TheraPED Mingles with Katie Holmes, the Spice Girls and Kristen Stewart

Savvy entertainment consumers who simply must know the minute by minute details of the Tomkat split, Miley Cyrus’ hair color and the recent Jennifer Aniston engagement, turn to OK! Magazine. Now, these experts have another hot (and cold) topic to talk about.

Davison’s TheraPED is now in OK! Magazine. “Pamper, stretch & refresh feet with TheraPED’s soothing Hot & Cold gel and toe spacers. Perfect after a day in heels, Zumba workout or to paint toenails in style!” reads the ad featured in the weekly print edition of OK! Magazine.

TheraPED tames tired tennis toes

Recently, Health Enterprises, Inc announced via press release that the TheraPED would be included in the star-studded 13th Annual BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis VIP Gift Bags! The release reads:

“The unique event that takes place in New York City on Thursday, August 23rd, combines elements of cuisine, sports and entertainment to kick off the US Open Tennis Championships. VIP guests including world class professional tennis players, top chefs, and affluent travelers will each receive a TheraPED in their VIP gift bag.

TheraPED is a fun, fashionable product designed to help pamper, refresh and revitalize women’s feet.  The zebra-printed TheraPEDuses Hot & Cold Therapy to provide fashionable relief for achy feet while spacers gently realign cramped toes.  TheraPED is enjoyed by consumers whenever relief is needed, such as after a day in the office, long run or Zumba workout.”

TheraPED soothes stay-at-home blogger

TheraPED once again is earning rave reviews from the stay-at-home mom set. In a recent blog post, One Bored Mommy – a blog determined to give honest product reviews, offer amazing giveaways and provide discount offers “exclusively” to the One Bored Mommy readers – tested the product along with her daughter. She writes:

“I’ve told you guys…just recently…that my feet have become severely uncomfortable in my favorite stilettos now (insert sad face here)…thanks to my ‘being barefoot’ or ‘wearing only flip flops’ habit.  It’s horrible to even wear them for an hour at church…my feet are just screaming for relief!

I received a product I am excited to tell you about…that not only offers my feet a soothing spa-like treatment…but they are pretty cute when you wear them too!

TheraPED can be HOT or COLD (cold is awesome in the hot summer months) and they really do revitalize my sore and tired feet.  They stretch my toes, offer a refreshing coolness and the spaces (in between the toes) realign my toes…from the narrow cramping of my heels.

They are easy to put on…in fact, my oldest daughter loved wearing them too (pretty sure the zebra print may have lured her in).  But we both LOVED THEM!!”

TheraPED’s popularity has been on a tear across the nation. TheraPED has also been featured in Country Music Awards gift bags and remains a favorite of Zumba enthusiasts. Congratulations to everybody involved with TheraPED for kicking foot pain to the curb!


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