“Hanging Out” with Creationeer Extraordinaire, Lucky!

Just as we predicted, one of our talented creationeers, Lucky, has not kept us “hanging.”  Today, we’ve got Lucky’s perspective on bringing some innovation into your closet!  From Lucky’s mind… to your desk! 

As consumers, we are cognizant of the design of certain objects and products:  cars, electronics, appliances and even food.  But, [there are] some things that we use in our daily lives that we would never give a second thought to the design of; because, they’re so commonplace, so utilitarian, that it seems they must only exist in one color or one shape.  For example, the clothes hanger. 

innovative design

Sure, they range in material from wood, to wire and plastic; but, whenever we think of a hanger, we conjure up the same image of a triangle with a question mark at the top.  The design hasn’t changed much in the last 100+ years that the hanger has been around, which is why contemporary designers are looking at new ways to improve on an old solution and even solve a problem [that] we didn’t know we had.

creative technologyThe Paperclip Hanger by Japanese designer Jaehyung Hong takes the common material and construction of the wire coat hanger and the paperclip, and melds them into a multi-function clothes hanger.  Usually used to bind together sheets of paper, the Paperclip Hanger neatly holds pants, unmentionables, and smaller garments that would usually fall off traditional hangers, while functioning as a normal hanger.

housewaresItalian design company Almove specializes in products made from lightweight materials that fulfill a single need, while adhering to clean lines and essential forms.  For their contracting coat hanger, they’ve kept the question mark, but replaced the triangle with an accordion form.  This allows for the hanger to be easily packed in an overnight bag, suit case or even a briefcase.  It also prevents the user from having to insert the hanger from the bottom of the garment, allowing it to fit through the neck. 

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Stretching out the neck of a garment to fit the hanger in the top is something we’re all guilty of and a big problem for those who don’t have the time to insert the hanger from the waist:  people who are impatient, retail workers and those in the garment industry.  A lot of time can be saved by being able to quickly insert a hanger.

creative designThis is why we have Pinch:  a simple solution to a problem we know existed, but [may have] never really cared to solve.  A mixture of injection-molded Polypropylene and Elastomer, the product functions by doing what its name tells you to, pinch. 

By performing this simple and intuitive gesture, it bends the arms down, allowing you to comfortably fit the hanger inside the garment, without damaging the fabric.  For someone who uses a lot of hangers, this can save a lot of time… and a lot of collars.  Let’s hope this one makes its way to market!

PINCH – Easier way of fixing clothes on a hanger from Jaineel shah on Vimeo.

Source: Yanko Design, Cool Hunting, Coroflot