Mr. Davison.

It’s no secret that the proof of our Better Way to Invent can be found in stores far and wide.

That’s why, for over 25 years, we’ve been helping innovative people get their products on store shelves. In fact, our products have sold in over 1,200 stores!

Mr. Davison loves nothing more than seeing the Davison “D” in retailers ranging from Toys “R” Us to Lowe’s and many in between.

Check out this short clip to see the many products that have been on shelves along the way!


Now, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for our tried and true Davison Inventing Method. So, without further ado, let’s see how our process could potentially help you!

  1. Your journey begins the minute you hit “Send” on your Idea Security Agreement. This confidential agreement is used to ensure the security of your project.
  2. While we are a fee-based company, we do provide a free initial consultation.
  3. Our product development service is very thorough and we’ll work with you every step of the way.
  4. We’ll assist you with product-related data and patent research, as well as designing, developing and building working prototypes.
  5. We’ll pinpoint corporations or manufacturers to present your product idea to for a potential licensing agreement.

The Davison Inventing Method can be fun yet challenging, and this is why we’ve assembled a skilled team of professionals to help develop inventors’ ideas.

So, if you’re ready to begin your very own journey, submit your invention idea today and, maybe one day, Mr. Davison will find your product on a store shelf. But, you’ll never know if you don’t try!

Copyright Davison, 2015

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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