Zooming into AutoZone!

The nation’s leading retailer of automotive replacement parts and accessories is now carrying several auto interior products in outstanDing packaging. AutoZone, which has more than 4,200 stores in the US, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, is selling the products in packaging we created for Comfort Products’ Relaxzen brand. They soon will be added to the growing list of product pages on Davison.com!

“The packaging is 100% homegrown design,” said the corporate design manager. The senior graphic designer created the design with the blue color scheme and checkerboard, which is now the standard Relaxzen automotive brand look. The cool-looking packaging with the Davison “D” will go on all products in the line sold in stores other than Walmart (we created different Relaxzen packaging for Walmart according to the mega retailer’s specifications).
“Anywhere they sell those items besides Walmart they’ll be in that blue,” said the design manager.

In addition, Comfort Products had another presentation with AutoZone, in which they showed 26 other items in our packaging – one of them, an over the seat storage accessory, is also our product.

“We’ve been doing the (Comfort Products) packaging all this time; now we’re getting to where we’re developing products,” said the design manager.

All the items presented are cushions or storage accessories for auto interiors. The presentation included some of the most popular Comfort Products items that are selling in Walmart, plus some that are new to the marketplace.

Last year, the corporation presented 13-14 products to AutoZone and the retailer picked up 4-5. The design manager is hopeful we’ll have another good result from the large presentation. “I think we’ll pick up a good number.”