Gunnar Optics – Looking Toward the Future

How many hours per day do you spend staring at a screen? According to a recent report from The Vision Council, 83% of people spend more than two hours a day staring at their phone, computer, or tablet and a whopping 60% of the people surveyed said they feel their screen exposure has contributed to some form of eye strain.

Joe Croft, a graduate of Stanford University and Jennifer Michelsen, a University of Rhode Island graduate, were both aware of this problem. In September 2006, the duo formed Gunnar Optics, which is now the leading provider of glasses specializing in screen-related eye strain solutions.

Back in 2006, the two realized where America was headed with technology and knew that vision problems would only worsen over time as screen time became more predominant in people’s everyday lives.

The two took action and created a pair of glasses that helps combat harmful screen exposure that takes a toll on our vision. While eyestrain and fatigue are experienced over time, there is a significant difference in the impact that blue light can have on a person’s eyes.

Gunnar glasses are designed to combat the harmful light that causes eye strain and Gunnar Optics quickly became one of the leading providers of “computer glasses” which are available all over the world.

Available in numerous styles, Gunnar glasses utilize a special lens technology that helps protect your eyes from bright light, not just from screen time, but even harmful UV rays from the outdoors.

By analyzing a growing trend early on, Gunnar Optics was able to transform into a leading company that makes life safer for those who utilize technology on a daily basis.