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Disney® Silicone Dessert Pan

A Better Way To Bake A Disney® Cake!

The Problem:

Silicone-based products have been used in kitchens around the world for decades. From the lids on pots and pans to spatulas and bakeware, it seems like everyone uses silicone-based products in their kitchen these days.

But what makes silicone products so attractive to cooks?

Those who use silicone products say silicone’s lightweight and heat-resistant material offers a great alternative to the typical metal pans we are accustomed to using in our kitchens.

Unlike metal bakeware, a heat-resistant silicone-based pan remains cool to the touch. It can also withstand aggressive temperature changes, which allows the cook to go from the oven directly to the freezer without causing any damage to the baking pan.

But, like most products on the market for every pro, there is a con, and silicone-based kitchen gadgets are no exception until the idea person, Joseph, came along with a better way…

Joseph loved silicone-based bake pans but hated the floppy sides of the typical silicone bake pan. Joseph explained that once the baking pan was filled with batter, the flexibility that makes silicone-based bakeware so attractive became a hindrance.

When the baking pan is filled, it’s almost impossible to get the pan in the oven without spilling it. Not to mention, when using a silicone-based baking pan, you sacrifice the delicate, chewy, crispy crust that a metal pan creates.

If only there were a better way to bake those delicious treats without the mess and uneven crumble caused by the typical silicone-based pan. In other words, is there a better way to bake a cake so we can enjoy it too?

Joseph sure thought so – he wanted a neater and easier way to bake brownies and other treats. He wanted a lightweight, flexible pan that remained cool to the touch with a rigid frame around the perimeter.

Davison's Better Way:

With confidentiality on file, Joseph and the Davison team began brainstorming various ideas to give consumers a better baking pan.

The team knew a better baking pan would have to be made from a food-grade silicone base, so they could maintain the lightweight, heat-resistant product features that made silicone baking products so attractive to customers in the first place.

So, the team was left with one problem to overcome, how would they create a ridge edge on a silicone product?
Before the Davison team could answer this burning question, they would first need to explore the market and understand the existing competitive products.

Once they had all the necessary information, the team created technical drawings and explored various design concepts to create a ridged edge on a silicone-based bake pan.

Ultimately, the inventor Joseph and the Davison team were left with a food-grade silicone-based bake pan with rigid edges that were dishwasher safe, heat resistant, and lightweight.

The team wasted no time on the licensing front, and before long, the silicone-based bake dish was licensed to Disney and was for sale in stores.

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