Dry Phone™

A better way to protect your lifeline!

Davison Produced Product Invention: Dry Phone™

Meet Bonnie and Tom, Inventors of Dry Phone™

The life jacket for your lifeline!

Made from transparent PVC/ABS waterproof material.

Keep your phone waterproof, dust-proof, sand-proof and still fully functional!

The Problem:

Bonnie and Tom love the outdoors! Whether going on a week-long vacation, a day trip exploring the great outdoors, or hanging out at home by the pool, this inventing duo enjoys being outside. But one thing they don’t enjoy is figuring out where to put their phone so that it is safe and secure from the elements. 

We have all been there. We are ready to jump in the water, head down that rugged hiking trail, or maybe we are doing a little yard work when suddenly, a realization hits: Your cell phone is far from secure. Many of us, like Tom, realize too late, and the damage is already done…

One day, after dropping his phone in the pool, inventor Tom and his wife Bonnie decided enough was enough, and they took matters into their own hands! This clever couple devised a new product idea that would work to protect cell phones from water and various other elements. With help from the team at Davison, the Dry Phone™ was created!

Davison's Better Way:

As To, Bonnie, and the Davison team worked on the design and benefits of the Dry Phone™, they knew the product had to be more than the average cell phone lanyard holder, so they pulled out all the stops!

The Dry Phone™ invention was manufactured using a transparent PVC/ABS material that floats if dropped in the water, C-Clamp locking hinges that act like a vacuum seal, and a glow-in-the-dark wearable lanyard that allows customers to keep their device close. But that’s not all the team included when creating this sleek new universal gadget protector! 

In seconds, your device can be safe from elements like dust, sand, water, and more while still allowing you to use it! That’s right, even with all that protection, your phone is still fully functional! 

Finally a lifejacket for your lifeline!

Simply insert your device in the Dry Phone™ pouch. You will hear the pop of the C-clamp things as the lock is secured, and your device will be secured in a vacuum-sealed pouch. It also includes a whistle that can help in emergency situations. 

You can safely store your wallet, credit cards, money, passport, or other essential items you wish to keep protected and close to you while on the go.

Your phone is your lifeline, so get this life-jacket accessory to keep your belongings safe and fully functional with the Dry Phone™!

Click HERE to watch a short video featuring the Dry Phone™ in action!

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