Food Lock™

A Better Way To Protect & Transport Your Food!

Davison Produced Product Invention: Food Lock™

Meet Frank! The Inventor of the Food Lock™.

In 4 easy steps, your food will be better protected during transport with the Food Lock™!

Your go-to food delivery bag!

The Problem:

Ordering food to-go, getting your favorite meal delivered, packing a school lunch, preparing snacks for a road trip, taking home leftovers – what do they all have in common? A disappointing plastic bag or brown paper bag that serves as the carrier  for your delicious food.

With food delivery services hitting a combined revenue of almost 300 billion dollars in 2023, youd think there would be a better way to protect your tasty treasures!

Luckily, inventor Frank is a food delivery services connoisseur and grew tired of room temperature dinners and the feeling of not being 100% sure his food was transported untouched.

Davison's Better Way:

Frank submitted his idea for a tamper-proof, insulated delivery bag and with help from Davison, the Food Lock™ was created!

The Food Lock was invented for restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and everyday people looking to better protect and transport their food. This innovative twist on the classic brown paper bag will leave you thinking – I cant believe I went this long without the Food Lock!

The Food Lock was designed with a secure adhesive seal that ensures a tamper-proof closure, providing peace of mind for restaurants handing off deliveries and individuals bringing meals to work or school. The inside of the bag is lined with insulation to help maintain food temperature during transit, keeping meals fresh and appetizing.

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