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Leading Invention Services Company Expands to South Florida

New York, NY-February 5, 2013-Davison, the Pittsburgh-based new products development and invention services company, is expanding into south Florida. Davison’s Venice, Florida, office is slated to open in early February 2013. Jeff Sawyer, vice president of new products, is to be in charge of the Florida office.

“Opening a sales office in Florida expands our visibility and our geographical reach,” says founder and CEO George M. Davison from his office in Pittsburgh. “Our business objective is to help inventor clients the way I wish I had been helped when I was just starting out inventing in 1989.” What he could have benefited from then, he says, was “professional advice from successful inventors and a wider perspective on the world of consumer-product development.”

Ideas thrive at Davison, where inventions for new products are the company’s stock in trade. Capturing and encouraging the spirit of innovation is at the heart of Davison’s mission. From a glimmer of an idea to sketches on paper to prototypes to finished product samples complete with graphics and packaging, inventions take flight at Davison. The company, which has 250 employees, develops ideas for itself as well as for individuals and corporate clients.

“Establishing a presence in Florida will allow us to be closer to one of our core constituencies-individual inventors in the south Atlantic region,” Davison says.

Opening a Florida office will also provide entrée to new markets, particularly in Brazil, one of the fastest growing economies in South America. Currently, the company does business in North America, Europe and Australia.

But at Davison it’s never strictly about business. Employee perks count too. In 2006, Davison opened the 61,000-square-foot Inventionland to encourage creativity. Originally conceived as a “creative workspace” for his designers, with 16 themed sets, it has since become the largest “invention factory” of its kind in the U.S. The space has been honored with several design awards, made it to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Annual in “The Remarkable Revealed” and was featured on CBS’s The Early Show, among other TV shows.

George Davison, who counts Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Walt Disney as his role models, has been called a “creative genius” by Entrepreneur magazine. He and the company have also been featured in a variety of media, including the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Popular Mechanics, Smart Money, Forbes and others.

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