Fireman’s Inventionland Tour Sparks Many New Ideas

For our client, George, it was sheer coincidence that first led him to Inventionland… but, there were many things that have kept him coming back!

“I found Inventionland by accident.  My boss sent me to RIDC Park to pick up a part.  [When I saw Inventionland], I snapped a picture and in two to three days, I was on it.  I Googled ‘Inventionland’ and did some research.  At the time, I already had one invention going on… and, here I am today,” said George.

Now, the local firefighter is working on his second product idea at Inventionland.  According to Senior Director of New Products, Robert, who has been working closely with George, it is a privilege to help a client with an idea that could save lives.

“George and several high-ranking members of Pittsburgh fire departments have banded together to do this idea.  They have coordinated several real fire tests on the product together… which is fascinating,” said Robert.

Earlier this month, George brought a group of his fellow inventors to the place where their dream may become a reality… Davison’s Inventionland!

“My tour consisted of family members, professional firefighters, the fire marshal and investors,” said George.  “[The tour and my group’s reactions] gave me confidence and motivation as to what I’m trying to achieve here.  [Inventionland] is for real and a select few people get to see this.”

While many of our wide-eyed visitors are initially impressed with Inventionland’s whimsical scenery and magical sets, it was the more technical side of the facility that really impressed George and his tour group.

“What caught my attention most was the video and photography department… from the green screen to the kitchen display.  The other tour group members were also impressed with the graphic design capabilities,” said George, who also said that his crew is not always easily impressed. It really wowed them.  It’s a tough crowd [that] I’m dealing with.  They would tell me!” George said.  “[At first], a lot in my group were speechless.  Then, they couldn’t stop talking about [Inventionland]!”

In fact, one member of George’s tour group was so inspired that we just may be hearing from him again soon!

“One gentleman in particular has had an idea in his head and I think he was able to open up about it more.  [Inventionland] inspired him to consider taking the steps to do something for himself,” said George.

George also told us that working with Davison has helped him realize he truly is an inventor… and, he has no plans to quit looking for that next new project!

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop thinking.  My mind is always going.  I always think, ‘how could I improve this?’ I give it a quick thought, then move on to the next thing,” said George.

According to George, that next thing could be… anywhere!

“I really wouldn’t mind one day, possibly, to even have the opportunity to work [at Inventionland],” said George, who also said he would recommend the inventing process to anyone!  “Whether they have a new idea or an idea on how to improve a product, I would not hesitate to work with Davison or Inventionland.  They are great people to work with,” said George.

Robert, one of Davison’s Senior Directors of New Products, said that feeling definitely is mutual!

“I’m looking forward to seeing the development on the product as [George’s] dream comes to life,” said Robert.

And, so are we!  Check back for more updates on George and his invention!

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  1. Jenna Vetterly says:

    George is one of the most driven people you’ll ever meet! I know he’s going to go far with his inventions! I am very proud to call him dad

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