Silicone Dessert Bar Pan has great debut on QVC!

Silicone Dessert Bar PanThe Silicone Dessert Bar Pan had its big QVC debut this week, and it appears to have done very well. Popular host Chris Freytag presented the product during the “Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn” show. Chris loved the fact the pan remains cool to the touch and the treats pop right out. The fitness guru also added a ‘healthy eating angle’ to the product and even included a collection of her own recipes for healthy treats!

“That was pretty cool,” said Joseph, the inventor of the 2010 Davison Product of the Year. “I thought the presentation was very good, and that was very nice of Chris Freytag to include the recipes … She did a super job; I don’t think they could have done a better job with it.”

The presentation showed a pan of the treat that inspired his idea, chewy-edge brownies, as well as many other sweet and savory baked goods, including cornbread, quiche, gingerbread, carrot cake, macaroni and cheese loaves, and mini meatloaves.

Our client also liked the new product colors – blue and red. He even called to order a set of pans for his wife, Rhonda, a nurse, so she could give them as gifts to her aides at work. The QVC personnel he spoke with told him that the pan “did very well.” Hopefully we’ll learn just how well in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Click on the button above, then on the arrow to see the video presentation on; and spread the word about this awesome new product that would make a wonderful gift for the bakers on anyone’s Christmas list!