Three Cheers for Three More Davison Products Hitting Store Shelves!

Davison inventionToday, we’ve got great news for Davison and all of our four-legged friends!  We’ve added three more awesome pet products to store shelves and to our ever-growing client product listing on-line!

Recently, the Silicone Dog Treat Pan, Tee Bone and Gel Pet Mat were added to Davison’s samples pages.  The trio of quality, innovative pet products came from exceptional client inventor ideas and have all been licensed by Hugs Pet Products!

As you may recall, the Silicone Dog Treat Pan is the latest evolution of the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan, which has already had several successful spin-offs, like colorful holiday-themed pans.  Now, thanks to the Silicone Dog Treat Pan, Fido is able to enjoy healthy, home-made treats instead of more expensive, processed store-bought treats!

 Davison inventAnd, talk about qual-i-tee!  Hugs’ Tee Bone provides a little creature-comfort to pets that get anxious when their owners leave the house.  Owners simply slip a worn tee-shirt into the pocket of the Tee Bone and pets are comforted with a “scent” of security until their owners return!

Finally, joining Hugs already existing line of innovative pet products is the Gel Pet Mat, a soft, puncture-resistant gel mat that keeps pets cool and is even great for older pets, who may suffer from arthritic symptoms or other pain.

Davison inventions

According to Hugs’ President, Chad, the Gel Pet Mat can be used nearly anywhere!

“The mat is great in so many applications, whether you put it in the crate on a long trip, [lay] it on the carpet, so your pet has a cool place to [lie], or you can place it on your lap and have your pet lie there without transferring your heat or the pet’s heat to one another,” Chad said .

Thanks to everyone who has seen these products through to success, from our awesome clients to our directors, design and licensing teams!  Great work, everyone!

The clients have not realized a net profit on these products. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.