That’s So Crazy, It Just Might Work

It’s always fun to reflect on all of the wonderful inventions that came out recently to advance our quality of life. Things like a re-circulating shower that feeds back filtered water as you shower to conserve water, a modular cast that accelerates bone healing and can be removed piece by piece, and even holographic mapping. 

innovative showerThey are all advances that will generate even more innovation through a ripple effect.

Then, there are high tech advancements like the Samsung Galaxy Note II, 3D Printable Objects, the Nao Next Gen Robot and many more.  These are all innovative, exciting developments for everyone to enjoy.

But what about the other side of the coin?  What about the wacky, crazy things that came out recently and made us scratch our heads and wonder.

Well, there are always two sides of a coin, so for every incredible achievement, there will also be the wacky things that make us ask why would anyone make that?

But, we could also say, “That’s so crazy, it might just work!”

  • Butter in a Stick – Its butter in a glue-stick like tube, that you push out of one end and butter your bread with the other end.  Seems crazy, but it would make buttering your bread much easier
  • Bacon Alarm ClockThe Bacon Alarm Clock – It’s an alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning and cooks you bacon right next to your bed.  We’re not sure about you, but if we had an alarm clock that served us food in bed, we’d probably never leave our bedroom
  • The Suspender Umbrella – One suspender which hangs over your shoulders and lets you carry an open umbrella without using your hands and keeps you dry while on your cellphone or reading a map
  • The Baby Bottle Temperature Gauge – A baby bottle that uses a decal that changes color according to heat to show the temperature of the milk inside
  • The Chopstick FanThe Chopstick Fan —  Simple chopsticks with an attached battery-operated fans that cool your noodles or rice before you burn your mouth
  • Teen Repellent – This is really hilarious, by the way.  It’s like mosquito repellants and generates a high frequency, highly annoying sound that teenagers can hear but adults can’t.  That’s just crazy enough to work! 

Well, there are plenty more to tell you about, but we think you get the idea.  There are a lot of wacky inventions out there.  But the one thing they ALL have in common, and we’re talking about the cool ones and the wacky ones, is that they all were the brainchild of someone who had the guts to take their idea and turn it into a real product.

So while their inventions might not seem on par with Edison’s, they still had the courage to say, “I have a great idea, and it’s so crazy, it might just work.”