Line of Davison-developed Pet Products Sold Through Brisky


PITTSBURGH – A line of Davison Design and Development-developed pet products are now sold under the Brisky Pet Products name.

The products are geared towards “critters” and small animals, like chinchillas, hamsters and mice, and are currently being sold through Brisky’s Web site.

While the critter market is an often ignored sector of the pet industry, these seven new products are designed to accommodate owners of small pets, offering them more than just wood chips and small toys.

The Critter Vest is a fabric zipper vest, designed with pockets for food and a small pocket to hold your critter while traveling or walking. A take on the same idea is the Perfect Pocket, a small fabric pocket with a clip that serves as a portable home for small animals.

In addition to portable critter devices, small permanent homes are also being sold through the site. These include the Critter Cave and Mushroom Cave. Both are fabric homes for small pets to sit in shaded, low light settings. The Mushroom Cave is shaped like a mushroom, adding a decorative aspect for a pet owner’s living space. Complimenting the caves is the Critter Hangout. Similar to the Critter Cave, this small pet home can be suspended, opening more spatial options for a pet owner’s home.

Also recently introduced in the line are the Critter Net and Critter Ladder. These two fabric pieces can be set up to satisfy a critter’s climbing needs. While the net is larger, covering more space, both are equipped with pumice stones to condition the animal’s nails.

South western New York’s Brisky, sells its products online and in bulk to dealers, providing products to animals with specific needs and dietary requirements.

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