Davison-designed Kitchen Product Gets “Seriously Good” Review

Recently, a self-proclaimed, gadget-obsessed “Serious Eats” blogger took a hearty bite out of the Davison-designed Clip & Drain. The product, which is as easy to use as its name sounds, clips right to the edge of a pot, so that you can strain spaghetti, vegetables, broth or anything else you might be whipping up.

Donna Currie tested out the Clip & Drain after she watched a pot of spaghetti wash down her kitchen sink. According to Currie, “there’s no five-second-rule for that.”

So, Currie tried it the Davison way with the Clip & Drain. How did her trial go?

“The curious thing about this product is that no one thought if it before. It’s a genius idea, and it works really well,” said Currie, who found that the product solved a lot more than her initial spaghetti-dropping woes.

“Although I like using this thing for draining potatoes, pasta, and vegetables, I found it even more useful when I was straining some stock,” Currie said.

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