Davison Summer Royalty Party Sizzles

Davison product licensing

The Summer Licensing meeting and party was full of great news: In the last quarter, 10 new products are on the market or on their way, and 5 new packaging solutions also have hit the store shelves!

We created packaging for the Comfort Me Spa Sets (4 pc, 3 pc, 2 pc), and the 5 Motor Massage Mat with Heat for Comfort Products – all of which are being tested on Walmart.com before being placed in the stores. We also did the packaging for Metro’s Flocked Hanger Set, which is on its way to Big Lots. With our rebranding of the Relaxzen logo, we gave Comfort Products a whole new look that has enabled them to take the products to market.

Therapod“The company continues to take over space on Walmart’s shelves by updating and refreshing their packaging, and all that packaging is coming from Davison. It goes to show the power of great packaging,” said Davison’s VP of Licensing.

Of the 10 new products we designed, two are the first ones we have going to market for Honey Can Do. The Folding Garment Rack and the Shoe Tubes soon will be selling online and then in a variety of retailers. Both are great examples of adding a new twist to an old product that makes it unique and attractive to buyers and consumers.

There is “nothing else out there” like the Shoe Tubes, which is great for kids and dorm rooms, said the VP. “The corporation saw it and they loved it.” The Garment Rack folds twice, thereby reducing the needed box size by half, which is very valuable to retailers. Both products were designed to ship and store very flat so retailers can get more products on the shelf.

“Where one product fit before, now they can put two; that’s huge,” he said. “They can double the amount of product in the same space.”

George Davison speaking

Mr. Davison further explained why it is invaluable to build in shelf requirements from the beginning. “There’s a lot of value in reinventing things out there already on the market because retailers already have shelf space set aside for them … When you build into the manufacturer’s line and build into the retailer’s line, you get a better design all the way around.”

The much anticipated Hydro Bone that we created for Hugs Pet Products in now selling in three sizes at Dr. Foster’s and Smith. Dr. Foster’s website includes an awesome video of the product.

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We have received samples of the Bucket Bench from Faucet Queen and it soon will be on the company’s website. This “very unique and cool product” got great feedback from everyone it has been shown to, said the VP. “It’s another win for the company.”

“Another very nice item,” the Therapod, is on the market in a variety of smaller drug stores and also is under review by several large chains. The heating / cooling therapy wrap is the result of many months of development on the corporate design team.

Silicone Dessert Bar PanThe VP also reported that the Shopping Organizer, which we originally created for a client 14 years ago, was licensed and is now selling at Limited Commodities where, although not profitable, it is earning royalties on two products – the organizer and the replacement packs. The success of the older project is attributed to the “We Try Longer” motto of the Licensing Department. Frequently, clients walk away from their projects if they are not successful after a couple of years. “This is a great example of why you should never do that,” he said.

Davison Silicone Dessert PanEveryone got a nice surprise at the end of the meeting when all received a Silicone Dessert Bar Pan, which is already selling in a few stores and is headed for a big airing on QVC this fall. This client product has not earned a net profit. The pans were handed out by the people in Sales, Design and Licensing who worked on the client product from start to finish. In addition to being fun and informative, the Royalty Party is very meaningful because it’s a reminder that it takes a team of people working together to fulfill all the tasks necessary to bring an invention to the market, said Mr. Davison.

Davison designed products“The Licensing meeting is a great experience because we’re able to enjoy one another’s company while reflecting on our accomplishments.”