The First Camera Phone

The year is 1997. Big companies like Microsoft and HP are rapidly growing; releasing new technology on a regular basis. However, the technology to take and share a photo instantly still isn’t there.

Phillipe Kahn, a software entrepreneur, is tinkering with a new idea that he could instantly take and share a photo, yet he still hadn’t fully figured it out. That all changed the day Phillipe’s daughter was born.

See for yourself how one man forever changed the way people take and share photos instantly.

At Davison, we know the struggles that people face when it comes to getting their idea out and into the market. Phillipe’s story is just another prime example of how anything is possible when you devote your time and energy toward something you truly believe in.

How many times have you felt like giving up on an idea because you felt the technology, society or any other contributing factor just isn’t there yet?

Our Founder, Mr. George Davison faced many of the same struggles Phillipe and all other investors’ face, when he was trying to bring his first product to life. Even though the technology wasn’t widely available for Phillipe to make his idea work, he got creative and found the technology he needed that brought his life-changing invention to the next level.

We help everyday inventors find ways to make their ideas become a reality. An idea is just the beginning of something that could be monumental, even life changing like in Phillipe’s case.

Do you have an idea for a product that could change the way people accomplish something but are having trouble bringing that idea to the next level? Let our family at Davison help. Confidentially submit your idea to Davison, today!


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