iFork – A Sanitary Solution

As human nature entails, whenever we find something that works, we stick with it – sometimes never changing it for hundreds of years. Take the fork for example. Since its invention nearly 500 years ago, not much has changed. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Well, Kyle Donavan has a sensible answer for you. Since the time he was a child, he was always looking for opportunities to make things better. One day while Donavan was sitting at an outdoor restaurant, he witnessed a bird fly over and land on the table he was sitting at. Delighted at first, Donavan soon came to the realization that this bird was standing on the same table that his eating utensils were resting on.

You don’t have to be a germaphobe to understand the potentially dangerous problem here. Hundreds of thousands of germs call tabletops home. Those are the same places that we place our forks, spoons, and knives – all of which eventually come into contact with our mouths.  Who knows how many people have sneezed or coughed on that surface before your eating utensils were placed there?

Witnessing this issue firsthand, Donavan decided to take action by coming up with an idea so simple that it’s surprising it hadn’t been invented hundreds of years before when the fork first made its way to our dinner tables.

Donavan’s solution: the iFork line. By incorporating a small post into the design of the utensil, he found a solution that prevents the prongs of your fork, the bowl of your spoon, and the edge of your knife from ever touching the table.

Not only does this new design prevent your utensils from coming in contact with a germ-ridden tabletop, but it helps keep your tablecloths clean by preventing the utensils ‘dirty’ end from touching the linen surface.

This new elegant stainless-steel line of utensils now solves the age-old problem that not many people realized even existed.

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  1. Monika Armendariz says:

    I love this product think it would be good to have a link to thier website and or cost of product n where we can purchase item.

    Monika Armendariz, California.

    1. Davison Team says:

      Done! Thanks for the advice.

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