Patenting Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States and this day is all about giving thanks for your family and friends and special thanks for the food that will be on the table!

From turkey to stuffing to mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, this is one holiday that is filled with deliciously high-caloric foods that are sure to make your pants feel a little extra snug by the end of the day.

However, just as this day is all about family, friends and food, what about those inventions that seem to be made especially for a Thanksgiving Day meal? The following inventions were aimed at helping to make the preparation process of this mouth-watering meal a little easier. We will be taking a look at the method for forming biscuits, the automatic mashed potato system and the pie-filling device to get a better understanding of how these wacky inventions may or may not be useful on Thanksgiving Day!

Method for forming biscuits- This wacky invention patent is from 1960 and assists in the forming of biscuits from a blanket of dough. The method at hand helps to form biscuits, which simulate, in appearance, rolls that are spirally wound. So, why would anyone want to patent an invention of this sort? The logic behind this biscuit invention is because bakery products, in particular cinnamon rolls, are normally made from spirally wound elongated strips of dough, which is a very difficult process. Because of the intricate manner that these baked goods are made, this invention looks to alleviate the complex system of forming spirally-bound baked goods.

Automatic mashed potato system- In 2007, a patent was issued for the automatic mashed potato system. This invention was meant to efficiently and automatically create seasoned mashed potatoes. This invention is much like an automated food processor; however, it is directly correlated to an automatic mashed potato system, and was created to invent a better way to make seasoned mashed potatoes. The automatic mashed potato system was invented due to the fact that the conventional way to make mashed potatoes is a time-consuming process. This invention would ease the long process, as well as create a flavorful batch of mashed potatoes for all to enjoy.

Pie Filling Device- Adding the filling to the perfect Thanksgiving pie can be a difficult task. That’s why, in 1986, one out-of-the-box inventor decided to get a patent for his idea of a pie filling device. This device looked to ease the stresses of using a long-handled paddle with a ladle attached to meticulously fill the pie shells. The need to invent a device to hurry the process of loading or transferring pie filling into pie shells in the oven was at the heart of this invention.

Although you may not use these wacky inventions today to prepare your dinner, we hope that you do enjoy a delicious meal, a day full of football and that you invent new memories with family and friends. From Davison to your family, Happy Thanksgiving!

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